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LA County Scanner
#RV #PURSUIT ENDS IN CRASH. I hope this asshole gets charged with animal cruelty. LA County Scanner's photo on #pursuit
22 May, 02:40 AM UTC


mak it right
........anyways only intelligent armys can see this tweet #NamjinWeLoveYou3000 #NamjinBestDancers mak it right's photo on #NamjinWeLoveYou3000
22 May, 12:10 AM UTC


Ignoble Savage
People that leave a bad tip or no tip at all. Servers and bartenders often live paycheck to paycheck and really rely on tips to make ends meet, have a little compassion. #BadBehaviorAtRestaurants
22 May, 02:37 AM UTC


Kelly Crull
And on his first swing #ELMAGO walks it offffffffff. #Cubs 3-2 Final
22 May, 02:43 AM UTC


Peter Parros
Some say "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." But will David's kisses for his ex-Mrs take this too far? Don't miss #HAHN tonight at 9/8c only on @OWNTV Peter Parros's photo on #HAHN
21 May, 09:57 PM UTC


Arin Hanson, you say?
Oh my god I started replying to #ArinAppreciationDay posts and then I scrolled down and realized how MANY there were!!! Woah!! Thank you all so much!!!! What an incredible and touching surprise!!!
22 May, 03:58 AM UTC


IKE Bucks
@Bucks Did not expect this. Second time the Bucks drop back to back games all season. Khris and Giannis played their game, but little to no help from the supporting cast. Only thing they can do is forget, move on, and start strategizing for Game 5 #Bucksin6
22 May, 02:58 AM UTC


Boogie in her Nipsey Blue 😍😍. #GamesPeoplePlay
22 May, 01:24 AM UTC


maria //semi ia📚
comment #DancingKingJin or I’ll eat your kneecaps 💀 maria //semi ia📚's photo on #DancingKingJin
22 May, 12:28 AM UTC


Lin-Manuel Miranda
Next week is the last episode of #FosseVerdonFX. I’ll only have one guest on my couch, the only way to say goodbye: Nicole Fosse. Can’t wait to watch with you.
22 May, 03:50 AM UTC


David Kaplan
That’s a game winner from El Mago! #FlyTheW
22 May, 02:43 AM UTC


Keith Olbermann
Congratulations, St. Louis #Blues! Just a reminder: THIS is their most recent moment in the Stanley Cup Finals.
22 May, 02:35 AM UTC


Blake Shelton
It’s been a confusing day to say the least. The other BTS performs on #TheVoice tonight. @bts_bighit Blake Shelton's photo on #TheVoice
21 May, 09:29 PM UTC


Sean Harland Murray
NCIS fans... tonight is our s16 finale. do not miss it :) #NCIS
21 May, 05:47 PM UTC


The Voice
#VoiceFinale? It's lit. 🔥🔥🔥 The Voice's photo on #VoiceFinale
21 May, 11:35 AM UTC


Beto O'Rourke
The president does not just offend our ears or sensibilities. He makes possible the acts of violence and hatred we’re seeing play out in this country today. #CNNTownHall Beto O'Rourke's photo on #CNNTownHall
22 May, 03:11 AM UTC


Bengie Molina
I know who’s ready for the @StLouisBlues game😁VAMOS #STLBLUES and DANNY knows it!! #letsgoblues #WeAllBleedBlue Bengie Molina's photo on #LetsGoBlues
21 May, 05:20 PM UTC


WWE R-Truth
Stop ✋🏿 Looking for me!! #247title #SDLive #DanceBreak sincerely yours... The European Champion WWE R-Truth's photo on #SDLive
21 May, 06:08 PM UTC


St. Louis Blues
FINAL-LY!!!!!! #WeAllBleedBlue #stlblues St. Louis Blues's photo on #WeAllBleedBlue
22 May, 02:35 AM UTC


Chicago Cubs
Cubs win! @javy23baez walks us off! Final: #Cubs 3, Phillies 2. #EverybodyIn Chicago Cubs's photo on CUBS WIN
22 May, 02:42 AM UTC


Ridwan S 🛃
22 May, 01:50 AM UTC

Pete Alonso

Steve Gelbs
The game ended 40 minutes ago. Pete Alonso, after showering, changing and speaking with the media, is sitting at his locker writing notes about his ABs in his notebook. It’s the little things...
22 May, 03:01 AM UTC

El Mago

Cubs Talk
1 pitch, 1 walk-off for El Mago! #Cubs win! 🐻⚾️ Cubs Talk's photo on El Mago
22 May, 02:47 AM UTC


