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Bryan Hayes
2016-17 Marner the last 5 minutes of that game. Leafs need that.
11 Nov, 03:00 AM UTC
Jeff Veillette
Just before setting up the OT winner, Mitch Marner shut down David Pastrnak on a prime opportunity and led the coun…
11 Nov, 03:03 AM UTC
The Leafs Nation
marner stops pastrnak in one end, brings it into the offensive zone where he feeds gardiner, who feeds daddy marlea…
11 Nov, 03:02 AM UTC
Jeff Veillette
Here's the full sequence building up to the OT winner, from Mitch Marner's shut down to Patrick Marleau's finish
11 Nov, 03:07 AM UTC
Mark Masters
Bozak & Kadri's short-lived stint as roommates Looking out for Marner on social media Rielly's missing tooth Tyler…
10 Nov, 09:27 PM UTC
Mark Masters
JvR on Marner: "He's definitely a guy you want the puck on his stick when the game's on the line ... he sees the game in a special way"
11 Nov, 03:48 AM UTC
Mark Masters
Marleau on Marner: "He's coming into his own the last few games"
11 Nov, 03:42 AM UTC
The #Leafs have had to find scoring outside of Matthews, Nylander and Marner to push their winning streak to three…
11 Nov, 03:44 AM UTC
Mark Masters
Mitch Marner: "When we got back from that road trip I just think that everyone in this room wanted to stand up a li…
11 Nov, 03:38 AM UTC
Richard Lee-Sam
Marner put that pass through a mess of legs and sticks
11 Nov, 02:56 AM UTC
Mark Masters
JvR on Marner attempting to change his pass-first mindset: "People talk about pass-first, shoot-first, I think you…
11 Nov, 03:50 AM UTC
Mark Masters
1on1 with Marner on how the Leafs got back on track this week Mitch on tying goal: "I knew JvR would slip backdoo…
11 Nov, 03:35 AM UTC
🏒Paula 🏒
YEAHHHH!!! OH MY GOD that was BEAUTIFUL!! Another beauty play by Marner! Way to Go boys!!! 💙 #TMLTalk
11 Nov, 03:01 AM UTC
Steve Russell
Nice, Mitch Marner assists on the tying goal by JVR & on the winner by Patrick Marleau as the @MapleLeafs beat the…
11 Nov, 03:41 AM UTC
Alex Cooper
If Mitch Marner wants to set up game tying and winning goals all year I don't care about his goal total...he can be…
11 Nov, 03:11 AM UTC
Y'all wanted to trade Marner 🤔🤔 #TMLtalk
11 Nov, 03:10 AM UTC
We all like watching Mitch Marner, but maybe that wasnt the time for all three Bruins to be doing it.
11 Nov, 03:01 AM UTC
TSN Hockey
How Marner raised his game to lift Leafs to win #TSNHockey
11 Nov, 04:59 AM UTC
The Athletic
Are the Maple Leafs closer to getting Mitch Marner back on track? @mirtle files after a wild Leafs comeback at the…
11 Nov, 05:37 AM UTC
Stephen Burtch
Character win for the Leafs sans Matthews. Great finish for Marner and Gardiner (who looked very good all game).
11 Nov, 05:06 AM UTC
BananaLand Sports
11 Nov, 03:00 AM UTC
Toronto Maple Leafs
Transcript: Mike Babcock's post-game comments after his team's come-from-behind OT win over the Bruins On Marner b…
11 Nov, 03:46 AM UTC
@GoldenKnights You can’t use that song. It’s Matthews and Marner’s song. #leafs
11 Nov, 05:07 AM UTC
Ashley ✨👽✌🏼
This isn’t the same if matthews and marner aren’t singing it 😂
11 Nov, 04:53 AM UTC
I could care less if Marner isn't scoring when he's making dishes like that.
11 Nov, 02:53 AM UTC
Darcy Armstrong
@JMile305 @bergyscores @ThankUPierce34 Honestly me I was really close to cutting the cord with Marner being as he's…
11 Nov, 05:03 AM UTC
@GoldenKnights I still think of Mitch Marner when I hear this song... it’s a leafs song now
11 Nov, 04:57 AM UTC
Take aways from tonight's game I saw live Bozak gets tossed out alot Marner is real small JVR is a cherry picke…
11 Nov, 05:30 AM UTC
Toronto Marner Leafs
Mitch Marner hadn’t scored in awhile. Instead, two beautiful assists served up fresh tonight. #BonAppetit #TMLtalk
11 Nov, 05:18 AM UTC
Donna Wall
@MapleLeafs That’s why Mitch Marner is my favourite player. He’s not out there for the glory. He’s playing to win a…
11 Nov, 04:47 AM UTC
Adit Harin Edward
@laughattack28 It was such a good play by all 3 of them tbh, Marner with the pass and steal, Jake with the slap pass and Patty with the tip
11 Nov, 04:26 AM UTC
#marner is a stud. Media shits on him too much and so do bandwagon fans
11 Nov, 04:03 AM UTC
jamie harper
@MapleLeafs Mitch Marner was
11 Nov, 04:02 AM UTC
Craig Boddy
@SleepingElphant Great last few minutes for Marner!
