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Carole Cadwalladr
Andrew Neil describes Owen Jones questions about his relationship with the Spectator as ‘smears & lies’. Smears & lies is what you directed at me, @afneil. These were facts. The BBC has rules on presenter impartiality. What is baffling is why they don’t apply to Neil
11 Jan, 08:23 AM UTC
San Jose Sharks
RT to wish Martin Jones a very happy birthday! 🎉 San Jose Sharks's photo on Martin Jones
10 Jan, 11:09 PM UTC
Alberto García Salido
Cuando un residente me dice: - No he visto Indiana Jones, es antigua. - De Harry Potter solo conozco las películas. - El “Señor de los Anilllos”, ¿es la del Frodo ese no? - ¿Quién es Neo? Que sepáis que ese residente me talla una cana y me clava un puñal en el corazón.
10 Jan, 02:43 PM UTC
Brodie Brazil
This Martin Jones interview interrupted by… “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” Love this @SanJoseSharks moment. Brodie Brazil's photo on Martin Jones
11 Jan, 05:57 AM UTC
San Jose Sharks
Your three stars of tonight's game: ⭐️ Martin Jones 36 ❌ ⭐️⭐️ Nosek (VGK) ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Merrill (VGK)
11 Jan, 05:42 AM UTC
The Core
Watch this if you wonder why Owen Jones tries so hard to trash Andrew Neil. There's history, and the boy Owen is always on the losing side of it. Jones is desperate to score points off Mr Neil, hence the ridiculous personal attacks. The Core's photo on Martin Jones
11 Jan, 08:39 AM UTC
San Jose Sharks
With his 57th road win, Martin Jones is now tied for most NHL road wins as a goalie since 2015-16. San Jose Sharks's photo on Martin Jones
11 Jan, 06:28 AM UTC
Andre Lecointe-Gayle
@martin_oneill @afneil @BBC No matter what I think of Owen Jones, tonight he exposed Portillo and Andrew Neil for the obnoxious self serving men they are. The fact public money pays these bigoted corrupt men to push their biased and self serving agendas is a scandal @bbctw
11 Jan, 12:57 AM UTC
Sharks on NBCS
“He was excellent at the right time.” Martin Jones' first-star game helped the Sharks win their 1,000th game (via @ChelenaGoldman) Sharks on NBCS's photo on Martin Jones
11 Jan, 08:11 AM UTC
Sudu Upadhyay
A gritty win for Memphis tonight. Tigers beat ECU 78-72 at FedExForum. Kyvon Davenport 14 pts, 11 rebs Tyler Harris 16 pts, 4-11 from three Kareem Brewton 13 pts Jeremiah Martin 10 pts Antwann Jones 10 pts Isaiah Maurice 10 pts
11 Jan, 04:09 AM UTC
Paul Gackle
Takeways: Martin Jones flashes elite stuff -- that's good news for #SJSharks. 'You need that kind of goaltending heading down the stretch. He's given it to us in my time here.' read---->
11 Jan, 07:37 AM UTC
@JosephineFormby @Dr_Martin_2 @afneil Jones problem is his generation's sense of entitlement because nobody ever said 'No' to him
11 Jan, 07:50 AM UTC
@Dr_Martin_2 @bbcthisweek @afneil @OwenJones84 Owen Jones should have been slapped senseless as a child and I don't advocate smacking children but in his case it might have worked, he reminds me of a child who permanently wants attention
11 Jan, 07:28 AM UTC
Modernity has failed us
The #SJSharks⁠ beat the Golden Knights for the first time in the regular season ending their 7 game win streak. Well done, fellas, and a very happy birthday to Martin Jones, who put in a spectacular effort and got the win 🎉 Modernity has failed us's photo on Martin Jones
11 Jan, 07:17 AM UTC
Mercury News
Takeaways: Martin Jones flashes elite stuff, that’s great news for the Sharks
11 Jan, 10:00 AM UTC
Value Added Ed
Planning day @Martin___Jones @annrobert26 in front of a lovely warm fireplace #valueadded Value Added Ed's photo on Martin Jones
11 Jan, 09:12 AM UTC
39 sekund w trzeciej tercji zdecydowało o zakończeniu zwycięskiej serii Vegas Golden Knights. W wielkim stylu urodziny w Las Vegas świętował bramkarz San Jose Sharks Martin Jones.
