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ProFootballTeamCommenter(controls own destiny)
Texas shoud bring back mack brown @PFTCommenter's photo on mack brown
02 Jan, 07:01 PM UTC
Billy Liucci
Early 2000s me wouldn't have believed you if you had told me A&M would beat Mack Brown and Mike Leach in the same season.
03 Jan, 05:07 AM UTC
Texas going with Sark should be a relief to UNC, whose HC Mack Brown has transformed the program and will lead them to the Orange Bowl this evening, and also has ties to the Texas region.
02 Jan, 05:32 PM UTC
Jake Lawrence
Tonight, Mack Brown will coach in the Orange Bowl. Texas will enter next fall with their third coach in 8 seasons...since they fired Mack. And like, I dunno, maybe Mack wasn’t the *real* problem in Austin?
02 Jan, 06:12 PM UTC
Texas A&M improves to 5-10 all-time against Mack Brown.
03 Jan, 04:41 AM UTC
Taylor Vippolis
Tony Grimes should be a high school senior and instead, he's playing and making major contributions in a New Year's Six Bowl game. Mack Brown sold him on the idea of big games. He's arrived.
03 Jan, 03:28 AM UTC
CBS Sports
Jimbo Fisher motioned to his team to hold off on celebrating until he shook UNC head coach Mack Brown's hand. 👏 "Sorry about that, Mack." (via @espn) @CBSSports's photo on mack brown
03 Jan, 04:59 AM UTC
Gregory Hall
Mack Brown: “I’m proud that they got us here, but next time, we need to win.”
03 Jan, 05:00 AM UTC
Brad Porter
In the seven years since Mack Brown “stepped down” as the Texas football coach the Longhorns are now moving to their third head coach. That’s either a stunning level of incompetence by those doing the hiring or a stunning level of impatience. Or both.
02 Jan, 05:10 PM UTC
Middle Child
Mack Brown being petty after learning Texas fired Tom Herman, knowing he got UNC to #13 and a trip to the Orange Bowl in 2 years.
02 Jan, 06:13 PM UTC
Amanda Mull
Texas should never have fired Mack Brown, are we ready for that conversation
03 Jan, 03:52 AM UTC
Rod Benson
Cal fans remember when Cal Football, featuring Aaron Rodgers and Marshawn Lynch, was 4th in the polls before Mack Brown ranked them 10th, causing them to fall out of the Rose Bowl and into the Poinsettia Bowl. Then, playing with no hype, we lost.. This low ranking shit ain't new.
02 Jan, 05:04 PM UTC
A&M played a shit game and Mack Brown outcoached Jimbo and Elko for the majority of the game. But not all of it. These boys BALLED when it was on the line. The NC QB is legit too
03 Jan, 04:38 AM UTC
Mack Brown in the postgame “We are about to be really good” 👀
03 Jan, 05:04 AM UTC
Claudia #8 #24
Gotta love the Texas coverage during the A&M game. 1.Mack Brown's National Championship was mentioned during the game. 2.) Texas hiring Sarkisian was covered during halftime. 😂😂😂
03 Jan, 02:47 AM UTC
Brian T. Smith
Jimbo Fisher’s No. 5 Aggies finish 9-1 and win the Orange Bowl. Mack Brown has done a helluva job at North Carolina.
03 Jan, 04:41 AM UTC
Kyle Bonagura
Mack Brown says Texas A&M deserved to be in the College Football Playoff and the playoff should expand.
03 Jan, 04:57 AM UTC
“I'm proud that they got us here, and now the next time we come we need to win.” Read and watch everything Mack Brown said after #UNC’s loss to Texas A&M in the Orange Bowl: @InsideCarolina's photo on mack brown
03 Jan, 06:30 AM UTC
Wescott Eberts
Mack Brown and Charlie Strong both fired their DCs during their final seasons. Ash's defense, even with so many young players contributing in the last two games, made major improvements during the season.
03 Jan, 06:01 AM UTC
2021 Opportunity Stocks Knock
Mack Brown knows how to call offense. This game has reminded me why I hated him at tu. Respected the heck out of him but hated him. Calls smart offensive football.
03 Jan, 03:53 AM UTC
Tar Heel Illustrated
Mack Brown Postgame Press Conference - @NCPreps @jhardy575 @JacobTurnerTHI @kevinroy95 @sheshootsports @JohnGwaltney #GDTBATH #UNC #goheels #TarHeels
03 Jan, 06:03 AM UTC
Boomer Beamer (not a real boomer)
I wonder when Mack Brown thinks the 2020 team played its last game
03 Jan, 05:26 AM UTC
A&M beat Mack Brown and Mike Leach in the same season for the first time this year
03 Jan, 06:17 AM UTC
Trevor Phillips
'Hook 'em, you don't Gig 'em': Mack Brown recalls one of college football's most cordial rivalries
03 Jan, 06:06 AM UTC
#BTHOunc 🍊
ANOTHER stat for Mr CFB (not to be confused with bias fan): With @AggieFootball’s 14-point win over Mack Brown...the @SEC is 6-2 in bowl season with ALL 6 wins coming against RANKED opponents. Historical. Added stat bonus: 3 of those wins were by SEC teams WITH losing records
03 Jan, 06:58 AM UTC
Tee Time Driller
@AggiePe since hell started freezing over in 2020, the Aggies can start beating up on Mack brown.
03 Jan, 06:29 AM UTC
Ivy League Shooter 📸
Mack Brown been at UNC for 7 years? Where the hell have I been
03 Jan, 07:04 AM UTC
Jay$ensei (44%)
They acting like we were playing an okay team. Mack Brown made great adjustments. Fuck the haters this year!!
03 Jan, 07:04 AM UTC
rex volcanø
@BonaguraESPN aw god dang it now I have to agree with a mack brown take this is the WORST
03 Jan, 06:51 AM UTC
Only here for the kicks
@TexasFootball lol imagine basically firing mack brown. Texas man they just love to shoot themselves in the foot.
03 Jan, 06:50 AM UTC

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