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toxic king
If the mac & cheese don’t sound like my girl tomorrow, I ain’t eating it
24 Nov, 12:30 AM UTC
mac & cheese hate is forced i'm sorry
23 Nov, 09:16 PM UTC
clit slinging slasher
me knowing the responsibility of the mac + cheese is falling on my shoulders tomorrow https://t.co/yh6rPilRjO
23 Nov, 05:10 PM UTC
5hahem aka Dr. Durag
fuck the pilgrims, i be eating on thanksgiving to spite them because i know they don’t got baked mac & cheese in hell
24 Nov, 01:36 AM UTC
🇮🇳Parita | vegan food blogger
vegan butternut squash mac & cheese with thyme breadcrumbs ✨ https://t.co/zEJ9GeRc8w
23 Nov, 07:43 PM UTC
gatekeep, gaslight, girlboss 🫶🏾
The crunchy topping on this mac & cheese was to die for 🥺🫶🏾 https://t.co/igWdTwMZay
24 Nov, 12:21 PM UTC
Scotty🚀Georgia Run Off Election 12/6 🍑🇺🇦 🦃🍁
🙏🏻Turkey, 🦃 cornbread dressing, Cranberries, yams, salads, mac & cheese, Special beverages, 🥃🥂 football, 🏈 Ohhh the PIES. 😜🥧🥧 On this Thanksgiving Eve I hope you are sharing with those you love💙 #HappyThanksgiving2022 #ONEV1 #ResistanceUnited #DemVoice1 #Dems4USA https://t.co/4U4zv6reHw
23 Nov, 11:04 PM UTC
In the morning I will be making my famous 5 cheese Mac & Cheese. @TheRealMiaX's photo on Mac & Cheese
23 Nov, 04:07 PM UTC
It's safe to say Mac & Cheese and Yams are THE Thanksgiving staple for these ladies 😂 @OMG_itsizzyb, @arielatkinssvn, @diamonddoesit1, @dearicamarie and @Deauzya getting us ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow by telling us their favorite dishes and sides 😋 @WNBA's photo on Mac & Cheese
23 Nov, 08:04 PM UTC
Heart Surgeon Dr. Philip Ovadia
Any meat is an improvement over processed food. It's not grass fed vs mac & cheese.
23 Nov, 08:47 PM UTC
Hood Therapy By Dub
If the mac & cheese don’t sound like my girls pussy today, I ain’t eating it
24 Nov, 01:10 PM UTC
A Thick Legend
You do not need all that damn seasoning in that Mac & cheese. Y’all really can’t cook! PUT THE LAWRY’S DOWN!!!!!!
23 Nov, 11:35 PM UTC
thanksgiving be trash now cause grandmas be 35😭😭😭😭😭 ain’t enough pain in that mac&cheese
24 Nov, 01:44 PM UTC
and the fye mac & cheese women🌚 https://t.co/mKEq0ejj6I
24 Nov, 12:45 PM UTC
Bella | Bookmarked Gon Make You Cry 📑🔖
Today is all about holiday movies and mac & cheese
24 Nov, 01:33 PM UTC
Daniel Vaughn
@ExumAM Excellent! I’ll be cooking that same mac & cheese, minus the smoke today. Happy Thanksgiving!
24 Nov, 01:41 PM UTC
Those were the days crawgator 2
Three pans of Mac & Cheese Three pans of Green bean casserole Three pans of Creamed Corn Casserole https://t.co/b1cN7daeG2
24 Nov, 01:40 PM UTC
Patricia Stapleton
@NovkovJulie We're doing: Turkey Sausage stuffing Cornbread stuffing (v) Twice baked potatoes Mashed sweet potatoes Green bean casserole Mac & cheese Homemade cranberry sauce + canned cranberry sauce Rolls Probably gravy (I'm not hosting) Assorted pies and ice cream!
24 Nov, 01:38 PM UTC
Mac & Cheese is a "top notch" soul food version of a lasagna. Everyone has different tips, tricks, & traditions to cook it. Plus it can get costly depending on the cheeses/ingredients you buy as well.
24 Nov, 01:37 PM UTC
Doug Kennedy | The Creative Catalyst 📝
@GrantCardone When the mac & cheese hits the sweet potato juice 👏
24 Nov, 01:45 PM UTC
@Cleric_Leliel @shaindelr I am laughing and having this conversation right now lol - we compared this to boxed Mac & cheese or a grilled cheese sandwich. It is literally the easiest thing to do on a car lol
24 Nov, 01:45 PM UTC
Turkey wings in the oven then it will be time to get that mac&cheese whipped up 🤤
24 Nov, 01:45 PM UTC
Twin telling me her child father mom is putting onion in the mac & cheese 😂😂😂😂 she’s tight ..
24 Nov, 01:44 PM UTC
Big D
i just want a roll & some meat & some mac & cheese. i don’t really want to look at anything else 😂
24 Nov, 01:44 PM UTC
ㅤㅤFYB DC DaVinci
If the mac & cheese don’t sound like my bih today, I ain’t eating it
24 Nov, 01:44 PM UTC
Khari Thompson
Mac & cheese came in last of our poll of the best Thanksgiving sides?!? Y’all must not be making it from scratch. https://t.co/BAp6DtHgks
24 Nov, 01:43 PM UTC
agradecida de que me sacaran el jugo hoy en el gym, porque en la noche me voy a hartar de pavo y mac&cheese
24 Nov, 01:43 PM UTC
I want some of Boosie dressing & Mac & cheese so bad 😭
24 Nov, 01:42 PM UTC
When I see the sweet potato and Mac & cheese touching https://t.co/7xbne8RcSG
24 Nov, 01:41 PM UTC
Toya M 👑
If i taste sharp cheddar in the mac & cheese its going in the garbage
24 Nov, 01:40 PM UTC