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Gina Carano 🕯
You will NEVER guess what I’ve been doing the last 48 hours. I’ve been off the grid with no WiFi I haven’t even seen the #Mandalorian 12 episode myself but I HOPE you all LOVED the heck out of it! Life is so great I’m humbled & so incredible grateful #faceyourfearsliveyourdreams @ginacarano's photo on #Mandalorian
21 Nov, 10:43 AM UTC
❗️It's #FREEBIEFRIDAY ❗️ We're giving away this #TheChild merch bundle 😍💚 To enter RT this, FOLLOW us and TAG a friend! Enter on FB & IG (@empukofficial) for a higher chance of winning🤞 Closes tomorrow at 1pm 🤘 Full T&C on FB. #Mandalorian merch👉 @empukofficial on Mandalorian">https://t.co/MLHO1ZWLFu @empukofficial's media on #Mandalorian">https://t.co/eCvqcPmLrB
20 Nov, 01:02 PM UTC
Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz
May the force be with you... Standard rates apply. #Mandalorian -🃏 @LeBatardShow's photo on #Mandalorian
21 Nov, 12:38 AM UTC
WWE Public Relations
.@SashaBanksWWE on @WWE #SurvivorSeries #Mandalorian her acting future and more - @BleacherReport @WWEPR on Mandalorian">https://t.co/KXelIxttNW
20 Nov, 06:36 PM UTC
mando spoilers
#mandalorian  // mando spoilers . . . me in among us fixing wires https://t.co/aF1OG41d9v
20 Nov, 07:58 PM UTC
PS5 Only
When Unreal Engine 5 comes to new PS5 games the fidelity leap will be huge. Assets at least 1 million polygons + 8K textures. Billions of triangles per scene!🤯 UE5 used for The #Mandalorian production. Multiplatform & runs custom for #PS5's 5.5GB/s SSD https://t.co/Pg3dwfSiU9
21 Nov, 09:47 AM UTC
Inside the Magic
25 Days of Magic (Day 12): Mandalorian Dinnerware Set @Toynktoys #StarWars #Mandalorian #Sweepstakes https://t.co/oA8OP3980M https://t.co/AMYun0JLeB
20 Nov, 06:30 PM UTC
🇨🇦Courtney Heard (Godless Mom)
#Mandalorian time. https://t.co/khS2OF70M9
21 Nov, 04:23 AM UTC
#StarWars #TheChild #themandalorian #mandalorian #Xbox #XboxClassique #XboxOriginal #Kotor #StarWarsKotor #games #bioware #obsidian #instagamer #instagaming #xboxmvp https://t.co/wnluAOfrvC https://t.co/0g3Hhwk7VX
21 Nov, 11:50 AM UTC
HappyToast ★
Saw this coming, you did not #Mandalorian https://t.co/FL6BlWGBlU
21 Nov, 11:35 AM UTC
Sara #WeAreStarfleet
I am loving #Mandalorian
21 Nov, 11:52 AM UTC
it's all about Leia Lucas said@loveforleia
Rey buns! ❤️ #Mandalorian https://t.co/v7OmIJMFhN
21 Nov, 11:47 AM UTC
Adele K. Thomas 🦄⚽️😷 Illustrator of stuff.
Episode 12 of The Mandalorian was excellent. So much fun. The Kid was super cute, loving Mando & him together. I hope he never talks. #mandalorian
21 Nov, 11:34 AM UTC
When Mom says you're gonna stop on the way home to get Chicken Nuggies #Mandalorian #Mandolarian #Mandolorian https://t.co/rg1lNOi6mn
21 Nov, 11:44 AM UTC
!! The WHITE-version! Cool! #BobaFett #Mandalorian (well, not really) https://t.co/bJeXXJDHPj
21 Nov, 11:58 AM UTC
Things I learnt in 2020: 1. I'm a Nocturnal creature. 2. I'm really good at Sexting. 3. The #Mandalorian is the greatest series ever. 4. I know exactly what I'm going to do once this pandemic is over.
21 Nov, 11:29 AM UTC
🇺🇸 #CommonSense 🖤 #USA ♥ #NoLabels🇺🇸
Yes, @ginacarano is right. I support her right to #FreeSpeech agree %100 with her. There is enough out there to believe #Voter fraud occurred. @JoeBiden will always be seen as an illegitimate President if the election system isn't fixed correctly. FYI, I am a #Mandalorian fan! https://t.co/3VSf5toVwH
21 Nov, 12:06 PM UTC
Bruno Andrade ∴
I've just watched episode S01E07 of The Mandalorian! #mandalorian #tvtime https://t.co/9GbnjIy0S4 https://t.co/dMlwoRBTFp
21 Nov, 12:05 PM UTC
Osvaldo lll Sagüés
2° temporada The Mandalorian, capitulos de Guerra de los clones y Rebels para entender la trama. #Mandalorian #BabyYoda https://t.co/tYQprje62G
21 Nov, 12:02 PM UTC
I love the #Mandalorian mega
21 Nov, 12:01 PM UTC
Die neue #Mandalorian folge war wieder mal totaler müll..wenn sich das nicht langsam bessert wird aus der hype serie ein GoT 8 Staffel.
21 Nov, 12:00 PM UTC
Louise MacGregor But Spooky
https://t.co/yx1FC7ehdC Let's talk about the Gina Carano of it all. #TheMandalorian #Mandalorian
21 Nov, 12:00 PM UTC
#Mandalorian Fan? #tshirt #tshirts #tshirtdesign https://t.co/RoFiR5qxmb 😆😆😆😆 https://t.co/kuT3bwLYmd
21 Nov, 11:59 AM UTC
Dan's Home💢
Just found out they film "The Mandalorian" on a giant LED screen set! TVs are the background we see! Giant video walls! #Mandalorian
21 Nov, 11:59 AM UTC
Alper Tunga
Because this is the way #mandalorian #fog #blue #bluehour #mavi #mavisaat @ Istanbul, Turkey https://t.co/F8RB8mlDwM
21 Nov, 11:58 AM UTC
wash your hands
We all agree that the Razor Crest looks like the Serenity right? #Mandalorian
21 Nov, 11:58 AM UTC
Richard B
@PedroPascal1 @ginacarano @TheCarlWeathers just watched the latest episode of #Mandalorian such a great episode and fantastic series. You guys are awesome.
21 Nov, 11:58 AM UTC
It only took 4 episodes into the #Mandalorian season 2 for us to get any sort of substance or plot
21 Nov, 11:58 AM UTC
Axel Don ComeDiaz
Estoy viendo S02E04 de The Mandalorian! #mandalorian #tvtime https://t.co/297NP2GqWp https://t.co/ZbdfArTDUD
21 Nov, 11:56 AM UTC
🦾 SilverHand84
Je viens de regarder The Mandalorian S02E04 #mandalorian #time2watch @time2watch_in #tvtime https://t.co/Pk1hZnkqh8 https://t.co/yEeXVLTX22
21 Nov, 11:55 AM UTC

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