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Rebekha Sharkie MP
The curious case of #Paladin ⁦the company that won a $423M Home Affairs contract with no tangible assets or experience while registered to a beach shack in my electorate. ⁦#auspol #estimates
14 Feb, 08:37 PM UTC
Paul Syvret
The bloke who personally and immediately intervenes with au pair girls’ visas has no oversight of a $400 million contract?  Bullshit.  #auspol
14 Feb, 10:40 PM UTC
Mike Carlton
“The Department has nothing further to add.” Oh yes it bloody well does . The arrogance and contempt for the public interest is breathtaking.
15 Feb, 01:24 AM UTC
Behrouz Boochani
I really would like to ask the media and other people who have ability to investigate -if you are truly against corruption please follow the contracts between Home Affairs and the companies on Manus&Nauru. Try to find an answer to the question: how did they spend billions?#auspol
14 Feb, 11:07 PM UTC
Behrouz Boochani
There is big corruption here on Manus in the contracts between Aus gov & the companies it pays to maintain this system. It's time to investigate all the contracts incl. Paladin & IHMS. If Aus taxpayers knew how much corruption it would bring this gov down
14 Feb, 10:41 PM UTC
Behrouz Boochani
Such a corrupt system on Manus and Nauru. They’ve spent billions which needs to be investigated. I always say, if there’s a Royal Commission the Australian ppl will be shocked - first for the torturing and killing and second for the scale of corruption in the contracts.#auspol
14 Feb, 11:00 PM UTC
News Breakfast
.@barriecassidy says the Government talks about rapists and murderers when discussing the #medevac bill, but hasn't been able to identify anyone on Manus Island or Nauru who has been convicted of those crimes. "It reflects on all of them and it just seems to be unfair" News Breakfast's photo on Manus
14 Feb, 10:40 PM UTC
Behrouz Boochani
They’ve spent billions on Manus Island and Nauru for years, always under secrecy and blocking information by claiming ‘national security.’ This gov is lying to the public and media. It’s time to investigate - how did they spend this money? #auspol
14 Feb, 11:02 PM UTC
angus grigg
In today's edition of the #PaladinAffair Home Affairs seeks to exempt its $423 million Manus Island contract from FOI scrutiny and exclude it from "Commonwealth procurement rules".
14 Feb, 08:18 PM UTC
Jim Pembroke
No matter your politics This has got to raise concerns. First, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation gets almost half billion dollars #GBRF Now, #paladin Both insignificant companies given mega-tax dollars with no due process. #FedIcac #auspol
15 Feb, 12:48 AM UTC
Amy Remeikis
“We know exactly who they are.” “It’s not because they are bad people.” Then PM Malcolm Turnbull talking to Donald Trump in 2016, about the refugees and asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru - the same people we’re now being told could be dangerous criminals.
14 Feb, 11:59 AM UTC
Sky News Australia
#PoliticsHQ poll: Should refugees or asylum seekers in Nauru or Manus Island who need medical treatment be transferred to Australia if they cannot receive appropriate treatment in their current location? #auspol
15 Feb, 03:46 AM UTC
Kon Karapanagiotidis
That’s right @barriecassidy thanks for telling it like it is. I know of not one single refugee on Manus or Nauru who has been convicted of a sex crime. What I do know is it’s causing incredible distress to the men on Manus & Nauru to be smeared like this. #MedevacBill
15 Feb, 06:44 AM UTC
Scott Williams
Dead fish. Stolen water. Paladin/Serco. AWU Raid. Manus/Nauru/Xmas Is. Lobsters/Rolex’s. Home Internet. WAM. NBN. Great Barrier Reef Foundation. Banking RC. Adani. What an enormous pile of shit to sift through. #FederalICAC now! #ElectionNOW #auspol
14 Feb, 10:47 PM UTC
Peter FitzSimons
Go on . .? You think there are 10,000 refugees - most of them criminals - now paying people smugglers because they are eager to spend seven years on Manus, in the hope they will then get to Oz? This is your considered view? And it's all because Oz is showing decency? Tell all!
15 Feb, 06:52 AM UTC
Coalition Tea Lady
Scottie doesn't have to re-open Christmas Island - it's either a stunt - or he has something nasty in store for the hapless men on Manus in an effort to side-step the obligations of the legislation. Have we ever experienced such an evil PM?
15 Feb, 03:42 AM UTC
Prof Kerryn Phelps AM
We need to bear in mind that there are other youths who are on #Manus and #Nauru who were children when they arrived by are now technically "adults" as they have turned 18 while in detention
15 Feb, 03:41 AM UTC
Behrouz Boochani
Here is an example of the fraud and corruption of this system running the detention prisons on Manus & Nauru—one out of hundreds.