11 Jan, 09:05 AM UTC
Vegas Golden Knight FR
Bon...La série s’arrête...Défaite 3 à 2 face aux @SJSharksFR !!! Les Golden Knights sont tombés sur un gros Martin Jones (1ere étoile) qui a permis aux californiens de tenir la baraque !!! #VegasBorn
11 Jan, 08:53 AM UTC
C'était l'anniversaire de Martin Jones d'ailleurs. S'il faut que ce soit son anniversaire pour qu'il joue à ce niveau, c'est possible de le fêter tous les jours ?
11 Jan, 08:23 AM UTC
This was great--Happy Birthday Martin Jones!!!
11 Jan, 08:07 AM UTC
🚨Victoire 3-2 face à @VegasGKnightsFR 🚨 L'épée en mousse s'est transformée en sabre laser pour defouirailler à tour de bras ! Martin Jones nous a clairement gardé dans le match après un début de match compliqué. La série de Karlsson sur les assists s'arrête. #SJSharks
11 Jan, 08:07 AM UTC
Darryl Martin
SJS 3 VGK 2 (F) Sharks goalie Martin Jones was on his game with 36 saves, just doing enough to outduel Fleury. SJS is one of those teams that can compete well when on their game. VGK needs to just clean a few things up and keep going, they'll be fine. Tough loss, but a good game.
11 Jan, 07:07 AM UTC
BlueLiner Hockey
Jones saves 36, wins sixth straight – Martin Jones | SJ
11 Jan, 10:12 AM UTC
Sapere Aude
Martin Jones made 36 saves in a 3-2 win over the Vegas Golden Knights on Thursday night.
11 Jan, 09:56 AM UTC
East Bay Times
Takeaways: Martin Jones flashes elite stuff, that’s great news for the Sharks East Bay Times's photo on Martin Jones
11 Jan, 09:35 AM UTC
@Basketvintage9 80 -81 aquel año el Estu quedó subcampeón de liga con JONES,Martín ,Del Corral ,Gil etc .
11 Jan, 08:51 AM UTC
Someone needs to put up all of Martin Jones 36 Saves tonight against the Knights. Best game so far #SJSharks mro🇭🇳's photo on Martin Jones
11 Jan, 08:50 AM UTC
Solomon Strader
@GackleReport Can I meet Martin Jones
11 Jan, 08:43 AM UTC
MLB &NHL News Now
'Excellent' Martin Jones key to Sharks' 1,000th win - National Hockey League News - MLB &NHL News Now's photo on Martin Jones
11 Jan, 08:35 AM UTC
MyAllies News
Takeaways: Martin Jones flashes elite stuff, that’s great news for the Sharks
11 Jan, 07:52 AM UTC
Bay Area Sports HQ
Takeaways: Martin Jones flashes elite stuff, that’s great news for the Sharks
11 Jan, 07:41 AM UTC
@green_eggsndsam a martin jones fan are we sam?
11 Jan, 07:33 AM UTC
Mark Baldwin
@martin_oneill @afneil @BBC I'm no particular fan of Mr Neil, but Owen Jones was allowed to present an opinion piece and then he was to be questioned on it and instead chose to try and have a go at Mr Neil. I don't have a particular problem with hosts trying to keep guests on topic.
11 Jan, 07:33 AM UTC
The Girl With The Fleury And Jarry Tattoos
tbh martin jones **** me challenge we're both ugly cute and born 7 years and one day apart that's cute right
11 Jan, 07:12 AM UTC
@MarcusStead @Dr_Martin_2 My cats shits are in a different league to Owen Jones.
11 Jan, 07:08 AM UTC
✞Joffrey Torres
Victoire de SAN JOSE contre Las Vegas 3-2. Une victoire importante pour les Sharks qui confirment, surtout au T-mobile aréna où il est très difficile d'en sortir vainqueur. Martin Jones en feu pour son anniversaire, le gardien des Sharks a repoussé 36 des 38 tirs ! #NHL
11 Jan, 07:02 AM UTC

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