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Bleacher Report
Mark Andrews catches the TD from Lamar and does Nick Bosa’s flag wave as his celebration 🌶 (via @Ravens) @BleacherReport's photo on Mark Andrews
01 Dec, 06:27 PM UTC
Mark Andrews planted the flag like Nick Bosa after Lamar hit him for the score 👀 (via @Ravens) @SportsCenter's photo on Mark Andrews
01 Dec, 06:32 PM UTC
Skip Bayless
BOOMER SOONER, Mark Andrews. Thank you for catching Lamar's TD pass and "planting the flag" on Joey Bosa after he planted one to get even with Baker Mayfield, who planted a real one after Okla face-planted Ohio State in its stadium. Andrews (and Hollywood Brown) are ex-Sooners.
01 Dec, 06:30 PM UTC
NFL Update
Lamar Jackson connects with Mark Andrews for a 20-yard TD. Andrews (went to Oklahoma) trolls Nick Bosa with the flag plant. (via @Ravens)@MySportsUpdate's photo on Mark Andrews
01 Dec, 06:27 PM UTC
Mark Andrews leaps for the 20-yard TD! All tied up in Baltimore. #RavensFlock @MAndrews_81 📺: #SFvsBAL on FOX 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app Watch free on mobile: @NFL's photo on Mark Andrews
01 Dec, 06:27 PM UTC
FOX Sports: NFL
Mark Andrews and the @Ravens planting the FLAG in Baltimore! 🏴 @NFLonFOX's photo on Mark Andrews
01 Dec, 06:28 PM UTC
Ryan Mink
Ravens should have some good calls go their way down the stretch. The 49ers have had some questionable ones their way ... PI on Marlon Humphrey on 4th down Picked up flag on late hit on Lamar No PI after Mark Andrews gets mauled
01 Dec, 08:18 PM UTC
Albert Breer
I know people are upset over the PI non-call. But it seems pretty clear that Jimmie Ward was going for the ball there. And he has the same right to it that Mark Andrews does.
01 Dec, 08:20 PM UTC
Tino Bovenzi
Mark Andrews does the Nick Bosa mocking Baker Mayfield flag plant celebration.
01 Dec, 06:27 PM UTC
Brandon Drumm
Former #Sooners TE Mark Andrews defends his former QB, Baker Mayfield, after Bosa mocked Mayfield several weeks ago.
01 Dec, 07:34 PM UTC
Mike Garafolo
On the broadcast, @DeanBlandino said he felt Jimmie Ward played through the shoulder of Mark Andrews, not the back. Blandino says playing through the back would've been a foul but felt shoulder-to-shoulder was OK.
01 Dec, 08:20 PM UTC
Michael David Smith
@AlbertBreer Yes, he does. And if Mark Andrews had done that to Jimmie Ward, he should have been called for offensive pass interference.
01 Dec, 08:20 PM UTC
Casa Do Corvo
O cara joga o corpo em cima do Mark Andrews e não tem falta... 🤦🏽‍♂️
01 Dec, 08:15 PM UTC
Field Gulls
call me controversial, this was uncatchable for mark andrews
01 Dec, 08:18 PM UTC
Ben Palmer
Mark Andrews basically gets punched in the face aaaaaand no call
01 Dec, 08:18 PM UTC
@Ravens How is that Marlon Humphrey a flag when he didn’t even touch him but yet mark Andrews gets punched in the head and tackled and not even given a chance to catch the ball not a flag?
01 Dec, 08:23 PM UTC
Michael Scott
@LamarHeisman They call that but nothing for Mark Andrews i’m speechless
01 Dec, 08:24 PM UTC
René Bugner
It took 3 minutes & 36 seconds from the snap of the ball to the announcement by Brad Allen on the DPI challenge (Jimmy Ward vs Mark Andrews) in Baltimore. #SFvsBAL #RavensFlock
01 Dec, 08:24 PM UTC
Bosa deez nuts
@ringer If Mark Andrews wanted that ball he should've ELEVATED
01 Dec, 08:22 PM UTC
joe joe
Mark Andrews should have jumped when Ward did if he wanted to catch it. There was no way Andrews was catching that ball. I don’t think he even knew where it was
01 Dec, 08:21 PM UTC
These @NFL refs are a fucking joke. Mark Andrews takes an elbow to the head and gets no call, but on SF's previous possession, Marlon Humphreys commits defensive pass interference by bumping the receiver when the ball was underthrown?
01 Dec, 08:21 PM UTC
Adam Gardner
just imagine if reffs threw the flag on that blatant PI on Mark Andrews
01 Dec, 08:21 PM UTC
Michael Mullis - NLG
Someone want to tell Lamar that while it's great he can run and throw to Mark Andrews that he has actual Wide Receivers on the team? Has Brown or Snead done anything today? #SFvsBAL
01 Dec, 08:23 PM UTC
@S8737626 @Ravens @Sam_Koch4 He jumped on top of Mark Andrews
01 Dec, 08:30 PM UTC
Fantasy Jabber
Andrews answers Bosa, 'plants flag' after TD
01 Dec, 08:28 PM UTC
@QBKlass But his elbow barely glanced off his helmet, it must be illegal (Also, Mark Andrews should be penalized for his poor effort in playing the ball that thing was well above his head and he had zero intention of leaving the ground)
01 Dec, 08:25 PM UTC
Emma Sutton 🍄
@elliestraughn you don’t disrespect Mark Andrews, you just don’t!!
01 Dec, 08:22 PM UTC
No PI on Mark Andrews but of course they call that soft ass pass interference on Marlon to give them a free 3 points
01 Dec, 08:21 PM UTC

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