11 Nov, 05:17 AM UTC
Maritime Collectors
♯❀ SUNDERLAND PINK LUSTRE JUG Obverse depicts "The Marner's [sic] Compa..... Final Offer
11 Nov, 05:14 AM UTC
Sleeping Elephant
@cboddy57 Marner comin up big 🙏🙏
11 Nov, 05:14 AM UTC
Dave McCarthy
Marleau Plays OT Hero, Marner Assists On Tying & Winning Goals As #Leafs Come From Behind To Defeat #NHLBruins My…
11 Nov, 05:12 AM UTC
@JasonIn716 @BuffaloSabres Next 18 months to 2 years OUR Nylander might develop into his brother, but we have no Ma…
11 Nov, 05:07 AM UTC
David Carruthers
Magical Mitch Marner moves like Mick Jagger and sets up Marleau with a magnificent pass to help my Leafs beat the B…
11 Nov, 05:06 AM UTC
Maple Leafs Fan
#TMLtalk #Leafs News Maple Leafs Post-Game: Mitch Marner - November 10, 2017
11 Nov, 05:00 AM UTC
@JasonIn716 @BuffaloSabres It most certainly does. And if we're being honest, biggest reason is NOT Matthews or Bab…
11 Nov, 04:56 AM UTC
Tony Brice 🏳️‍🌈 ✡
Leafs' Marner passing up golden opportunity
11 Nov, 04:51 AM UTC
Matthew Toth
@MrStaffordHT @PPPLeafs Apple Sauce Marner
11 Nov, 04:50 AM UTC
Donna Wall
@MapleLeafs Cherry 🍒 pickers always get the glory. Mitch Marner is not a cherry 🍒 picker
11 Nov, 04:42 AM UTC
Mitch Marner: Sets up two goals in win -
11 Nov, 04:42 AM UTC
@davidnestico200 @TLNdc Oh, God, I just had a flashback to that old sitcom "My Two Dads", but with Martin and Marle…
11 Nov, 04:38 AM UTC
RT RussellPhotos: Nice, Mitch Marner assists on the tying goal by JVR & on the winner by Patrick Marleau as the MapleLeafs beat the NHLB
11 Nov, 04:30 AM UTC
@chellftw If you took this as I hate Gardiner or something, stop. I like to stick up for Gards as much as I can, as…
11 Nov, 04:24 AM UTC
DJ Fielding
@AM34Calder @NHL @MapleLeafs @EASPORTSNHL leafs have the ability to just throw marner on the 4th line. Look at th…
11 Nov, 04:24 AM UTC
Daniel McFee
@kevin_mcgran @TorontoStar this trade Marner shit needs to go away. This is why people hate the Toronto media. Bullshit click bait.
11 Nov, 04:24 AM UTC
A. Godthews [11-7]
@bruinsfan1998 @NHL @MapleLeafs @EASPORTSNHL Leafs threw marner on the 4th line for 6 games to spread things out. It happens
11 Nov, 04:23 AM UTC
@JeffVeillette It’ll be a steal if they can get Marner on a $5x5-8yr contract so I’m all for spending ~$22million on 3 stars
11 Nov, 04:22 AM UTC
@chellftw When did I say any of that at ALL? I've given Gardiner credit when it's given and I've also pointed out w…
11 Nov, 04:20 AM UTC
Salvatore LaRizza
@SeanNorman3 @MapleLeafs If you think this one game defines more than the other 16 awful performances he’s had this…
11 Nov, 04:20 AM UTC
Turned out to be a great game in the end! Marner with a couple clutch passes to solidify the W. good hustle boys #TMLtalk @MapleLeafs
11 Nov, 04:17 AM UTC
Maple Leafs Report
Maple Leafs Post-Game: Mitch Marner - November 10, 2017 #MapleLeafs
11 Nov, 04:14 AM UTC
Dom De Luca
@TLNdc Lovely work by Marner. He had a terrific game.
11 Nov, 04:11 AM UTC
i have to restart my potatoes
11 Nov, 04:10 AM UTC
@MapleLeafs @Marner93 Mitch Marner's face is a meme. Make it happen internet.
11 Nov, 04:10 AM UTC
RT RussellPhotos: Nice, Mitch Marner assists on the tying goal by JVR & on the winner by Patrick Marleau as the Ma…
11 Nov, 04:06 AM UTC
Michael Price
@kristen_shilton good to see marner get a couple points. hopefully a good confidence booster. also like him playing…
11 Nov, 04:04 AM UTC
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