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Glenn Kirschner
New CNN reporting: “Trump has specifically been counseled to cut contact w/his former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.” Watch the dominoes begin to fall. We ARE on the road to accountability, though the road is long, unpaved & filled w/treacherous potholes. It’s coming.
05 Aug, 11:58 AM UTC
GOT7 (갓세븐)
[GOT7 IS OUR NAME] episode.17 GOT7 EP 《GOT7》 Press Conference 🔗https://t.co/FZEf8KwfLp #GOT7 #갓세븐 #MARK #JAYB #JACKSON #JINYOUNG #YOUNGJAE #BAMBAM #YUGYEOM #마크 #제이비 #잭슨 #진영 #영재 #뱀뱀 #유겸 #IGOT7 #아가새 @GOT7's photo on Mark
05 Aug, 10:07 AM UTC
Duty To Warn 🔉
CNN reports that Trump has been specifically counseled to cut contact with Mark Meadows. THIS is interesting.
04 Aug, 10:57 PM UTC
Mark Tuan Official
the other side Releases Aug 26, 2022 Album pre-order STARTS NOW! Mark also has a little something to say, and is that a sneak peek? 👀 Pre-save digital album: https://t.co/oHgpFYpJIz #theotherside #theotherside_MarkTuan #MT1 #MarkTuan #Mark #마크 #段宜恩 @marktuan @dnaofficial's photo on Mark
05 Aug, 04:00 AM UTC
Tristan Snell
BREAKING: Trump has been advised to cut contact with Mark Meadows. This means Trump’s lawyers likely believe Meadows is now cooperating to at least some extent. Get ready y’all. We’re just getting started.
05 Aug, 03:49 PM UTC
Mayo 🌻
It looks like Mark Meadows might have flipped on Trump and I can’t stop laughing.🤣
05 Aug, 04:59 PM UTC
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Mark Meadows is cooperating with the DOJ.
05 Aug, 01:29 PM UTC
Tony 🌊 #BlueWave
Trump has been adviced to stop talking with Roger Stone and former aides in his administration like Mark Meadows. They could flip and be key witnesses in the Justice Department's (DOJ) investigation, into Trump's coup attempt. https://t.co/AJClZ8WP5Y
05 Aug, 02:55 PM UTC
Moral Philosophy
"Worrying is like paying a debt you don't owe." • Mark Twain
05 Aug, 05:33 AM UTC
nos 🥬 บันทึกรักการอ่านวาย
ลิสต์วายจีนแปลที่ร่วมโปรอีบุ้คลดราคาเฉพาะที่เคยอ่านแล้วแนะนำให้อ่านหรือเล็งอยู่คั้บ พี่อวี้สามีคุณ, โคมสะท้อนดอกท้อ, accidental mark, ครึ่งเซียนพาร์ตไทม์, ใครไม่ไหวฉันลุยเอง, ฮัสกี้หน้าโง่ฯ, ทรราชหวนคืน, พันธะรักวันสิ้นโลก, เชิญร่ำสุรา, เล่ห์รักประมุขพรรคมาร, ภาพวาดโครงกระดูก https://t.co/IF8705x4mR
05 Aug, 02:45 PM UTC
The Trump Crisis
@GOPLeader BREAKING Per CNN: “Trump has specifically been counseled to cut contact with his former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.” Sounds like the flood gates are opening on the GOP mafia. #DeleteTheGOP https://t.co/3lPOHJ9Bq2
05 Aug, 01:36 PM UTC
ONABÁM fan account
Brewers have released their 2023 promotional schedule! 6/11 First 10k fans get kicked in the groin by Mark Attanasio 6/25 Sorry for Trading Brandon Woodruff Day 7/2 Bring Canned Goods for minor leaguers Day 8/13 41st anniversary of 82 team weekend
05 Aug, 01:03 PM UTC
Ricky Davila
Since Agolf Twitler has been told to cut off all communication with racist birther Mark Meadows, this tells me that Meadows is either cooperating with the DOJ or his lawyers are super scared of him committing witness tampering again. It’s getting hot. 🔥👀
05 Aug, 03:37 PM UTC
mark's passion for music is just wow.... he really is born for this https://t.co/sk5h847Vqq
05 Aug, 04:14 PM UTC
Appreciation post for Mark and his glowy beautiful skin 🥺✨ https://t.co/QXfMDAQjuE
05 Aug, 09:11 AM UTC
@Out5p0ken Folks, we need to pay attention to AZ Mark Kelly. He's a great guy but they're going after him. We need to make sure he keeps his seat.
