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Jack Cocchiarella
Val Demings rides a Harley. Little Marco Rubio rides on Trump’s coattails. The choice is simple, Florida.
18 Jun, 11:56 PM UTC
Jack Cocchiarella
Matt Gaetz is taking Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio down with him.
19 Jun, 01:16 AM UTC
Raw Story
Marco Rubio hilariously fact-checked by Alexander Vindman's wife: 'You're so bad at this'
19 Jun, 01:52 AM UTC
Jonathan Capehart
“Marco Rubio is afraid of a tough fight. I am not. I grew up poor, Black and female in the South. The first time I was called the n-word I was 4 years old. I know it’s not going to be easy, but I do believe it is doable.” @valdemings
18 Jun, 08:42 PM UTC
Val Demings voted to hold January 6th terrorists accountable, and she voted for stimulus checks for Floridians. Marco Rubio voted AGAINST them. Your RT and small donation will help us get Demings elected.
18 Jun, 07:25 PM UTC
Little Marco Rubio spent the past 4 years bowing to the former guy, to the NRA, and other special interests. He doesn't care about Floridians. You can help us defeat him with a RT and a small donation.
18 Jun, 11:19 PM UTC
Jake Lobin
It's strange to see Marco Rubio try and compare Biden putting Ukraine military aid on hold, with the Former Guy's impeachable quid pro quo, because I thought Little Marco was an EXPERT on quid pro quo since he's 100% bought out by the NRA. Remember this? @JakeLobin's photo on Marco Rubio
19 Jun, 12:02 AM UTC
Lil’ lickspittle Marco Rubio will never be President. Never. Pass it on.
19 Jun, 12:44 PM UTC
Jack Cocchiarella
We should rename the “AR-15” the “Marco Rubio” because it costs lives and it’s too easy to buy.
19 Jun, 02:47 PM UTC
Jennifer Bennon
Val Demings wants every eligible American, regardless of political affiliation, to have the opportunity to vote. Marco Rubio calls that part of a national Marxist strategy. Marxism is his new favorite word. #LittleMarco doesn’t understand the US Constitution. #FreshVoicesRise
19 Jun, 12:23 AM UTC
Ted Boutrous
Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have basically been reduced to arguing: if you oppose racism you are a communist.
19 Jun, 02:41 AM UTC
Remove Ron
Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio will be removed in 2022.
19 Jun, 03:36 PM UTC
Paul Rudnick
Marco Rubio's an idiot who says Marxism is now called "equality" and "the entertainment industry." A landmark in embarrassment: here's Marco attempting to either hug Ivanka or gift wrap her @PaulRudnickNY's photo on Marco Rubio
19 Jun, 01:39 PM UTC
The Hill
Sen. Marco Rubio: "Marxism is the single most evil and destructive ideology that mankind has ever known." @thehill's photo on Marco Rubio
19 Jun, 02:31 PM UTC
Marco Rubio Disgustingly And Dishonestly Suggests Biden Impeachment
19 Jun, 01:10 PM UTC
Alpidio Alonso Grau
Otra patraña contra Cuba: Marco Rubio y otros dos senadores republicanos promueven penalizar a países que han recibido a brigadas médicas cubanas por ser “cómplices” de lo que ellos consideran “la explotación de los profesionales de la salud cubanos".
19 Jun, 12:19 PM UTC
Retire Rubio
Marco Rubio is afraid of a tough fight. Val Demings is not.
19 Jun, 03:42 PM UTC
Sarah Reese Jones
Sen. Marco Rubio dishonestly suggested that President Biden committed an impeachable offense by pausing military aid to Ukraine. via @politicususa
19 Jun, 01:12 PM UTC
Retire Rubio
We are endorsing Val Demings for US Senate against Marco Rubio. For the next week, all contributions to Retire Rubio will immediately be split by ActBlue with Val Demings. Help us add 2,500 new donors to her campaign here:
19 Jun, 03:42 PM UTC
♻️🇺🇸 Christopher Zullo
Marco Rubio wants to scare you into “woke culture” coming after you. Woke culture doesn’t care about you. Woke culture just like cancel culture are made up boogeyman terms concocted by right wing media to influence you. When caught with your hand in the cookie jar, blame the jar
19 Jun, 03:24 PM UTC
Ann Gerual
@JDCocchiarella @KwikWarren Val Demings has a backbone. Marco Rubio does not!
19 Jun, 01:19 PM UTC
Raw Story
Marco Rubio hilariously fact-checked by Alexander Vindman's wife: 'You're so bad at this'
19 Jun, 03:31 PM UTC
Lázaro J Chirino Díaz 🇨🇺
El senador estadounidense Marco Rubio se pronunció en contra de la detención del rapero cubano Ramón López Díaz (El Invasor), y criticó a las autoridades de la isla por reprimir a sus opositores.
19 Jun, 01:30 PM UTC
All In with Chris Hayes
‘Shameful:’ Rep. Demings rips Marco Rubio for cutting off extra unemployment benefits.
19 Jun, 04:00 PM UTC
Anti-Fascism & Racism in the USA @JTraversDevine
Marco Rubio hilariously fact-checked by Alexander Vindman's wife: 'You're so bad at this'
19 Jun, 03:25 PM UTC
Patrick Nova
The living legend of hypocrisy, Marco Rubio, must not only be retired in 2022, but since nothing but extreme corruption, can explain the Republican betrayal, his crimes must be exposed.
19 Jun, 03:53 PM UTC
Ellis Crane
@MysterySolvent Marco Rubio spends his Saturdays looking up Bible quotes to tweet. And then does the opposite of what they say.
19 Jun, 03:55 PM UTC
@hernanrestrepoc @marcorubio @POTUS @JoeBiden I support what Marco Rubio said about the new communism... and they are fighting now to take control of Colombia in the name of freedom and poor..
19 Jun, 04:00 PM UTC
J. D. Will
Marco Rubio hilariously fact-checked by Alexander Vindman's wife: 'You're so bad at this'
19 Jun, 04:00 PM UTC
Justin Thyme
re: Marco Rubio and quid pro quo Remember when gaslighting politicians were offensive and lost their position of representing a constituency after voters realized their empty rhetoric?
19 Jun, 03:58 PM UTC