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🚨 TEAM NEWS 🇵🇹 Nuno on the left 🇪🇬 Elneny in midfield 🇧🇷 Martinelli starts Let's go, Gunners! 💪 #MUNARS @Arsenal's photo on Martinelli
02 Dec, 07:16 PM UTC
Eduardo Hagn
Gabriel Martinelli, thank you for playing for the badge, young warrior.
02 Dec, 10:22 PM UTC
Patrick Timmons
If Saka is fit for mondag, Martinelli should keep his spot in place of Aubameyang. There’s no doubt about it. Whether it happens or not is another story entirely.
02 Dec, 10:22 PM UTC
Martinelli deserves to keep his place in the starting 11 from next match. He's earned it.
02 Dec, 10:36 PM UTC
Martinelli should 100% keep his place in the first team.
02 Dec, 10:29 PM UTC
Connor Humm
Gabriel Martinelli is so good. I want to see Saka - Martinelli - Smith Rowe as a front three against Everton.
02 Dec, 10:35 PM UTC
Osman 🎗
Tierney needs to be back on Monday and Laca or Martinelli upfront for Auba
02 Dec, 10:12 PM UTC
In 2 games Martinelli has had a goal and an assist while Aubameyang is ball watching.
02 Dec, 09:32 PM UTC
Charles Watts
Martinelli the big bright spot last night, especially in the second half. Can he play like that and do the job of the central striker? You have to feel he's worth a go there on Monday night given Auba's form.
03 Dec, 10:12 AM UTC
❌ Brentford - preparation ruined ❌ Chelsea - better than us ❌ City - better than us ❌ LFC - better than us ❌ MUFC - no excuses Worse feeling of the season - hope we learn fast ✅ We found a player in Martinelli This changing of the guard needs to continue a pace
02 Dec, 10:14 PM UTC
Chris Wheatley
Elneny and Martinelli start for Arsenal
02 Dec, 07:02 PM UTC
Gabriel Martinelli vs. Man United (A) 2021/22
03 Dec, 10:34 AM UTC
I don’t think it’s up for debate anymore, Gabriel Martinelli deserves to be starting. He might only be 20 years old but he lead from the front better than anyone in our front line last night. #afc
03 Dec, 10:46 AM UTC
Gabriel Martinelli has the same number of goal involvements this season as Emi Buendia, Kevin de Bruyne and Harry Kane (2).
03 Dec, 10:15 AM UTC
El Gallinazo
“Todo es una persecución política contra los Martinelli. Ellos son INOCENTES.”
02 Dec, 09:49 PM UTC
DW Español
Luis Enrique #Martinelli, hijo del expresidente de #Panamá 🇵🇦 Ricardo Martinelli, se declaró culpable ante un tribunal de 🇺🇸 Nueva York de lavar USD28 millones en #sobornos provenientes de la constructora brasileña #Odebrecht anunció la fiscalía. (jc)
03 Dec, 01:56 AM UTC
Martinelli was good…..
02 Dec, 10:13 PM UTC
Maibort Petit
El hijo del expresidente de #Panamá, #RicardoMartinelli, Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares se declaró culpable de un cargo de conspiración para lavar dinero proveniente de los sobornos pagados por #Odebrecht a funcionarios de #Panama en la época en que Martinelli estaba en el poder
02 Dec, 11:52 PM UTC
ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴏᴄᴋɴᴇʏ ᴛᴜʀᴋ
Tomiyasu is brilliant White & Gabriel solid partnership If KT is fit he must start over Nuno who is still raw Partey, massive flop Sami is talented but needs time ESR & Saka are the heartbeat of the team Martinelli must start more games Aubameyang needs to be benched
03 Dec, 09:30 AM UTC
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03 Dec, 04:43 AM UTC
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03 Dec, 05:22 AM UTC
Re: Martinelli Has nearly everything. Insane physicality, intensity/mentality. Ballstriking, dribbling. Similar to last year's Vini/Leao. But with bigger potential imo. Learning tempo/la pausa is the biggest thing. Only a matter of time before he explodes. Superstar potential.
03 Dec, 10:49 AM UTC
In the 38th minute of the game last night Martinelli helped Arsenal get up the pitch and it resulted in a United goal kick. Arteta urged the players to push high and to press but the players lacked aggression. Intention comes from the manager, execution comes from the players.
03 Dec, 12:44 PM UTC
Martinelli sets the ball up for Martin Odegaard who scores the equaliser for Arsenal! Manchester United 2-2 Arsenal #MUNARS
02 Dec, 09:32 PM UTC
The people that have turned on Partey are the same ones that are drooling over Martinelli after calling him shit for the last year. He’s gonna be fine.
03 Dec, 12:35 PM UTC
Mi Diario Panamá
El segundo hijo del expresidente Martinelli sabrá cuál es su condena en mayo 2022. En su admisión de culpa ante un juez de Nueva York involucra a su hermano y a un alto exfuncionario, que además es familiar cercano. ¿Caerá ese pez gordo? @MiDiarioPanama's photo on Martinelli
03 Dec, 11:19 AM UTC
Telemetro Reporta
Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares se declaró culpable en Nueva York, Estados Unidos, del delito de conspiración para lavar dinero de la constructora brasileña Odebrecht. #TReporta
03 Dec, 11:06 AM UTC
Fernando C. Correa Jolly
Diputado Martinelli logra acuerdo vía @Criticaenlinea
03 Dec, 07:54 AM UTC