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Started overpaying on my mortgage last year after watching @MartinSLewis and have already reduced my mortgage from 300 to 250 payments in total! Thanks so much #MartinLewis
11 Feb, 08:13 PM UTC
Martin Lewis
Mortgage overpayment calculator - see how much you could save overpaying your mortgage.... https://t.co/FWTsLZDs52 (ensure a) there are no penalties and b) that you have an emergency fund of 3-6mths worth of bills). #MartinLewis
11 Feb, 08:12 PM UTC
Martin Lewis
Key #martinlewis links 2 4. Top savings accounts https://t.co/RXtTgBEFSZ 5. Top Help to Buy ISAs https://t.co/mbCSDGOA0T 6. Top Lifetime ISAs https://t.co/LvRLuWOonN 7. Ditch, switch & save energy https://t.co/RCfDBkt6ni 8. Are Premium Bonds worth it https://t.co/O8Jr5aenLG
11 Feb, 08:51 PM UTC
Martin Lewis
Key #martinlewis links part 1 1. Are you eligible for Help to Save - state gives you a 50% bonus on the max saved https://t.co/p2iVfNuIWp 2. Mortgage overpayment calc https://t.co/FWTsLZDs52 3. Top cash ISAs (if you need them - most don't) ISAs...https://t.co/Le8CgwUQWy
11 Feb, 08:48 PM UTC
Martin Lewis
Top savings accounts best buys... https://t.co/RXtTgBEFSZ #MartinLewis
11 Feb, 08:23 PM UTC
Martin Lewis
OK folks I think I have been through the vast majorty of the savings tweets. I hope that helps. Now I am going to post a summary of key links where you can get further information. #MartinLewis
11 Feb, 08:45 PM UTC
Martin Lewis
Compare ditch and switch energy NOW - the price cap is rising £100 on 1 April - do not rip yourself off. Whole of market comparison here... https://t.co/FWTsLZDs52 #martinlewis
11 Feb, 08:18 PM UTC
Lee Healey
“It’s UNBEATABLE” says @MartinSLewis about the government Help To Save scheme. “If you’re eligible, go for it” Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit and Universal Credit claimants might be eligible. Here’s the official info... #HelpToSave #MartinLewis https://t.co/7CIMOc2kK3
11 Feb, 08:20 PM UTC
Richard Hitchin
@MartinSLewis was so glad you mentioned P2P on tonight’s show. Also, I hadn’t realised that Sharia lending is available for non-Muslims. #MartinLewis
11 Feb, 08:52 PM UTC
Zoe Marie Barber
will changing my 20% variable interest rate credit card to a 0% interest effect my credit score in my hopes to apply for a mortgage this year #MartinLewis #TheMoneyShow
11 Feb, 08:43 PM UTC
lynne swann
#martinlewis my 16 year old has £670 in a savings account paying 0.8% interest. If we move it to her current account she will get 2.96% - presume moving it is a no brainer? She understands she can’t spend the money though!
11 Feb, 08:41 PM UTC
Neil Young
@MartinSLewis You don’t mention children’s accounts. Isn’t there some out there which act like your own account (if the kids are young) and get you better rates than an ISA? Still tax free with PSA too #martinlewis
11 Feb, 09:40 PM UTC
brer cornish
@MartinSLewis I heard you mention about the lifetime ISA, I am wanting to get this, if I was to put a lump sum of £4000 in to get the bonus of 25% now, can I then put another £4000 after this April to get another £1000 bonus? Thanks Brer #MartinLewis
11 Feb, 09:39 PM UTC
Adam Brosan
#MartinLewis Does opening multiple bank accounts to maximize interest affect ones credit score? P.s. love the show.
11 Feb, 09:36 PM UTC
Sam William Harrop
My top tip use “https://t.co/L4JDDmFvtp Cheap Energy Club”! Great for comparison as well as advice and top tips. @MoneySavingExp @MartinSLewis #MoneySavingExpert #MartinLewis #MoneySavingExpertCheapEnergyClub #EnergyClub https://t.co/soX4rsikmi
11 Feb, 09:24 PM UTC
Emma Strange
I’m wanting to open a savings account for my daughter. Which currently are the best? Savings or isa’s #martinlewis
11 Feb, 09:20 PM UTC
Brett Webb
I've just looked into changing my energy supplier, in currently with Npower for both Gas & Electric, 1 of the main comparison sites are telling me i can save £222 per year by switching to a company called POWERSHOP, i've never heard of them. Should i should swap? #martinlewis
11 Feb, 09:19 PM UTC
#MartinLewis I love your show Martin I can't wait next program abaut energy saving
11 Feb, 09:17 PM UTC
@MartinSLewis with the 1st couple why couldnt they have given all the money2the husband&not pay tax as he has his £5,000 starting rate4savings allowance which at his marginal rate of 0% would have meant they could have gone4the higher non isa ac & not paid any tax? #martinlewis
11 Feb, 09:12 PM UTC
Thanks for the reminder #MartinLewis we’ve just fixed our energy tariffs for the next year and saved ourselves £170!
11 Feb, 09:08 PM UTC
sharon legg
#martinlewis Hi Martin just wanted to say thank you , have been on my own for six years now had to start again at 46, have no ideal on money ,and have been in some dark places ..but i watch you and take all yr advice and put my trust in you .so thankyou for being their ..
