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¡HISTÓRICO! 🔥 ⚽ Megan Rapinoe ⚽ Rose Lavelle ⚽ Mallory Pugh ⚽ Lindsey Horan ⚽⚽ Sam Mewis ⚽⚽ Rose Lavelle ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽ Alex Morgan Estados Unidos consigue la mayor goleada en la HISTORIA del Mundial Femenil #USA 13-0 #THA @ESPNmx's photo on Mallory Pugh
11 Jun, 08:54 PM UTC
tobin heath stan acct
we are all mallory pugh @its_whitney's photo on Mallory Pugh
11 Jun, 08:46 PM UTC
BBC Sport
GOAL! USA 11-0 Thailand. They're not stopping! Mallory Pugh gets USA's 11th. USA have equaled the record for the biggest win, one more and they've beaten it. #USA 11-0 #THA 📺 Live on @BBCFOUR 💻 Online: #ChangeTheGame #FIFAWWC @BBCSport's photo on Mallory Pugh
11 Jun, 08:44 PM UTC en español
#USA 12-0 #THA Mallory Pugh y Alex Morgan suman sus tantos para la goleada más grande de la historia de la #FIFAWWC La anterior marca era el 🇩🇪 Alemania 11-0 Argentina 🇦🇷 de China 2007. #USATHA | #DareToShine @fifacom_es's photo on Mallory Pugh
11 Jun, 08:45 PM UTC
NBCSports Washington
.@WashSpirit players scored 3 goals in the #USWNT win today ‼️ A list of 6 players with D.C. ties in the Women's World Cup: @NBCSWashington's photo on Mallory Pugh
11 Jun, 08:54 PM UTC
Gregor Smith
@patersonjeff Mallory Pugh scored her first world cup goal, you gonna be the one to tell her not to celebrate that just because it made it 11-0 at the time?
11 Jun, 10:51 PM UTC
The Players' Tribune
First World Cup game ✅ First World Cup goal ✅ @MalPugh makes her mark early on in France. #FIFAWWC
11 Jun, 11:15 PM UTC
Jared Polis
Incredible job by our Colorado athletes in the #USWNT 13-0 shutout today! Lindsay Horan and Mallory Pugh of Colorado both scored! Congratulations! #OneNationOneTeam #FIFAWWC
11 Jun, 09:47 PM UTC
tobin heath stan acct
i have yet to stop thinking about mallory pugh being as shocked as we were watching alex morgan score 5 freaking goals
11 Jun, 11:20 PM UTC en français ⚽
BUUUUUUT ! Le record est égalé ! Mallory Pugh marque à son tour. #USA 11-0 #THA #USATHA #FIFAWWC @fifacom_fr's photo on Mallory Pugh
11 Jun, 08:43 PM UTC
Post Sports
*UPDATE* Make that 13 goals. Alex Morgan ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ Rose Lavelle ⚽️⚽️ Lindsey Horan ⚽️ Sam Mewis ⚽️⚽️ Megan Rapinoe ⚽️ Mallory Pugh ⚽️ Carli Lloyd ⚽️ #FIFAWWC
11 Jun, 08:52 PM UTC
Marcela Natra
A reação da Mallory Pugh com a Alex Morgan não parando de fazer gols foi eu todinha. Feliz e ao mesmo tempo espantada.