Jeremy Rutherford
Crowd: "We want the Cup!" #stlblues
22 May, 02:27 AM UTC


Glen Macnow
If I understand the writers/b’casters correctly, Pat Neshek is unavailable tonight because he warmed up last night - when he said he wasn’t ready to pitch. So Nicasio, who has no biz closing, opens 9th. Why the £#@%!is Pat the Softie on this roster? He throws 12 pitches a week.
22 May, 02:41 AM UTC

Remember the Titans

Brandon Brooks
I need Giannis to go in there and have a Coach Boone remember the Titans half time talk with them boys
22 May, 01:37 AM UTC


Javy FTW. #walkoff MLB's photo on Javy
22 May, 02:46 AM UTC

St. Louis Blues

GLORIA!!!!!!!!! GLORIA!!!!!!!!!!!! HIT THE DANCE BORIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺 THE ST LOUIS BLUES ARE GOING TO THE STANLEY CUP FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YP🎺's photo on St. Louis Blues
22 May, 02:52 AM UTC

Joe Panik

Alex Pavlovic
The Giants won 4-3. Joe Panik walked it off with a two-run single. It was quite helpful that Pillar and Williamson stole second in the ninth.
22 May, 05:02 AM UTC

Go Blues

Isaac Bruce
Let’s Go Blues! #WeAlllBleedBlue #LGB Isaac Bruce's photo on Go Blues
21 May, 11:19 PM UTC

The Blues

Chelsea FC
Allez les Bleus! 🔵 @_OlivierGiroud_ has signed a contract extension with the Blues! ✍️
21 May, 11:04 AM UTC


Warren Christie
And that's a wrap! We finished strong this season. Thanks for watching #TheVillage ❤️
22 May, 12:56 AM UTC


Donald J. Trump
To the great people of Kentucky, please go out and vote for Matt Bevin today. Very important. He has done a fantastic job for you and America! #MAGA
21 May, 03:25 PM UTC


Robin is your 🐦
#ItJustFeelsWeirdWhen I hear my music being referred to as "retro".
22 May, 12:30 AM UTC


Soren Petro
Congratulations to St. Louis and the Blues fans out there! Even to the ones like @Leabonics that just jumped on board last week! Now don’t waste the opportunity. Beat the Bruins for God’s sake! No one wants to watch another Boston parade. #GoBlues
22 May, 02:38 AM UTC

Javy Baez

Bleacher Nation
22 May, 02:42 AM UTC


Ted Perry
In MKE, where cheese curds are popular, the Bucks shoot just fine but in Canada they're having a hard time poutine the ball in the basket. (No, I will not delete my account.) #BucksRaptors
22 May, 01:49 AM UTC

Justin Verlander

Richard Justice
Justin Verlander 17 Ks from tying Cy Young on the All-Time strikeout list. That got your attention, didn't it? @Astros
22 May, 01:00 AM UTC


Laura Branigan
CONGRATULATIONS @StLouisBlues on WINNING the WESTERN CONFERENCE!!! We’re taking “Gloria” to the STANLEY CUP FINAL!!!🙂👍💙💛🎶🏒 ~ Kathy Golik, Other Half Entertainment #LGB #PlayGloria #LauraBranigan #LauraBraniganGLORIA #NHL #StanleyCup
22 May, 02:51 AM UTC


St. Louis, MO Police
Congratulations to our Western Conference Champions @StLouisBlues!!! We look forward to the #StanleyCupFinal in St. Louis! #WeAllBleedBlue St. Louis, MO Police's photo on #StanleyCupFinal
22 May, 02:50 AM UTC


Kenny Beecham
Im basically Niko Mirotic at the gym. Dont matter if im 0-9, i will still shoot the 3.
22 May, 02:29 AM UTC


𝓔𝓯𝓯𝓲𝓮 𝓢𝓲𝓰 🍇𝑊𝑒𝑚𝑏𝑙𝑒𝑦 6-1/2
These two people worked really hard on their dancing skills and became amazing dancers. They’re giving 100% of their soul on the stage FOR US. Show some respect. #NamJinBestDancers
22 May, 01:26 AM UTC


When @marysemizanin gathers @mikethemiz’s friends to give her husband a birthday surprise, it does not go according to plan. #MizandMrs WWE's photo on #MizAndMrs
21 May, 05:00 AM UTC


Lumière Place Casino
Hey @StLouisBlues... it only seems right to bring Kathy Golik (@laurabranigan) to STL to drop a ceremonial puck during the Stanley Cup finals at the @Enterprise_Cntr!! Who's with us?!?! #stlblues #StanleyCup #StanleyCupPlayoffs #PlayGloria #Gloria #LetsGoBlues #WeAllBleedBlue Lumière Place Casino's photo on #Gloria
21 May, 05:23 AM UTC