14 Feb, 11:22 PM UTC
Paul Barratt
He’s just exercising his unfettered power to move them at whim. From where they will be ineligible for enhanced medical treatment because the Phelps Bill deals with people on Nauru and Manus? Isn’t he a bag of tricks? This is what the opening of CI is all about. #EvilBastard
15 Feb, 05:27 AM UTC
Late Night Live
Listen back to @AngusGrigg on @LNLonRN last night with the latest on the AFR's investigation into the Paladin Contract on Manus
14 Feb, 10:53 PM UTC
Eileen Toomey-Wright
But... but... you told us he was a prisoner on Manus...
15 Feb, 01:24 AM UTC
Jonathan Pryke
Another @FinancialReview piece on Paladin/Manus. To put the multi-year $423m in contracts they have been awarded in context: #PNG's entire law and justice budget in 2018 was roughly $445m.
15 Feb, 01:51 AM UTC
Financial Review
A secretive firm making $500m providing security for refugees at Manus Island was a huge story that got lost in the drama of this week's historic asylum seeker bill, writes @latingle Tingle. #auspol
15 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC
Explains the filibuster last year to prevent the bill from getting through. No clients on Manus= no profit.
15 Feb, 06:38 AM UTC
Amanda Perram
@BehrouzBoochani These are the current contracts listed on AusTender for the big four companies on #Manus - Paladin, NKW Holdings, Pacific International Hospital and JDA Wokman. Obscene amounts of money involved - where is it going?? #PaladinAffair
14 Feb, 11:15 PM UTC
Sky News Australia
.@tanya_plibersek on border security: It is beyond belief that the Liberals continue to refuse New Zealand’s offer to resettle refugees from Manus Island and Nauru. MORE: #newsday Sky News Australia's photo on Manus
15 Feb, 12:13 AM UTC
Johnny Shapiro
The soldier of fortune, feature with @AngusGrigg @lmurray75 on the unfolding #PaladinAffair that we have been covering intensely all week
15 Feb, 05:54 AM UTC
Boomer, Ms Jenny Frecklington-Jones
I'm old enough to remember when "national security" actually meant keeping an eye out for warships & nuclear missiles headed your way, in no way related to torturing & killing refugees who's only crime was to seek safety while brown. #auspol #MediVacBill #manus #nauru #XmasIsland
15 Feb, 06:41 AM UTC
James One 🌈
@SkyNewsAust #PoliticsHQ poll: If refugees or asylum seekers in Nauru or Manus Island who need medical treatment are transferred to Australia will this require Australia to waste $1.5B on Christmas Island? #Auspol
15 Feb, 06:16 AM UTC
Mike Pezzullo is the grubbiest, dirtiest Public Servant that ever was. The man is a Knob-Goblin & the Royal Commission into Home Affairs will show it. #auspol
15 Feb, 07:31 AM UTC
Dave Longland 🌈
Dave Hodgson – Head of Paladin that got an uncontested 439 million contract for Manus. He’s a evangelical prosperity gospel cult member. Have a good look at this & it’s links. He talks a great game. Just don’t step out of line folks. R we a sheep nation?
15 Feb, 07:11 AM UTC
Peter Peters
@james00000001 @Huw_Merlin @SkyNewsAust There is more to this than off-shore detention centres. How many Australians are aware that at a recent AIPAC meeting Christopher Pyne signed off on a joint US-Australian military base with Mike Pence to be built on MANUS ISLAND. MANUS detention centre was always going elsewhere.
15 Feb, 06:52 AM UTC
k a haldeman
@AngusGrigg the series of articles is fanastic, thanks Angus& @FinancialReview #PaladinAffair ,listened to...huge story @ScottMorrisonMP @PeterDutton_MP HUGE amount of money, no oversight, no accountability & big effort to conceal it @ShayneNeumannMP @billshortenmp
15 Feb, 07:00 AM UTC
@Kon__K @jaci_wiley @ASRC1 The HCA has declared that the Australian Government has a “duty of care” to the asylees on Manus and Nauru. Such a duty of care demands that medical care be provided. Government has not complied. And now, with medivac bill, and Christmas Is, still will not comply @drkerrynphelps
14 Feb, 09:58 AM UTC
Alex Thomsen
@Bradjstone80 @dgalegra60 @fraser_anning @drkerrynphelps All of those on Manus are chancers and frauds. Most on Nauru the same but at least when they "fled" some of them cared enough about their families to bring them with. We should hand the lot over to the UN on the proviso they get to live in a UN camp in the M/East
15 Feb, 07:46 AM UTC
How a soldier of fortune landed a $423 million Manus Island contract - Dutton claims no knowledge. Why seek to save it from FOI ?? Very odd. Big story.