11 Jun, 09:57 PM UTC
¡GOOOOOL de #USA! ⚽🎉 ¡GOOOOOL de #USA! ⚽🎉 ¡GOOOOOL de #USA! ⚽🎉 Mallory Pugh se quita a la portera y firma el 11-0 #EllasJueganEnTD 🙋‍♀⚽ 📲 @tdn_twit's photo on Mallory Pugh
11 Jun, 08:44 PM UTC
Rep. Diana DeGette
Excited to cheer on the #USWNT, including Colorado’s own Mallory Pugh and Lindsey Horan. Go USA! 🇺🇸 #FIFAWWC
11 Jun, 07:04 PM UTC
Denver Post Rapids
Colorado's Mallory Pugh, Lindsay Horan score in U.S. women's national team's rout of Thailand in FIFA Women's World Cup #USWNT #FIFAWWC #OneNationOneTeam
11 Jun, 09:20 PM UTC
NFHS Network
.@CHSAA’s Mallory Pugh (Mountain Vista) makes her World Cup debut and SCORES to put Team USA up 11-0 against Thailand! @MalPugh | #WWC2019 | #FIFAWWC2019 | @NFHS_Org @NFHSNetwork's photo on Mallory Pugh
11 Jun, 08:46 PM UTC
Spencer Campbell
Before the @FIFAWWC begins for the @USWNT today, experience what my mom is calling the Great Gatsby of soccer journalism. (Only instead of a lovesick bootlegger, it's about Highlands Ranch phenom @MalPugh) @5280
11 Jun, 04:50 PM UTC
Mallory Pugh’s reaction to Alex Morgan scoring her 5th goal at their opening World Cup game is so relatable. #FIFAWomensWorldCup #FIFAWWC2019
11 Jun, 11:29 PM UTC
Austin Litterell
@bryanpolcyn @jwanjeri @CoachLDaniels @caitlinmurr Mallory Pugh scored her first World Cup goal to put USWNT up 11-0. Good luck getting anyone to not celebrate that accomplishment no matter the score.
11 Jun, 11:07 PM UTC
@TaylorTwellman Mallory Pugh achieves her life-long dream to scoring in a World Cup and you expect her to give a fist-bump? When someone achieves at the biggest stage on global tv, you should get to be excited about it.
11 Jun, 11:26 PM UTC
Jacquie Freeman
Alex Morgan—5 Sam Mewis—2 Rose Lavelle—2 Lindsey Horan—1 Megan Rapinoe—1 Mallory Pugh—1 Carli Lloyd—1 THIS IS NOT DISRESPECTFUL. This is putting your heart on the field as one of the best teams in the world. Thailand deserved USA’s all, and that’s what they got.
11 Jun, 08:56 PM UTC
i’d like to officially announce that mallory pugh is my baby momma. thank you that is all
11 Jun, 10:42 PM UTC
Mike Williams
@nrarmour @USWNT “ Is Mallory Pugh not supposed to celebrate her first goal at a World Cup? Is Alex Morgan not supposed to be excited that she matched a record Michelle Akers set 28 years ago?” Preach!
11 Jun, 10:49 PM UTC
Elaine Buckley
IMAGINE having a strikeforce of Mallory Pugh, Christen Press & Carli Lloyd to spring FROM THE BENCH to further punish an already beaten team. 1st, 2nd & 4th World Cups respectively. Three generations of world class forwards 🎯 #FIFAWWC
11 Jun, 10:37 PM UTC
@thewhatman1001 @DfSwildcat @aaronlnicholson @RobStoneONFOX As we should. Carli Lloyd should be allowed to celebrate her goal just like Mallory Pugh was and just like Rose Lavelle was. They should all be allowed to celebrate their accomplishments.
11 Jun, 11:43 PM UTC
Guille Schmidt
#FIFAWWC ⚽️ Estados Unidos aplastó a Tailandia y consiguió la máxima goleada en la historia de los mundiales! ⚽️ 5 goles de Alex Morgan, 2 de Rose Lavelle, 2 de Samantha Mewis y 1 cada una para: Lindsey Horan, Megan Rapinoe, Mallory Pugh y Carli Lloyd. ⚽️ #USA 13-0 #THA
11 Jun, 10:06 PM UTC
Sportswomen Colorado
WOW!! Congratulations to the USWNT on their World Cup Tournament win - score 13-0!! Two of the goal scorers - @LindseyHoran and Mallory Pugh - @malpugh22. These two @SportswomenCO award winners had a tremendous game. Mallory's goal was her 1st ever World Cup goal.