Sam Newton
Andy Beshear got outspent 3 to 1 in this primary, while taking on big pharma and insurance companies in his day job as Kentucky’s attorney general. He’s tough as nails and there’s nobody more ready to beat Matt Bevin. #KYGov
22 May, 12:47 AM UTC

Bobby Orr

🦖 ryan lambert 🦕
finally, a bruins/blues series will give boomer hockey fans the opportunity to talk about bobby orr for once
22 May, 02:35 AM UTC


So close. @WWE @RonKillings #SmackDownLIVE #247Championship CORINO's photo on #SmackDownLIVE
22 May, 01:54 AM UTC


Thank you for watching this season of #blackish. 🙌🏾 black-ish's photo on #blackish
22 May, 01:29 AM UTC


So, I get on Facebook & see this (my sister uploaded it to our father’s story) When I say he cannot do NOTHING with her, he cannot do NOTHING. 😂😭 I’m laughing so hard. Look at the man in the background! 😩🤣 tyra🥀's photo on Kofi
21 May, 03:15 AM UTC

JD Davis

Steve Gelbs
Biggest hit of JD Davis’s season so far. Hanging breaking ball. Oppo. 4-3 Mets.
22 May, 01:10 AM UTC


Kyle Griffin
Rep. Katie Porter: "Do you know what an REO is?" Secretary Ben Carson: "An Oreo?" Porter: "No, not an OREO. An REO. R-E-O." Carson: "Real estate?" Porter: "What's the 'O' stand for?" Kyle Griffin's photo on Oreo
21 May, 06:40 PM UTC


As if he wasn’t already a St. Louis legend, The Big Rig @patmaroon bought me a flight to STL this afternoon for Game 6. Just landed and am en route to Enterprise to make it so loud that Martin Jones can’t even think. LETS GO BLUES!!!!! #LETBORISDANCE YP🎺's photo on LETS GO BLUES
21 May, 11:40 PM UTC

Stanley Cup Finals

Ben Frederickson
They win. They’re in. #STLBlues are heading back to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1970. And they are the first expansion-era team to get there after ranking last in the league at any point after 20 regular-season games. Amazing already, and blank pages remain.
22 May, 02:35 AM UTC


Andy Cohen
22 May, 02:35 AM UTC


Bellarke Buzz
💬 EPISODE QUOTE | "I know what it's like to risk everything for one person. I know Madi's your family." "You are my family, too. I lost sight of that. But I promise I will never forget it again. You're too important to me." #Bellarke #The100
22 May, 01:25 AM UTC


Cincinnati Reds
#ATOBTTR! FINAL: Reds 3, Brewers 0. This win has us feeling good… It’s Skyline time! @Skyline_Chili | #BornToBaseball Cincinnati Reds's photo on #ATOBTTR
22 May, 02:20 AM UTC


Sarah Kendzior
Unusually long waves of tornado sirens in U City starting and stopping over the last hour. Gonna be a rough evening 😨 #stlwx
21 May, 11:29 PM UTC


Greco Roman
#artistconfessions - I HATE practice. I have to do something that feels constructive - I am jealous over everyone else's talent all the time - I feel guilty when not working - I recognize all of the above is what leads to my impatience at my personal progress
21 May, 02:31 PM UTC

Hazel E

Female Rap Room
Yung Miami tells Joseline and Hazel E to pull up 😩 Female Rap Room's photo on Hazel E
21 May, 11:00 PM UTC

Clint Frazier

YES Network
Is Red Thunder getting red hot? He just might be! Clint Frazier smashes his second home run of the game. #YANKSonYES YES Network's photo on Clint Frazier
22 May, 12:45 AM UTC

Brayden Schenn

St. Louis Blues
BRAYDEN SCHENN!!!!! 3-1. #stlblues #WeAllBleedBlue St. Louis Blues's photo on Brayden Schenn
22 May, 01:29 AM UTC

Big E

when u shooting ur shot but don't wanna get ur feelings hurt
21 May, 06:50 PM UTC

Tyler Thornburg

Jared Carrabis
I’m just gonna say it — I don’t think Tyler Thornburg is very good anymore.
22 May, 01:28 AM UTC


Los Angeles Dodgers
Alex. VerduNO. Los Angeles Dodgers's photo on Joseline
22 May, 02:17 AM UTC


Ali Spittel 🐞
My advice to myself 5 years ago: - Believe in yourself more, you don't suck at this - Get involved in the tech community, and find people like you in the industry - Learn the languages and fundamentals in-depth instead of the libraries #DevDiscuss
22 May, 01:29 AM UTC


