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♡Juliette Michele♡
Marge Simpson is back💙💛 I’m reshooting all my favorite mommy cosplays but adding full nudes this time around 😜💦 @BishoujoMom's photo on Marge
15 Apr, 02:59 AM UTC
Geoffroy Boulard
#saccageparis @Anne_Hidalgo n’a plus aucune marge de manœuvre financière après avoir fait exploser la dette de #Paris mais elle refuse obstinément l’aide de la région @iledefrance qui propose un soutien financer pour lutter contre les dépôts sauvages qui pullulent dans nos rues @geoffroyboulard's photo on Marge
14 Apr, 02:56 PM UTC
Mr. Vice President; I am speaking
Marge saying someone else shouldn’t be tone deaf is comical. God forbid that Jennifer gives someone a job during a pandemic. #RHONJ
15 Apr, 02:52 AM UTC
The Melissa Marge & Jackie trio is BRUTAL to watch. They are so dry & boring. #RHONJ
15 Apr, 01:10 AM UTC
"Marge, Marge look! The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me!"
15 Apr, 10:26 AM UTC
#ENTREVISTA | Ivet Eroles Palacios, autora de 'Dones al marge': "La cacera de bruixes mostra mecanismes d'exclusió que es reprodueixen fins a l'actualitat" Ha parlat amb ella @TxellRigol, amb fotografies de Júlia Molins
15 Apr, 05:01 AM UTC
Karen McWhitelady
Just so I’m clear, Marge’s storyline this season is just shitting all over Jen/Tre and some lame book that won’t sell even at bargain books for $2.99? Oh, and her iced coffee. Cool. #RHONJ
15 Apr, 01:25 AM UTC
polaroid blog
The Queen Is Marge Barbarism Begins At Homer Lisa Take A Bow Unhappy Bart Day Stop Me If You Think You've Eat My Shorts Frankly Mr. Krusty Death Of A Disco Stu Willie It Was Really Nothing Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Moe Heaven Knows I’m Mr. Burns Now #SimpsonsSmiths
15 Apr, 10:33 AM UTC
@_equality4all While Marge spends tons of money fixing herself up and on that decorating disaster! She is soooo jealous of Jennifer, she can’t keep her name out of her mouth! #RHONJ
15 Apr, 03:06 AM UTC
Margaux Farrell
Wow. I remember this day so vividly. Frantically texting one of my best friends to see if she was ok. Thankfully, she was. So many others, as we know, were not. We remember those lives lost today and always #BostonStrong @marge_farrell's photo on Marge
15 Apr, 12:44 PM UTC
総資産が2736兆1279億5255万0274円になったよ。 #マネーファーム iOS版: Android版:
15 Apr, 12:35 PM UTC
𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝕻𝖆𝖎𝖒𝖔𝖓
Serving Marge Simpson realness.
15 Apr, 12:34 PM UTC
Other Than That Happy Easter
@KylaInTheBurgh @angelus_04 Nothing to gain by being goaded into an interview with an idiot. AOC, Ignore Marge.
15 Apr, 12:49 PM UTC
Erica G
Jenn all day today ending Marge and Melissa! #rhonj #rhonjreunion
15 Apr, 12:49 PM UTC
Trader_43 🚀📈💰
@Jeremy_Marcoss Novacyt ? elle a de la marge maintenant.
15 Apr, 12:41 PM UTC
@reddevils1105 En plus il est jeune il a une marge de progression
15 Apr, 12:31 PM UTC
Josep M. Torras
@elpesoldemendel @sales_sergi @birdcatalunya No són d’enguany, son fetes als Secans de Belianes-Preixana. De totes maneres el dimarts en vaig fer una a la comarca de l’Anoia, encara que la foto es de bastant lluny i no tan bona. Les restriccions no donen gaire marge de maniobra!
15 Apr, 12:33 PM UTC
aka_fontss ᵈ'ᵉˣᵃᵐᵉⁿˢ
@MarioMiroo El problema es que mai t'has de donar satisfet, sempre hi ha marge de millora
15 Apr, 12:56 PM UTC
Christopher Wright
@thehill What rubbish! @AOC will destroy Marge Q as all she wants is attention.
15 Apr, 12:53 PM UTC
No passa res. Tenen 2 anys de marge. Després potser ens començarem a fer preguntes. És una gran estratègia fer públic que que tents 2 anys de paciència.
15 Apr, 12:49 PM UTC
@EsparverR @camborin @HaterMasha00 bàsicament agrupa viatgers segons l'hora escollida i el marge donat (com més disposat a esperar, més barat) i organitza un trasllat compartit. Ho vam intentar aplicar per trasllats aeroports i ports d'aquí, endevineu perquè no vam poder 💃
15 Apr, 12:42 PM UTC
#NoCierrenLasEscuelas que decirte Marge... claramente los que nos gobiernan eran los vagos que no prestaron atención en clase y se llevaban hasta Recreo a marzo.
15 Apr, 03:04 AM UTC
The Realest Housewife.
@themoderate8 @Rosie_Dee6912 @rileybrumed @GlitRNStudz @MargaretJosephs @BravoTV Preach girl preach! Marge will spin anything to make herself look better, the borderline racism against Jen is vile.
15 Apr, 12:39 PM UTC
Lucas Biosca
La seule chose intéressante du sondage Harris du jour sur les #regionales2021 en Ile-de-France serait qu'il marque le début d'une dynamique pour la gauche et d'une chute durable pour Valérie Pécresse. A suivre. Pour le reste, aucune leçon a tirer avec une marge d'erreur de +/-3 %
15 Apr, 12:34 PM UTC
@HeraklesSoter @DailySweetDream 100% jamais, maintenant, pour une reconstitution en grandeur nature, on peut placer haut la marge d'erreur acceptable.
15 Apr, 12:34 PM UTC
Cookie Parker
@newtgingrich @mtgreenee ROFLMAO. Except she didn't say that. Did she? And Marge gave tours to enemy combatants who attacked our Capitol seeking to murder Pelosi and Pence. Your long history of lies define your lying personality and mentally ill personality
15 Apr, 12:33 PM UTC
[#BonPlan] PureVPN : un VPN pour tous vos appareils Apple à 2,03€ / mois #Marge
15 Apr, 01:00 PM UTC
emma 🥀
did the game of thrones character sorter and 1. idk how yara ended up that high i would put her below jon and arya what did i do wrong 2. i have no idea how ned ended up that low 3. qyburn wasn’t on it i would put him between meera and marge 4. top 6 and bottom 5 are right 100%
15 Apr, 01:00 PM UTC
Boby Ciderking
Alors là comment c’est trop vrai ! @rte_france dépense à tour de bras et marge pour son plus grand bénéfice ! Il faut vraiment nous prendre pour des abrutis pour imaginer qu’on ne se rend compte de rien... l’#eolien est une escroquerie en bande organisée ! @gouvernementFR
15 Apr, 12:59 PM UTC