11 Jun, 10:58 PM UTC
Jennifer X. Williams
Exactly. How are you going to tell 21-year-old Mallory Pugh not to celebrate her very first WC goal? (Pugh’s goal made it 11-0)
11 Jun, 11:30 PM UTC
Michael Clark
@nxtprodigy @MatthewM_97 @shawtygot_LOWE Adu, Donovan, Dempsey, and Howard are all gone... Meanwhile, for the #USWNT ask me anything about Mallory Pugh, Rose Lavelle, Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, Alyssa Naeher, Carli Lloyd, Christen Press, Tobin Heath, Julie Ertz, Kelley O'Hara, Crystal Dunn, Lindsay Horan, etc..
11 Jun, 10:22 PM UTC
So many black and white takes out there about the USWNT blow out of Thailand. Can we do a little nuance? For example the “celebration debate” one can criticize a vet like Pinoe for running a 5k after her goal and allow for 21 year Mallory Pugh to be incredibly excited to score.
11 Jun, 11:59 PM UTC
Bryan Polcyn
@A_Litterell @jwanjeri @CoachLDaniels @caitlinmurr As I’ve tweeted elsewhere, with Mallory Pugh’s goal I understand that celebration completely even at 11-0. Rapinoe’s was poor form in my opinion. It’s just an opinion. But it’s based on playing and watching soccer for more than 40 years.
11 Jun, 11:41 PM UTC
@anessalgmigrant Mallory Pugh elle est cute
11 Jun, 11:10 PM UTC
Bryan Polcyn
@BenHandelman @CoachLDaniels @GeorgiaBlue2019 @jwanjeri @caitlinmurr Just my opinion, but the 9th goal celebration by Rapinoe felt cringeworthy. Sure, it's the World Cup. But she's played 150+ international games. Now, Mallory Pugh's 1st ever WC goal? Even at 11-0, I get that.
11 Jun, 10:57 PM UTC
Nathan Kogut
@Messiahthadon Honestly not sure I saw anything out of line for the hot takes as well. Mallory Pugh scores in her first ever World Cup game. She went pro early for this. Beats the keeper and runs back to her team. Celebrate the whole thing
11 Jun, 10:50 PM UTC
Matthew Clack
Mallory Pugh became the 32nd different player (excluding own goals) to score for the USA at the Women's World Cup, only Germany have more different scorers in the competition's history (34).
11 Jun, 10:43 PM UTC
Austin Litterell
Mallory Pugh scored her first World Cup goal. Is she not supposed to celebrate because #USWNT was up 11-0? #FIFAWWC2019
11 Jun, 10:45 PM UTC
Ryan Palmer
@Risxn_ @NSurdykaPhysio @TheJuliaLion @itsmeglinehan @USWNT So, your Mallory Pugh and you score your first ever World Cup goal, and because it is goal 11, you don't celebrate?
11 Jun, 10:13 PM UTC
@lovemysportsUK @caitlinmurr Who? Mallory Pugh? What about the other 12 goals
11 Jun, 10:12 PM UTC
ky kasselman 📸
mallory pugh scored her first world cup goal but apparently she shouldn’t celebrate because the score was too high
12 Jun, 12:00 AM UTC
Eddie Weiland
@MarinaMarraco I felt bad for Thailand, though I was happy for our USWNT and Spirit players Rose Lavelle and Mallory Pugh each scoring goals. The USWNT looked sharp in all aspects of the game and can't wait to see the next one Sunday!
11 Jun, 11:58 PM UTC
Larrin Collins
We are all talking about Alex Morgan, but someone tell Mallory Pugh I said, what’s up?
11 Jun, 11:53 PM UTC
The Indie Handbook
@FrankNtilikina @knaas @caitlinmurr @DiCiccoMethod So Mallory Pugh shouldn't celebrate her first World Cup goal?
11 Jun, 11:52 PM UTC
eau boi
i heard that mallory pugh was dating dansby swanson and was like "wait, isn't she 17" but no, she's 21 and almost three years have passed since the Rio olympics? what lol?
