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Barstool Sports
“Throw the fucking ball! The running game sucks!” Mac Jones has had enough of Matt Patricia @barstoolsports's photo on Mac Jones
02 Dec, 04:21 AM UTC
Warren Sharp
Mac Jones to Matt Patricia: THROW THE F*CKING BALL F*CKING RUN GAME SUCKS @SharpFootball's photo on Mac Jones
02 Dec, 04:26 AM UTC
Ryan Spagnoli
Matt Patricia: • Benched Malcolm Butler in SB 52 • Went 13-29-1 as a head coach • Still has the Pats best WR in the doghouse after showing up late to a pre season meeting • Ruined Mac Jones …and still has a job. As an offensive coordinator.
02 Dec, 05:04 AM UTC
“Throw the fucking ball, the running game sucks” - Mac Jones to Matt Patricia https://t.co/a501U7yFkc
02 Dec, 04:27 AM UTC
Mike Kadlick
There’s benching Malcolm Butler, there’s letting Tom Brady walk. The #Patriots not surrounding Mac Jones with a competent coaching staff going into his second NFL season could go down as the worst coaching decision in Bill Belichick’s career.
02 Dec, 02:53 AM UTC
Dan Orlovsky
If I was Mac Jones and his reps/team and this off-season there are no plans for a true/proven OC to come into NE I would ask to be traded.
02 Dec, 03:19 PM UTC
Zack Cox
Mac Jones: “It’s tough to sit here and watch the defense play a great game and not be able to give anything back.”
02 Dec, 05:07 AM UTC
Ryan Spagnoli
True professional the way he’s handled this absolute disaster of a year. Say what you want about him as a QB, Mac Jones knows ball. The fact he has to stand up here composed and back this coaching staff every week is a testament to the type of person/pro he is. https://t.co/32Z8kOkmeu
02 Dec, 05:45 AM UTC
Henry McKenna
2021 Mac Jones was substantially better than 2022 Mac Jones. The Patriots have to figure out why. ASAP.
02 Dec, 02:27 AM UTC
Mac Jones is a good #NFL Quarterback. Can’t expect him to do much when he’s forced to constantly run around in the backfield and pray someone can get open.
02 Dec, 03:14 AM UTC
Wyatt Fulton
“Throw the f*cking ball!! The short game sucks!!” Mac Jones is tired of Matt Patricia’s offense https://t.co/wTDuAbYXoL
02 Dec, 04:27 AM UTC
Mac Jones is fed up with Matt Patricia… https://t.co/VHJYyTaV6N
02 Dec, 04:33 AM UTC
Kyle Odegard
Mac Jones is gonna get called out by Patrick Peterson for being a bad teammate if he’s not careful @Kyle_Odegard's photo on Mac Jones
02 Dec, 04:46 AM UTC
Will Brinson
Mac Jones is having the time of his life under Matt Patricia @WillBrinson's photo on Mac Jones
02 Dec, 04:32 AM UTC
Jim Weber
Tonight's C-USA Championship Game features North Texas QB Austin Aune (29) vs. UTSA QB Frank Harris (23). Combined, they are 2 years older than last night's NFL matchup of Josh Allen (26) vs. Mac Jones (24). 🧐 https://t.co/NRIGvr9KAs
02 Dec, 04:01 PM UTC
Matt Patricia turned The Mac Jones offense into 2020 Cam Newton, except worse in the red area. Disgusting what the Patriots offensive coaching has done
02 Dec, 01:15 PM UTC
I’m not sure Mac Jones is good enough to overcome Matt Patricia
02 Dec, 03:02 PM UTC
Chris Mason
James White offered his two cents on the Mac Jones sideline outburst. "What he was saying, obviously I agree with it. Maybe I wouldn’t have done it like him, but he’s the guy playing." One guy who would have reacted similarly? Tom Brady. "100%. 100%." https://t.co/zrn9YK7E4B
02 Dec, 06:14 PM UTC
NFL Rumors
https://t.co/iGU4VVsj2S #Patriots Mac Jones was not happy with the play calls of Matt Patricia last night. #ForeverNE Bill Belichick really needs to make a change here.
02 Dec, 05:09 PM UTC
Evan Lazar
#Patriots QB Mac Jones was under pressure on 39.5% and had an average time to attempt of 3.15 seconds. That’s not what the Patriots are looking for, especially when the plan was to run more quick game.
02 Dec, 03:27 PM UTC
Bruce Nolan
INT. Film Room - Day Matt Patricia and Mac Jones discuss the Pats/Bills tape @BruceExclusive's photo on Mac Jones
02 Dec, 12:15 PM UTC
Sal Capaccio 🏈
So @Matt_Bove and I had a discussion on the current Patriots. I said they remind me of one of the better drought-era Bills teams. I compared them to the Tyrod Taylor/Rex Ryan teams. He said they are more like the Trent Edwards teams, using Mac Jones as a QB comparison. Discuss.
02 Dec, 05:52 PM UTC
kyle 🇵🇹
Mac Jones trade requests https://t.co/dgiIMLkslJ
02 Dec, 05:43 PM UTC
Shukri Wrights
Bill Belichick’s tenure in Foxboro as head coach of the #ForeverNE is going to end badly. Last night’s game vs #BillsMafia was accumulation of putrid decision making by Belichick in regard to the coaching staff and setting up Mac Jones to fail. The anger is quite palpable this AM
02 Dec, 12:09 PM UTC
Somos Pats
"Throw the fu*k*ng ball!" Mac Jones frustrado con el plan ofensivo de Matt Patricia https://t.co/dBEF8LknHO
02 Dec, 02:34 PM UTC
Air Raid | Buffalo
Mac Jones vs the #Bills Blitz - ▪️3/3, 67 yards, TD. Definitely should focus on our go-to tendency of rushing four guys lol #BillsMafia
02 Dec, 08:17 PM UTC
Air Raid | Buffalo
#Bills Pass Rush vs New England - (Per @PFF) ▪️21 Pressures ▪️1 Sack ▪️3 Hits ▪️17 Hurries Mac Jones was flustered from start to finish. It’s disappointing he wasn’t brought down more but still a solid outing none the less.
02 Dec, 08:14 PM UTC
Mark Daniels
Kendrick Bourne: "We need to know who’s in and out." Hunter Henry: "I think everybody just needs to have some accountability with themselves and look themselves in the mirror." Patriots players say there's a clear issue on offense: accountability https://t.co/QaLdQrQFCD
02 Dec, 08:52 PM UTC
Victor Roullier (TDA/Fly Podcast Fly)
@PatriotsFrance Depuis ce matin j'ai lu à peu près 200 articles incriminant le coaching, 0 Mac Jones. Faut pas se créer des polémiques pour le plaisir hein 😉
02 Dec, 08:49 PM UTC
Believe it or not, Mac Jones is easily above the league average for passes of 20+ yards this season. Jones attempted 9 passes of 20+ yards in week 12 Yesterday, he attempted (barely) five. “The quick game sucks” said Mac. I’d have to agree. Let him sling it https://t.co/9hjfGkaBAU
02 Dec, 08:48 PM UTC