Republican Governor Matt Bevin won the primary election in Kentucky. #KYgov
22 May, 12:12 AM UTC


[22.05.2019] nbcthevoice Twitter Güncellemesi [TR] 🚨ARMYLERE HABER VERİN!🚨 Beklediğiniz an geldi, @BTS_twt #TheVoiceFinale'ini yıkıp geçecek! BANGTAN TURKEY 🇹🇷's photo on #TheVoiceFinale
21 May, 09:25 PM UTC


QAnon ⭐️⭐️⭐️
21 May, 01:02 PM UTC

Sammy Blais

St. Louis Blues
Sammy Blais, ladies and gentlemen. #stlblues St. Louis Blues's photo on Sammy Blais
22 May, 12:28 AM UTC


lisa rinna
Tonight’s episode of #RHOBH we go to Hawaii for Camille’s wedding. 9pm @bravotv 🌈🌤💎
21 May, 07:57 PM UTC


Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage! Our #Mars2020 Rover is gearing up for its seven-month journey to the Red Planet and you can send your name along for the ride. Get your boarding pass: NASA's photo on #Mars2020
21 May, 10:11 PM UTC

2-0 Blues

Jim Thomas
40 minutes from the Cup finals: 2-0 Blues.
22 May, 12:46 AM UTC


This was for you, @WWEBigE. #WWEChampion @TrueKofi got the better of @SamiZayn on #SDLive! #KofivsSami WWE's photo on #KofivsSami
22 May, 01:00 AM UTC


Gordon Ramsay
My favourite word ;) #MasterChefJunior
22 May, 12:39 AM UTC

Jin and Namjoon

Get this tweet to 300 replies using #NamjinBestDancers! ARMYs that attended iHeart and yelled Jin or Namjoon with THAT question, don't interact with this hashtag and perish and unstan🤝 ARMYs that know Jin and Namjoon are the best dancers, 300 REPLIES👇
22 May, 12:39 AM UTC

Wes McCauley

Kerry Fraser
I hope my friend Wes McCauley recovers in time for the final round. Between this injury & entire crews expelled for major mishaps the selection process might be academic. Not just last men standing....but the last available?
22 May, 12:51 AM UTC


🚧 Build the Wall 🏗️ 🌟🌟🌟 Trump 2020
. ‼️NADLER IS AN A$$ Retweet if you agree. 🚧 Build the Wall 🏗️ 🌟🌟🌟 Trump 2020's photo on Adkins
21 May, 01:43 PM UTC

Kim Seokjin

kim seokjin vive com chupões no pescoço; a thread. ,'s photo on Kim Seokjin
21 May, 02:59 PM UTC


Hector J
Caresha from City Girls is beefin’ with Hazel E and Joseline?! Hector J's photo on Caresha
21 May, 10:00 PM UTC

Dylan Gambrell

Fear the Fin
22 May, 01:16 AM UTC


Bob Marley
😄👍🏾 @Jeopardy #jeopardy #bobmarley #reggae #bluecheckandall Bob Marley's photo on #Jeopardy
21 May, 05:08 PM UTC


American Housewife
We’re one big family on #AmericanHousewife! So won’t you join us for the Musical Season Finale tonight? American Housewife's photo on #AmericanHousewife
21 May, 03:46 PM UTC


This fandom is always so powerful! #Easier #EasierSelfLove ♥️🔥 5SOS UPDATES!'s photo on #EASIERselflove
22 May, 12:10 AM UTC

Hope Hicks

House Judiciary Dems
BREAKING: Chairman @RepJerryNadler Issues Subpoenas for Hope Hicks & Annie Donaldson. Nadler: The Judiciary Committee’s investigation into obstruction of justice, public corruption and abuse of power by @realDonaldTrump and his Administration will continue
21 May, 08:12 PM UTC

Seth Rogen

seth rogen didn’t have to snap so hard with his 2019 GQ cover!
21 May, 01:57 PM UTC

Gary Sanchez

YES Network
GARY SANCHEZ. THREE-RUN BOMB. YANKEES LEAD 10-7. YES Network's photo on Gary Sanchez
21 May, 02:25 AM UTC

Charles Glenn

x - Josh Hyman
Tonight, the St. Louis Blues have an opportunity to do something that hasn’t been done in almost 50 years Do it for Charles Glenn Do it for Laila Do it for Ari Do it for everyone that doubted this team Do it for the entire city of St. Louis Let’s go Blues!!
21 May, 07:29 PM UTC


6:13pm CDT #SPC_MD 0729 , #ilwx #mowx, NWS SPC's photo on #mowx
21 May, 11:13 PM UTC

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