15 Feb, 07:30 AM UTC
People Just Like Us
@Kon__K @barriecassidy On #Manus we have an award winning writer and an award winning human rights recipient. How dare Morriscum slur the men of #Manus especially when there is so much corruption in his own ranks #Paladin #BarnabyJoyce #Fish #helicopters #submarines #banks & more
15 Feb, 07:58 AM UTC
'We're not queue jumpers': #Manus detainee's message to government after Geneva award win via @sbsnews #auspol #shameAustralia #humanrights #CloseTheCamps #refugees
15 Feb, 06:41 AM UTC
@SkyNewsAust @billshortenmp There's one doctor for seven illegal immigrants on Nauru and Manus islands. There's also one mental health officer for every 12 queue jumpers. Why do they need to come here for an assessment ?
15 Feb, 05:42 AM UTC
@phbarratt Okay, because IHMS are hiring for an immediate start, and PNG immi sources say the men from Manus will be sent there. And this is incredibly bad. IHMS will let HEALTHY people die, and have.
15 Feb, 07:57 AM UTC
@phbarratt Paul, Christmas Is was excised from the Migration Zone. Could it be possible it contravenes the bill to send people from Manus and Nauru there?
15 Feb, 07:53 AM UTC
🍌Fair Dinkum Union Thug🍍
How a soldier of fortune landed a $423 million Manus Island contract #auspol #qldpol
15 Feb, 07:59 AM UTC
Cycle Of Torture
Christmas Island detention will be a another well designed operation, similar to Manus and Nauru as well as other detention centres. The Australian immigration officials are well recognised thugs who continue to function without any accountability..
15 Feb, 07:58 AM UTC
Albee Fuctifino
@BearOzie @BackupRequired And welcome back, your digs have changed tho, no more Manus whick will please you, it's Christmas Island from now on
15 Feb, 07:57 AM UTC
@EddyJokovich A reminder of this news from November and the agreement for a US naval base on Manus. What are the sneaks up to...
15 Feb, 08:01 AM UTC
Watch young and brave leader #refugee detained in #Manus Abdulaziz_Ada receiving #Ennals2019 Award in #Geneva selected by 10 leading #HR organisations including #OMCT. SBSNews
15 Feb, 08:01 AM UTC
MIT's official motto, Mens et Manus (mind and hand) believes that both are equally important tools to cultivate and refine. The acquisition of knowledge is only half the story. #MIT students also have a responsibility to apply that knowledge & skill in a… EstaciónPatagoniaFM's photo on Manus
15 Feb, 08:00 AM UTC
@theoztrucker @C13053 Adam Bandt: Nutcase Anal Birth...!!! How anyone could vote for this far far left wing imbecilic fool beggars belief!!! Suggestion: Everyone on Manus Island move in with the nutty Bandt’s!
15 Feb, 08:00 AM UTC
Sarah Halls
@BenTroppo @hazardplane6 @Abdulaziz_Ada Ben Troppo - You are totally ignorant and very naive of what goes on in Australia. Yes it’s racist. “Operation sovereign borders” is racist. The black sites of Manus and Nauru and the purposeful torture for political purposes is racist. Detention regime is racist, completely.
15 Feb, 07:59 AM UTC
Anti Labor Bob
@vanOnselenP News flash Peter! The ones that are a security concern are still on Manus & Nauru, the ones deemed suitable for resettlement went to the U.S! Com'n Peter stop your political spin, some of us can think for ourselves unlike your garden variety listener/follower!!!
15 Feb, 07:59 AM UTC
brenda kellaway
#auspol @ScottMorrisonMP So NOT One refugee on Manus proven to be a criminal, are you going to continue to defame these people Scott Morrison?
15 Feb, 07:57 AM UTC
UniSA Mental Health
Thank you for the RT @ACMHN. This article by Prof Nicholas Procter MACMHN is in addition to @MHResearchUniSA team’s mapping of 21 refugee and asylum seeker suicide deaths over the past four years- including those held in regional processing centres of Nauru and Manus Island.
15 Feb, 07:57 AM UTC
@Peter_Fitz Peter, if there are new arrivals under Shorten you seriously telling us he will leave them on Manus for seven years?
15 Feb, 07:56 AM UTC
Home Affairs sought to delete FOI clause from Manus contract Absolutely essential reading.
15 Feb, 07:56 AM UTC

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