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“You’re the invaluable asset.” #MacGyver @MacGyverCBS's photo on #macgyver
04 Apr, 12:53 AM UTC
Keith David. What an honor it was to share the screen with such a powerhouse actor, and a wonderful man. Tune in TONIGHT to @MacgyverCBS at 8/7c to watch this chess match unfold. #macgyver #cbs @ImKeithDavid @MerEaton's photo on #macgyver
03 Apr, 05:57 PM UTC
Old secrets and family reunions are never far apart. @JeriLRyan guest stars in tonight's #MacGyver. Watch at 8/7c on @CBS and @CBSAllAccess. @MacGyverCBS's photo on #macgyver
03 Apr, 04:40 PM UTC
🇺🇸⚡️UTChargerTom #3373⚡️🇺🇸
Can someone just ask #MacGyver to grab a penny, a popsicle stick, some baling twine, an old spark plug, and some disinfectant and fix this whole COVID-19 thing? Asking for America.
04 Apr, 01:39 AM UTC
A set-up, an unexpected return, and a blow to the status quo. Tonight's all-new #MacGyver is sure to leave you speechless — watch it live at 8/7c on @CBS and @CBSAllAccess: https://t.co/4YlXXFtLqj @MacGyverCBS's photo on #macgyver
03 Apr, 09:30 PM UTC
Mac isn’t going to slow down. We’ll see you next week with a new #MacGyver. Leave your thoughts about tonight’s episode below. 👇 @MacGyverCBS's photo on #macgyver
04 Apr, 01:00 AM UTC
@HawaiiFive0CBS Getting out of this situation even without a paperclip or pocket knife? Really impressive.👏👏👏#MacGyver #H50
04 Apr, 01:24 AM UTC
Come on, Burke...Matty knows all. 💁‍♀️#MacGyver @MacGyverCBS's photo on #macgyver
04 Apr, 12:26 AM UTC
Henry Ian Cusick
#MacGyver Russ Taylor trying to bring back the use of #humbug
04 Apr, 12:19 AM UTC
Henry Ian Cusick
#MacGyver Great action packed episode!! - congrats to all - thank YOU for joining - see y'all next week - stay safe, stay home! X #CoronaVirus
04 Apr, 01:09 AM UTC
Less than one hour ! @MacGyverCBS all new tonight ! #macgyver @MerEaton's photo on #macgyver
03 Apr, 11:20 PM UTC
Andrew Klein
Here is a #BehindTheScenes shot of the squad rehearsing that epic War Room scene. #MacGyver https://t.co/grcA0suRoD
04 Apr, 12:15 AM UTC
Melinda Kinnaird
How much star power can there be in one #MacGyver episode? @MacGyverCBS https://t.co/uwUDlR05fM
04 Apr, 12:03 AM UTC
Cindy Appel
Mac also brings his blood pressure down by saying science stuff to the fourth wall. Try it! It's relaxing. #MacGyver
04 Apr, 12:27 AM UTC
This was one of the most powerful episodes of #MacGyver 🤯 Can’t wait to see more!!
04 Apr, 12:57 AM UTC
Kelsey L Plaggemeyer 🇺🇸
Happy #MacGyver friday!!! https://t.co/ZzCXKdy27b
03 Apr, 01:12 PM UTC
INSTAGRAM (via @MacGyverCBS): This is our official @lucastill appreciation post. 🙌 #MacGyver https://t.co/jFEJwgBD5c
03 Apr, 11:40 PM UTC
Russ Taylor
What did you guys think of tonight’s episode? Scenes for next weeks #MacGyver 🖇 https://t.co/1QKhjs0MPZ
04 Apr, 01:05 AM UTC
Well, I enjoyed tonight's ep, and all 200+ eps over the last 10 years. #H50 was ALWAYS about redemption (except for WoFat @Mark_Dacascos haha). I really appreciate that aspect the most in this show. Again, mahalo nui loa...see you next week with #MagnumPI and #MacGyver, Sir. https://t.co/VDbOqMKArl
04 Apr, 02:07 AM UTC
.@lucastill‘s Instagram stories #MacGyver https://t.co/ePOxjcTn88
03 Apr, 08:11 PM UTC
Dreamgirl Stephanie Ashlyn
Jeri Ryan on #MacGyver tonight = awesomeness. https://t.co/IvsZ7D2K29
04 Apr, 12:36 AM UTC
next week artemis is back can't wait #macgyver https://t.co/q2TpXzFAFA
04 Apr, 01:05 AM UTC
Matty is the definition of a strong, powerful woman. Best tv boss💪🏻💁🏻‍♀️ #macgyver @MerEaton
04 Apr, 12:17 AM UTC
Mason really said, "Come on kid" and I cried like what is going onnnn #MacGyver
04 Apr, 12:55 AM UTC
Bambi Ann
It is finally #MacGyver Friday! So excited to see it! https://t.co/mzTx8SMkAf
03 Apr, 06:17 PM UTC
Tina 🏡🧼👏🧤😷
2 favorite quotes from tonight’s #Macgyver from Mason: The is a Ted Talk from Hell Old man my ass 😅
04 Apr, 12:48 AM UTC
uhm. wow *lol* #MacGyver https://t.co/sZcLl72RhB
04 Apr, 12:51 AM UTC
James, Mac and Mason are ready for tonight’s episode of #macgyver💥📎 https://t.co/4toKFaHT0w
03 Apr, 08:34 PM UTC
M(ary) 🌈
It’s #macgyver in 10 minutes We get to see what happened NEXT https://t.co/uCjXLgLVd7
03 Apr, 11:50 PM UTC