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Rachel July
Remembering all the hours it took to make the perfect mix tape #MakesMeFeelNostalgic https://t.co/tWnwW35yfy
13 Aug, 02:11 PM UTC
Beautiful Soul✌️
#MakesMeFeelNostalgic-miss these days https://t.co/lb89ma0jS1
13 Aug, 02:39 PM UTC
Michael 🏡
Anytime one of these shows comes tv. #MakesMeFeelNostalgic https://t.co/yFES4cCZ33
13 Aug, 02:00 PM UTC
Shea Browning
Photos of me with hair #MakesMeFeelNostalgic
13 Aug, 02:00 PM UTC
The Notorious B.E.C.K.Y
This old Cablevision box.. #MakesMeFeelNostalgic https://t.co/NGnADqzrLT
13 Aug, 02:01 PM UTC
Beatles music #MakesMeFeelNostalgic about a time I never knew. https://t.co/vGs1T3DAM9
13 Aug, 02:00 PM UTC
Dusting off my Atari 2600 #MakesMeFeelNostalgic https://t.co/3S53rsHy1F
13 Aug, 02:01 PM UTC
Browsing through old albums. #MakesMeFeelNostalgic https://t.co/tdPkUBCOuX
13 Aug, 02:08 PM UTC
Mr Blue Eyes
pong #MakesMeFeelNostalgic https://t.co/nZkRe1Zoa8
13 Aug, 02:01 PM UTC
Michael 🎧
Ticket stubs #MakesMeFeelNostalgic https://t.co/zRYc9H5Dsz
13 Aug, 02:22 PM UTC
❀ Sɪᴍᴏɴᴇ ❀
Anything 80s #MakesMeFeelNostalgic https://t.co/ToqK2MDzJG
13 Aug, 02:01 PM UTC
Kyra Spears P.I. 🦥 🐋
#MakesMeFeelNostalgic Remembering Fraggle Rock https://t.co/mpBUF8koDq
13 Aug, 02:13 PM UTC
Humerous Henrietta
Finding earrings I wore as a teenager & they still fit me. #MakesMeFeelNostalgic https://t.co/jhtj8k08mU
13 Aug, 02:44 PM UTC
↪️DaNNℹ️e ↩️ Alter Ego
#MakesMeFeelNostalgic Pics of me in the 90s
13 Aug, 02:05 PM UTC
Old school coke bottles #MakesMeFeelNostalgic https://t.co/Wwjr7JS47G
13 Aug, 02:17 PM UTC
Evan Jager
Listening to music on my iPod Nano #MakesMeFeelNostalgic https://t.co/JLiwXbr5If
13 Aug, 02:24 PM UTC
Sammy is here 520
#MakesMeFeelNostalgic https://t.co/T3XhEJaOXb
13 Aug, 02:02 PM UTC
Holding hands #MakesMeFeelNostalgic https://t.co/WNItQjDdZL
13 Aug, 02:00 PM UTC
Robin is just your 🐦
Walking through the Lego section #MakesMeFeelNostalgic and want to spend all my money.
13 Aug, 02:36 PM UTC
When I worked on a cruise ship and traveled everywhere...#MakesMeFeelNostalgic https://t.co/orjr6deON9
13 Aug, 02:12 PM UTC
Rachel July
A Polaroid camera #MakesMeFeelNostalgic
13 Aug, 02:14 PM UTC
Rogue Tags
Thanks to everyone & our special guests @kitawny24 & @520Sammy for playing #MakesMeFeelNostalgic with us! @Sckswithsandals @SelinaSuede & @julcasagrande will be back next week but check out @Time4tags later today 6pm Est for another @Tagtoos_ production! https://t.co/Xfpr4SUV6h
13 Aug, 02:59 PM UTC
#MakesMeFeelNostalgic AM radio https://t.co/Q85iCIfg3Q
13 Aug, 02:38 PM UTC
Nothing #makesmefeelnostalgic https://t.co/wLmRB4kaL6
13 Aug, 02:02 PM UTC
#MakesMeFeelNostalgic Old movie posters like The Dark Crystal https://t.co/UQZ1d6s4Xj
13 Aug, 04:52 PM UTC
Hearing 'Mr Sandman' #MakesMeFeelNostalgic
13 Aug, 02:16 PM UTC
Bill Powers
#MakesMeFeelNostalgic The oil can beer😄 https://t.co/8iHNu9ZKvL
13 Aug, 02:27 PM UTC
🌴⛵ฬん๏, ๓ﻉ?☀️🕶
Saturday morning cartoons #MakesMeFeelNostalgic https://t.co/XkaiuBFjHp
13 Aug, 03:10 PM UTC