11 Jun, 11:47 PM UTC
Women's World Cup Soccer First Round 🇺🇸 USA 13 🇹🇭 Thailand 0 Scoring Summary Alex Morgan ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ Samantha Mewis ⚽️⚽️ Rose Lavelle ⚽️⚽️ Megan Rapinoe ⚽️ Lindsey Horan ⚽️ Carli Lloyd ⚽️ Mallory Pugh ⚽️
11 Jun, 11:45 PM UTC
jeb hart
@amahdy @tsnmike @shauntellowe You want to tell the girl like Mallory Pugh who has worked her entire life made countless sacrifices to be where she is to score a goal in the World Cup (even though her team is up a ton) to not be excited and relish that moment?
11 Jun, 11:42 PM UTC
The Indie Handbook
@arlowhite Caveat: unless it's your first World Cup goal (c.f. Mallory Pugh) or a record breaker (c.f. Morgan's 5th and Lloyd).
11 Jun, 11:39 PM UTC
FC Wichita Central
@N_Sank @KWCHArielle I agree with that as well. However, imagine you are Mallory Pugh.. you've dreamed of scoring in a WC your entire life.. why should she be expected to just give a little fist bump just because she wasn't one of the first scorers? I get your argument, but only if it's not the WC.
11 Jun, 11:38 PM UTC
Jillian Fisher
@lepage_stuart The 11th goal was Mallory Pugh, and it was her first career World Cup goal. I’d 100% celebrate that
11 Jun, 11:37 PM UTC
George Best
Just wanted to watch the game for Mallory Pugh
11 Jun, 11:29 PM UTC
I have... questions about the first sentence compared to the second/third 🤔 From here:
11 Jun, 11:24 PM UTC
Adeolu Gideon
#USATHA US Women Hat Trick #USWNT Trump 41% #EqualPay Mallory Pugh #WomensWorldCup
11 Jun, 11:16 PM UTC
i will accept all praise and love mallory pugh gets
11 Jun, 10:55 PM UTC
Matthew Clack
11-0, 84 minutes: Substitute Mallory Pugh rounded the goalkeeper and rolled the ball in.
11 Jun, 10:50 PM UTC
Matt Fischer
@jocoolwu You gonna tell Mallory Pugh to not celebrate? You’re better than I am then. Does Alex need to celebrate 5? I see the argument. Stoppage time is on FIFA, not the women
11 Jun, 10:48 PM UTC
@afabulousopera6 @AbbyWambach @FIFAcom Mallory Pugh is the 2nd youngest player and she was brought on and scored. Not the US fault their bench is that deep.
11 Jun, 10:47 PM UTC
Mundial Femenino Grupo F: Chile 0 Suecia 2 (Kosovare Asllani 83' Madelen Janogy 90+4'), Estados Unidos 13 (Alex Morgan 12' 53' 74' 81' 87' Rose Lavelle 20' 56' Lindsey Horan 32' Sam Mewis 50' 54' Megan Rapinoe 79' Mallory Pugh 85' Carli Lloyd 90+1') Tailandia 0
11 Jun, 10:46 PM UTC
Wrong Bot
Everything you know about mallory pugh is wrong.
11 Jun, 10:41 PM UTC
Eyes on the prize, people
The thing about mallory pugh that everyone is missing is that we are on the verge of runaway climate change and we need a complete re-think of the global economy to ensure a just society & avoid planetary catastrophe.
11 Jun, 10:40 PM UTC
Mile High Sports
Learn more about the Colorado native here:
11 Jun, 10:34 PM UTC
malik's twitte
Mallory Pugh is so fucking fine im going to keep the next tweets in my drafts bc yall shouldn't have to see that but just know. rounds.
11 Jun, 10:30 PM UTC
Rebecca Harris
“Is Mallory Pugh not supposed to celebrate her first goal at a World Cup? Is Alex Morgan not supposed to be excited that she matched a record Michelle Akers set 28 years ago?”
11 Jun, 10:28 PM UTC
David Bodden
Love her Mallory Pugh first world cup goal today.
11 Jun, 10:25 PM UTC
I want Mallory pugh to be my wife
11 Jun, 10:22 PM UTC
13-0 most goals in a World Cup game, Mallory Pugh’S first World Cup goal, 5 FOR ALEX MORGAN. best. Day. Ever.
11 Jun, 10:12 PM UTC