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Bruce Haigh
#auspol #abc730 Sarah Ferguson over excited about the region, China and defence. Marles being interrupted. No calm analysis. I would like to see some intelligence brought into examination of these matters.
03 Aug, 09:40 AM UTC
David Crowe
And we’re back. The Press Gallery Midwinter Ball is returning after Covid got in the way. Thank you Richard Marles and Tanya Plibersek for launching this year’s ball. We’ve raised almost $4.5 million for charity over the years and we’ll raise more next month. @CroweDM's photo on Marles
03 Aug, 04:19 AM UTC
Karen Barlow
Interesting (and good!) there is an Auslan interpreter for the PM Albanese/Marles/Smith/Houston presser. A day after the Pocock speech with Mandy Dolejsi interpreting #auspol
03 Aug, 01:00 AM UTC
Ian Robins
@bruce_haigh yeah but...I was impressed by Marles!
03 Aug, 09:45 AM UTC
Political Alert
The Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, is in Canberra today with the Deputy Prime Minister, Richard Marles, Sir Angus Houston and Professor Stephen Smith. They will hold a press conference, 10:45AM #auspol
02 Aug, 11:58 PM UTC
Robert Barwick
Of course "interoperability" with the US war machine removes Australian sovereignty. Stop dissembling, Marles. The politicians who brought us to this point of giving away our sovereignty - Dutton, Wolverines Hastie & Paterson - talk loudest about sovereignty. #abc730 #auspol
03 Aug, 09:42 AM UTC
Old Soldier
#qt Marles seems to be of the opinion that the 86 Dibb review was a seminal document It wasn’t It was shallow and quickly discarded
03 Aug, 04:24 AM UTC
Ian Coles
@bruce_haigh I think Marles’ responses were considered and measured, resisting the provocation.
03 Aug, 09:46 AM UTC
Mark Dixon
#abc730 A Decade Of Dithering. Yes indeed Richard Marles. And not only in national security. A dreadful decade of poor government.
03 Aug, 09:38 AM UTC
Ed Hunter #AlboPM #IStandWithUkraine
Australia Politics Live: Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Defence Minister Richard Marles announce Defence review #auspol https://t.co/78AuZxSHRA
03 Aug, 01:14 AM UTC
🏄Scruffymurphy. Minister for Surfing
@bruce_haigh I thought Marles handled Ferguson well. Closet diplomacy is needed, not 6 O'clock one liner's. Do better #abc730 #auspol
03 Aug, 11:04 AM UTC
Chris Chaundy
I’m not sure why Sarah Ferguson seems to have an issue with Richard Marles, constantly interrupting him from the get go, is there some history here of which we are not aware? #abc730
03 Aug, 10:03 AM UTC
💧DeborahAnnG 🐨 AZ 💉💉 Pfizer 💉
I can hear Marles talking.., not sure what he is saying… #abc730
03 Aug, 09:39 AM UTC
So glad the flags of the Aboriginal People & Torres Strait Islanders are funding the new defence plans. Thanks Richie Marles. Bwhahahahahaha! #auspol Hilarious! https://t.co/tGPVaj4w2D
03 Aug, 09:20 AM UTC
Bwhahahahaha! Penny Wong asks for "peace & stability" because Nancy Peroni has gone to Taiwan. PM Abalone w/ his childish "we're out of the naughty corner". Richie Marles "we deal w/ maturity & respect". The Year 9 Debating Team. #auspol Hilarious!
03 Aug, 08:44 AM UTC
john p
@bruce_haigh Marles gave a good interview in spite of the interruptions
03 Aug, 09:56 AM UTC
It's a big club
Marles & ALP will be all the way with the USA. #abc730 https://t.co/S574DbTxH6
03 Aug, 09:42 AM UTC
It's a bit of a pity that we have the constantly demonstrated intellectual horsepower of Penny Wong teamed with... whatever it is that Richard Marles has. #abc730
03 Aug, 09:42 AM UTC
Hadn Nuff
Richard Marles on @abc730 - not particularly inspiring person especially as he is managing our defence.
03 Aug, 09:38 AM UTC
Richard Marles doing his scary 'calm and measured' voice .. Albanese's approach is 'calm and measured' in the world LOL I can hear CCP laughing from here. 1:55 PM · Aug 3, 2022
03 Aug, 10:39 AM UTC
James Street
@bruce_haigh Not with Markes, sorry Bruce. B O'Connor would have been a better Minister; a very diligent person. Marles is simply too close to certain lobbyists.
03 Aug, 10:01 AM UTC
@abc730 @RichardMarlesMP Well done Richard Marles - the little warmonger Ferguson can’t help trying to be tricky. Why cannot ABC find someone who is balanced to run 730? Laura Tingle is head and shoulders over Ferguson.
03 Aug, 09:46 AM UTC
Brian Bronco
#auspol @abc730 banging on about China again ffs. “Why won’t you say the word China?” To Richard Marles. LNP playbook; why is the abc trying to stoke a war? Don’t management have any children?
03 Aug, 09:38 AM UTC
clara 🎪
erros de digitacao da marles sao a razao do meu viver
03 Aug, 11:05 AM UTC
ʝαɳɓเ૨ҡ (ʝαɳɳყɓ)
@bruce_haigh Thought she was fair & good & so was Marles
03 Aug, 10:32 AM UTC
Patricia Rutherford 🐨
@cchndy @Pikiran2ku Her very first Marles interview was somewhat rude!
03 Aug, 10:31 AM UTC
A View
@AlboMP Marles is well over his head in the defense portfolio. Indecisive and stuttering responses do not imbue confidence in such an important portfolio. A new review undertaken by old mates is worrying. Smith was a defense minister in name only. A cross service panel is needed.
03 Aug, 09:56 AM UTC
Tracking the Australian Right Wing
@bruce_haigh Marles has got saying nothing down to a fine art
03 Aug, 09:50 AM UTC
Manley Ong
On 7:30 Sarah is pressing Marles to admit we need U.S. to defend Australia due to lack of defence capability, hence losing our sovereignty. Does anyone wonder why we don't form alliance with Asean for defence and to maintain stability and peace in OUR region. Make sense, no ?
03 Aug, 09:42 AM UTC
@abc730 F Off Richie Marles. Former gov dithering? You don't have a clue about F'ing defence & China & Australia. Listen to you you muppet. You are probs on the phone to Peter Dutton every single day. You sound like a ditherer. Yibbity Yib! Bwhahahahaha! #auspol Hilarious!
03 Aug, 09:41 AM UTC