05 Aug, 12:01 AM UTC
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05 Aug, 05:30 PM UTC
Janice Hough
CNN reports “Trump has specifically been counseled to cut contact w/his former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.” Of course Velveeta Voldemort will ignore the counsel. But it means Meadows is talking. We're gonna have a nationwide popcorn shortage.
05 Aug, 05:34 PM UTC
Liberty Daddy
This patriot has 180 followers and she's starting over. Can we get @ladygjane over the 400 mark friends?
05 Aug, 07:12 PM UTC
The Jewish Ginger Resister
If I'm to understand the reports about Donald Trump & Mark Meadows, they're exes who keep texting each other because they miss each other but know it won't work out because they bring out the worst of each other & sometimes try to end democracy. Am I missing something? https://t.co/xM17FCthXz
05 Aug, 07:08 PM UTC
Ron Eisele
Spitfire MK V, AR501, built in 1942 as a Mark VC, at Old Warden 3 September 2017. https://t.co/8Bo7Bb23rj
05 Aug, 07:10 PM UTC
you traveled through every country through every house and in every heart where you left your mark and your autograph you earned your deserved place congratulations beautiful man GökberkDemirci #GökberkDemirci
05 Aug, 08:50 AM UTC
Ron Eisele
Spitfire MK V, AR501, built in 1942 as a Mark VC, at Old Warden 3 September 2017. https://t.co/weV9xOcYxa
05 Aug, 07:10 PM UTC
Pakistan Embassy France
Pakistani & Kashmiri communities in France hold a demonstration at Trocadero, Eiffel Tower to mark #YoumeIstehsaal. Protestors carrying banners & placards called for revocation of India’s unilateral & illegal actions of August 5, 2019. #KashmiriLivesMatter https://t.co/XGLsSR1fB9
05 Aug, 06:07 PM UTC
DOOR - tot Den Haag de Witte Vlag hijst ✌
Rutte geeft zelf geen millimeter toe, maar de #boeren worden geframed als 'onbereidwillig' 🤡 #markrutte's bedrogmachine draait weer soepel, in #teamwork met de #staatsmedia. We hebben je spelletjes nu wel door Mark. #WegJij #boerenopstand https://t.co/X7d95zzZXl
05 Aug, 10:29 AM UTC
Ralf Wiegand
Der Twitter-Abschied von @AnwaltJun - das ist der Würzburger Anwalt Chan-jo Jun, der sich gegen Hassnachrichten engagiert - hat Twitter sehr beschäftigt. Um der @SZ zu erklären, was ihn beschäftigt hat, hat Jun sich eine Menge Zeit genommen. #SZPlus https://t.co/X1JAvg7vv7
05 Aug, 07:52 AM UTC
Dina Titus
What these far-right Republican state legislatures are doing is horrifying. Mark Robertson & House Republicans will do the same the first chance they get. https://t.co/YPryH5W9YZ
04 Aug, 09:23 PM UTC
𝕎𝕖𝕖 𝔹𝕦𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕣 💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💙📚
Mark tha date! Don't be late! An make a reservation tae see tha greatest place on earth fer cats!😻🐾😻 #AdoptDontBuy #CatsOfTwitter #charities https://t.co/beDsbPbPlk
05 Aug, 09:09 AM UTC