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@MLB A letter from baseball fans to Rob Manfred:
02 Dec, 05:16 AM UTC
megan BRAUNY FOREVER brown
at last, rob manfred has achieved his ideal shortened length of a ballgame: 0 hours, 0 minutes
02 Dec, 06:12 AM UTC
Gary Sheffield Jr.
Rob Manfred is more detrimental to Major League Baseball than Pete Rose ever was.
02 Dec, 04:59 PM UTC
Keith Olbermann
A reminder that Rob Manfred attended Cornell University’s College of Industrial and Labor Relations, and focused on ways to break unions, exploit employees, and con customers.
02 Dec, 05:24 AM UTC
Chelsea Janes
Clark on Manfred's letter, posted to social media last night: "It would have been beneficial to the process to have spent as much time negotiating in the room as it appeared was spent on the letter."
02 Dec, 04:40 PM UTC
Clint Pasillas (FRG)
Rob Manfred is a shitty MLB commissioner. Pass it on.
01 Dec, 10:10 PM UTC
𝘼𝙡𝙚𝙭 𝙃𝙖𝙡𝙚 😎
If you don’t realize how bad the MLB using two different balls was: -Juiced balls used during primetime games to keep up excitement and viewers. -Dead ball used during non-marquee games to keep players stats lower for salary negotiations. Manfred has to go.
02 Dec, 04:15 PM UTC
Travis Sawchik
Manfred this am: "The most negative reaction we have is when a player leaves in free agency." Bizarre. One team gains the free agent, and the losing owner/team could make a better offer. Also, the vast majority of players are never free agents.
02 Dec, 03:57 PM UTC
Will Middlebrooks
Any respect that remained between the players and Manfred is long gone now that he admitted to changing the ball to fit his wants and needs during the season. WITHOUT TELLING THE PLAYERS. That’s why the league shouldn’t be able to own Rawlings.
02 Dec, 06:50 PM UTC
Levi Weaver, offseason enjoyer
Insulting the intelligence of his audience has become something of a signature move for Manfred. I recall when he tried to explain to a guy who toured as a musician for ten years how minor-league pay was the same way musicians got paid (it was not the same, at all)
02 Dec, 05:18 PM UTC
"BÖLLERVERBOT?! EINSCHRÄNKUNG MEINER FREIHEIT!!!!!11111" Nein Manfred. Man hat nur nicht die Kapazitäten dich in der Notaufnahme wieder zusammenzuflicken, weil Gerd, Klaus und Dieter mit COVID die Intensiv verstopfen.
02 Dec, 02:38 PM UTC
I support the players! ⚾
Good morning to everyone except @MLB owners and Rob Manfred
02 Dec, 04:04 PM UTC
Manfred is trying to convince me that baseball doesn’t exist, but I have this Joey Votto home run ball just sitting in my room
02 Dec, 06:23 PM UTC
Kiley McDaniel
4) Manfred's argument is contingent on teams actually spending to their payroll ceiling (they aren't), that revenue-sharing can't change to even this a bit (it can), and that money = quality of team (TB/OAK/MIL prove it's competency, LAD shows $ helps)
02 Dec, 06:51 PM UTC
Frankfurter Allgemeine
Der #FDP-Vorsitzende @c_lindner legt im Interview mit Johannes Leithäuser und Manfred Schäfers eine Kehrtwende in seiner #Pandemie-Politik hin. Jetzt tendiert er zu einer allgemeinen #Impfpflicht.
02 Dec, 04:43 PM UTC
Dan Szymborski
Last one for now, I promise! In this computer-generated letter-completion from Rob Manfred, he is very mad about the Giants and Reds stealing his car. @DSzymborski's photo on Manfred
02 Dec, 06:33 PM UTC
Kurt Mensching
"Why do we have to pay them at all? They get the honor of calling themselves Major League Baseball players. Think of the exposure!" -- Manfred (probably)
02 Dec, 06:50 PM UTC
NY Daily News Sports
It’s impossible to take Rob Manfred and baseball's owners seriously:
02 Dec, 06:40 PM UTC
C. Hall
Rob Manfred has got to be the worst commissioner in all of professional sports. After almost 30 years of peace between the MLBPA and MLB, he finds a way to fuck it up. Unreal.
02 Dec, 04:55 PM UTC
Torts Illustrated
Every time Rob Manfred says something is bad for “the game” just go ahead and substitute that for “the owners”
02 Dec, 06:50 PM UTC
Zack Frost ☃️🥶❄️
@MLBTheShow Put Manfred on the cover next year
02 Dec, 06:52 PM UTC
ObiWanJabroni32308 #JG20MVP 🏆
"Manfred" THE CLOWN
02 Dec, 05:24 PM UTC
🇦🇹 Manfred
@ci_ca_maca Irgendeine Hohlbirne und Befehlsempfänger wirds schon werden! 😉🤣
02 Dec, 06:59 PM UTC
Niklas Bergljung
Det här är ett bättre brev än det officiella från Manfred. #mlbse
02 Dec, 06:58 PM UTC
manfred stoiber
@Claus_Pandi gibts bei uns eigentlich keinen zapfenstreich für......schade
02 Dec, 06:58 PM UTC
Michael Baumann
@Mike_Ferrin Yeah as much as Rob Manfred and I don't see eye to eye on certain issues, he really bailed me out here.
02 Dec, 06:57 PM UTC
I honestly didn’t think a MLB Commish could be worse than Selig but then Manfred came along and oh boy did he prove me big time wrong. Dude Just apparently hates the sport he’s in charge of, damn.
02 Dec, 06:57 PM UTC
maria mb18 ⚾️ 💙 🧡
@ernestdove The facts that Manfred won't share.
02 Dec, 06:54 PM UTC
Manfred is destroying the sport of baseball.
02 Dec, 06:53 PM UTC