11 Feb, 09:06 PM UTC
Hi Martin, love your show and gave a question. My energy fix is due to end on 22nd march, can i ditvh and switch now or need to wait til then? Thanks #martinlewis
11 Feb, 09:06 PM UTC
Andy Gray
Hi Martin my energy with isupply is coming to a end in November after 3 years. I am worried about the big jump when is best time to switch from now until November #MartinLewis
11 Feb, 09:06 PM UTC
#MartinLewis Hi Martin Watched savings programme 10.000 to invest with no tax Which high interest account would be better than isa without limits or clauses Thank you in advance
11 Feb, 09:05 PM UTC
Finance 4 Kids
@MartinSLewis interesting to see P2P being mentioned on tonight's show 👍👌 #MartinLewis #P2P @itvMLshow
11 Feb, 09:04 PM UTC
Charles Moran
#martinlewis New to twitter, not sure where my post went... I was just wondering why you never mention RCI bank UK as a savings option - any particular problem with them? We are with them and they offer 1.42%.
11 Feb, 08:58 PM UTC
Fiona Skerrow
Do personal investment plans still exists for putting your lump sums in? #MartinLewis
11 Feb, 08:58 PM UTC
#martinlewis hi Martin, my mum has recently sold her house and has moved in with me. She has £110,000 that is just sitting in her current account. I have been looking for some form of a savings account for her to put this money in fixed term would be good. Mum is retired and 83
11 Feb, 08:56 PM UTC
Sophie Bull
@MartinSLewis What's the best savings account to save for a pension? #martinlewis
11 Feb, 08:56 PM UTC
Jason Palethorpe
#MartinLewis Am 47, I’ve had a mortgage in 2001 (with now exwife since 2012) sold in 2005. I am single with 23/16 yrs children £45k job and £8.5k saving really trying to get back on ladder, 3 bed houses are £200k but all helps are only for first time. What support there for me?
11 Feb, 08:55 PM UTC
Sophie Bull
@MartinSLewis What's the best saving account to save for a pension? #martinlewis #itv
11 Feb, 08:52 PM UTC
Sonia Jones
Not sure if you got my question as I’m rubbish in Twitter. Is it safe to invest more than £85K in a PIP with the same institution? #MartinLewis
11 Feb, 08:48 PM UTC
Victoria Eldridge
Gibralter bank is offering 5% interest but not sure if money would be perfected should they go bust #martinlewis
11 Feb, 08:47 PM UTC
Jenna Brooks
What's my rights regarding a faulty electrical product which I've had for 2 years? The fault seems to be a common thing that happens to this particular product. #MartinLewis
11 Feb, 08:46 PM UTC
Andrew Hicks
11 Feb, 08:45 PM UTC
Oliver Swallow
#MartinLewis is it possible to have 2 isa’s at once? I have a help to buy isa, could I open another savings isa? #MartinLewis
11 Feb, 08:43 PM UTC
#martinlewis Hi Martin what's the best way to invest £20k savings wise?
11 Feb, 08:42 PM UTC
Anastasia Stratigou
#martinlewis we opened a LISA with Skipton when it first came on the market... can we now transfer it to a Newcastle LISA and would you advise doing so?
11 Feb, 08:42 PM UTC
Megan Catchpole
#martinlewis @MartinSLewis we have all our savings in a Santander 123 current account. Am I best to move our savings elsewhere to get more from our savings?
11 Feb, 08:42 PM UTC
joanne williams
#martinlewis applied to move my joint account to First Direct. Application was declined. Both our credit scores are above local and uk average with ClearScore, we own our home outright and have never defaulted on a credit agreement. They use Experian but aren’t they all the same
11 Feb, 08:41 PM UTC
marie butler
@MartinSLewis we moved in to new rented property n then bills comin in at 400/600 a month just on electricity I’m now over 1000 in debt n British Gas saying there nothing wrong how can I be using so much electricity! #MartinLewis
11 Feb, 08:41 PM UTC
#MARTINLEWIS Really could use advise on best place for interest on 50k currently in Lloyds paying 0.2% makes nothing thank you Martin
11 Feb, 08:40 PM UTC
@MartinSLewis #MartinLewis What is the best first credit card to get for student who will be studying abroad?
11 Feb, 08:39 PM UTC
Victoria Eldridge
What's the best children's savings account excluding those that have a limited higher interest rate? Are offshore accounts safe i.e. Gibraltar banks? #MartinLewis
11 Feb, 08:39 PM UTC
@MartinSLewis have you done a show on Life Insurance policies or can direct me in the right direction please. #MartinLewis
11 Feb, 08:36 PM UTC
Nathan Farrell
@MartinSLewis why have we had bills after changing energy companies but on a prepaid meter? #MartinLewis
11 Feb, 08:36 PM UTC
#martinlewis I have about £250K split across three different lenders at about £80K each to maintain the financial services protection. Do you think I would be better using it to buy and rent out a 2nd property rather than taking the interest and using it as a pension top up?
11 Feb, 08:36 PM UTC
Andrew Hicks
11 Feb, 08:36 PM UTC
Andrew Hicks
11 Feb, 08:34 PM UTC
Amelia Butler
@MartinSLewis if you were investing £4K each yr into a LISA to get the max £1K gvt bonus and looking to buy in 5yrs, would you put your money into Moneybox Stocks & Shares LISA or Newcastle Building Soc Cash LISA? #martinlewis
11 Feb, 08:34 PM UTC
J. Montgomery
@MartinSLewis I love your show. My question is do you have a website with details of interest rates etc and general tips? #martinlewis
11 Feb, 08:34 PM UTC
Paula Carre
#MartinLewis Would you advise paying off a Buy to let mortgage or continue with interest only payments. Currently on 2.75% interest only on £60k mortgage. Property value £310k?
11 Feb, 08:34 PM UTC
Dave Swateridge
#MartinLewis I’m going to Cyprus in June for 2 weeks and was wondering when will be the right time to change some money into Euros? Before brexit or after brexit?
11 Feb, 08:34 PM UTC

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