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Skip Bayless
Throw of the game for Lamar was the final play of the first quarter, down 10-0 on 3rd&long. Escaped right and on the dead run nearly O.B. fired it up the sideline to Mark Andrews for the 1st down. Game-saver.
10 Jan, 07:33 PM UTC
Michael Killi
The Ravens have 3 plays. 1) Hand off up the middle 2) Fake hand off, throw to Mark Andrews 3) Fake hand off, Lamar run
10 Jan, 06:38 PM UTC
Next Gen Stats
Lamar Jackson & Mark Andrews (17 yards) Completion Probability: 31.1% On a key 3rd & 7 play, Lamar Jackson was traveling 16.16 MPH when he let go of the ball, his fastest speed on a completion this season and 8th-fastest by any QB league-wide. #BALvsTEN | #RavensFlock @NextGenStats's photo on Mark Andrews
10 Jan, 06:47 PM UTC
The Checkdown
Mark Andrews did NOT want to go down 😤 @Mandrews_81 @Ravens 📺 #BALvsTEN on ESPN/ABC @thecheckdown's photo on Mark Andrews
10 Jan, 08:27 PM UTC
ᴍɪᴄʜᴀᴇʟ ᴛᴇʟꜰᴏʀᴅ 🇮🇪
10 Jan, 08:25 PM UTC
Baltimore Beatdown
PA Pass. Jackson hits Mark Andrews! First down!
10 Jan, 08:25 PM UTC
Will Brinson
Ravens had a 10-point lead against Tennessee in the fourth quarter during the regular season. Everything flipped when they dialed up a killshot downfield to Mark Andrews that was picked. Interesting to see them aggressive throwing here again.
10 Jan, 08:25 PM UTC
Mo (11-5)
10 Jan, 08:25 PM UTC
Ian Cameron
Sunday #NFL TD Scorer Player Props - #RavensFlock vs. #Titans Lamar Jackson -120 J.K. Dobbins +100 Mark Andrews +100 Marquise Brown +125 Jonnu Smith +140 Corey Davis +160 Ryan Tannehill +200
10 Jan, 05:42 PM UTC
Jason McIntyre
Mark Andrews not only the field as much that drive. Not targeted once. Weird play call on 3rd and long. And now a missed 52-yarder. Bad series there
10 Jan, 08:15 PM UTC
Jason McIntyre
Justice! Peters with the pick and then dancing on the Titans logo. Haha Let’s get a pass to Mark Andrews for my prop and that first down ends the game. Ravens vs Chiefs is gonna be BIG fun @jasonrmcintyre's photo on Mark Andrews
10 Jan, 08:42 PM UTC
ryan ank
I only like the ravens 3% because Mark Andrews is a type 1 diabetic.
10 Jan, 08:28 PM UTC
Cody Main
Mark Andrews gives off major Travis Kelce vibes like 2x per game and then is Eric Tomlinson on every other play
10 Jan, 08:26 PM UTC
Brandon Velaski
I remember traveling by myself an hour to Mark Andrews’ HS to interview him as our player of year. He helped carry some gear out to the field where we taped the segment. Will never forget that. Thrilled he’s doing so well in the league.
10 Jan, 08:28 PM UTC
Mark Andrews wanted to drop that so bad LMFAO
10 Jan, 08:25 PM UTC
Black Brandon
Atlanta Falcons’ personal savior. Mark Andrews was motivated af with Hyped up Hurst in that TE room.
10 Jan, 08:36 PM UTC
George Stoia III
It feels like a Mark Andrews touchdown is coming in the next few plays.
10 Jan, 08:28 PM UTC
Alex. 👋.
Lamar Jackson finds Mark Andrews
10 Jan, 08:25 PM UTC
10 Jan, 08:25 PM UTC
Ryan Mackes™
Ravens forgot they have Mark Andrews today
10 Jan, 08:14 PM UTC
Throw the ball to mark Andrews bruh lol that’s all I need from Lamar now
10 Jan, 08:02 PM UTC
With Love, Mr. Ashe🌹
Which one of you idiots said Mark Andrews wasn’t any good ?
10 Jan, 08:26 PM UTC
IG ➡️ @mxjphoto2
Mark Andrews is so nice
10 Jan, 08:25 PM UTC
Mark Andrews TD one time
10 Jan, 08:25 PM UTC
Shit for Mark Andrews that would’ve been a tipped pick
10 Jan, 08:21 PM UTC
Road to 11-5: Achieved
Mark Andrews been silent today. It’s been Marquise and Ricard
10 Jan, 08:22 PM UTC
Bruce Wayne
@shiffyhendrix I don't understand why we've gone away from throwing to Mark Andrews
10 Jan, 08:14 PM UTC
Beers Manchester
@Ziggystairlift @seanayling And we need to get Mark Andrews involved.
10 Jan, 08:12 PM UTC
Yasin Gunay
@RantingRon716 I mean he's only got the options of running a bunch of times, and throwing the ball to Marquise Brown and Mark Andrews. But, its up to the OC to mix up the play calls
10 Jan, 08:12 PM UTC
ً 🦦
Lamar AJ Brown #DraftKings   Watson Saints Malcom Butler #GoodTimesWDW #sundayvibes sunday Greg Roman Vogue Dez Bryant Mark Andrews Steve Levy Vick Byard David Duke Hollywood Brown Arthur Smith Central Texas Lurie
10 Jan, 08:43 PM UTC

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