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Jon Rothstein
Sources: UNLV has parted ways with Marvin Menzies.
15 Mar, 09:48 PM UTC
Jeff Goodman
UNLV has parted ways with Marvin Menzies, source told @Stadium.
15 Mar, 09:49 PM UTC
Ethan anderson
Im Devastated to hear that my coach Marvin Menzies was fired earlier today but I would like to announce that I have re -opened my recruitment.
15 Mar, 10:25 PM UTC
Mike Grimala
With Marvin Menzies out, the next step would be for UNLV to announce the new coach immediately— probably within in the next 24 hours. Wouldn't make sense to let Menzies go now unless the next guy was already lined up with ink on the contract.
15 Mar, 10:00 PM UTC
Alex Pereszlenyi
Thank you Marvin Menzies for your time and effort at UNLV. You were one of the only coaches that raised their hand and wanted this job at its lowest point in program history. Thank you for bringing some outstanding young men into this program. UNLV wishes you the best.
15 Mar, 09:51 PM UTC
Las Vegas Locally 🌴
Would it be in poor taste to laugh at all the Vegas sports media guys who promised us Marvin Menzies wasn't getting fired? 😂
15 Mar, 10:19 PM UTC
Eli Boettger
UNLV has parted ways with Marvin Menzies, per reports.
15 Mar, 09:53 PM UTC
Mark Zeigler
Hearing that Marvin Menzies is out at UNLV after 3 seasons but really 2 considering he took over a program with 2 scholarship players. But it's good news for SDSU and the rest of the Mountain West. The more impatience and instability at the most resourced program, the better.
15 Mar, 10:25 PM UTC
Tyler Bischoff
With Marvin Menzies fired, 3 star signee Josh Pierre-Louis says he has re-opened his recruitment.
15 Mar, 10:07 PM UTC
Raymond Brewer
Marvin Menzies deserves another season as the UNLV coach. via @LasVegasSun
15 Mar, 05:27 PM UTC
Vince Sapienza
A lot of reports saying the same thing, Marvin Menzies has been fired by UNLV, yet no official word from the school as of yet Say what you want about Menzies going forward, but he walked into a terrible situation with the Runnin' Rebels and made it better in three years #unlvmbb
15 Mar, 10:28 PM UTC
Jeffrey Waddilove
There u have it, folks. The Marvin Menzies era has concluded at UNLV. Article coming tonight detailing who the new coach will be.
15 Mar, 10:29 PM UTC
Las Vegas RJ
He’s owed an $800,000 buyout
15 Mar, 10:42 PM UTC
Joe Arrigo
UNLV has decided to move in from #UNLVmbb coach Marvin Menzies per sources. Stay tuned for an article from @JeffWaddilove & @mini_kyle2 on @InsideTheRebels as to what’s next
15 Mar, 09:51 PM UTC
Vince Sapienza
Desiree Reed-Francois on firing Marvin Menzies: "Our mens program needs to win more." #unlvmbb
15 Mar, 11:42 PM UTC
Tyler Bischoff
And Ethan Anderson has followed suit. Both players signed with UNLV in the 2019 class have re-opened their recruitment with the dismissal of Marvin Menzies
15 Mar, 10:26 PM UTC
Vince Sapienza
Official. Marvin Menzies is out as Runnin' Rebels Head Coach Desiree Reed-Francois will meet with media in 45 minutes #unlvmbb Vince Sapienza's photo on Marvin Menzies
15 Mar, 10:43 PM UTC
Danny Tarkanian
I am very disappointed in @TheRunninRebels for firing Marvin Menzies after only 3 years. He took over a program with only 2 players returning. He deserved to finish his 5 year contract. Typical of UNLV, no loyalty. It is the reason a once proud Top 5 program is in the dumps
16 Mar, 12:11 AM UTC
The Rebel Report
Live press conference with @UNLVathletics AD Desiree Reed-Francois on Marvin Menzies. #UNLVmbb
15 Mar, 11:40 PM UTC
AP Top 25
UNLV fires basketball coach Marvin Menzies after 3 seasons.
16 Mar, 12:04 AM UTC
Amber Dixon
“It came down to confidence,” says UNLV’s athletic director, and she just didn’t have enough confidence in Marvin Menzies’ ability to get the Runnin’ Rebels “where I think we all want us to be.”
15 Mar, 11:56 PM UTC
ESPN 1100/100.9 FM
Marvin Menzies has been fired after three seasons in charge at UNLV.
15 Mar, 10:36 PM UTC
AreaCodes Basketball
Marvin Menzies is a good friend of mine & didn't deserve to be let go at UNLV. He will bounce back quickly. UNLV never really gave him a fair shot, administrative bull shit once again, Dave Rice got fucked, now Menzies 🤔WTF is going on Maryland Pkwy.
15 Mar, 11:35 PM UTC
Tyler Bischoff
To replace Marvin Menzies, UNLV will begin a national search using Folger Consulting.
15 Mar, 10:42 PM UTC
Tyler Bischoff
Technically Correct podcast with @MikeGrimala What’s next for Marvin Menzies and UNLV?
15 Mar, 06:18 PM UTC
KTNV Action News
#BREAKING: Marvin Menzies out as #unlvmbb head coach. Details >> KTNV Action News's photo on Marvin Menzies
15 Mar, 11:05 PM UTC
Tony Cordasco
UNLV Athletics Press Conference on the firing of head coach Marvin Menzies... More on CBS 1140AM tomorrow 8-10am PT
15 Mar, 11:39 PM UTC
Christine Maddela
UNLV AD Desiree Reid-Francois on firing of Marvin Menzies: Runnin Rebels need to win more. Natl coaching search begins New coach will know what success looks like. Don't feed into rumors about candidates who may be campaigning for job or leveraging their situation @FOX5Vegas
15 Mar, 11:52 PM UTC
Tyler Bischoff
Marvin Menzies' final record with UNLV: 48-48
15 Mar, 10:09 PM UTC
Kevin Bolinger
Getting ready to go live at 5:03 with the latest on the firing of Marvin Menzies and search for new Runnin Rebels Head Coach
16 Mar, 12:01 AM UTC
#UNLV HC Marvin Menzies is out. Is.... PITINO coming to Vegas? James Scouten was 🔴LIVE on SportsCastr with the scoop! #SportsCastr @allthingsvgk
15 Mar, 11:54 PM UTC
KSNV News 3
DEVELOPING: UNLV fires Runnin' Rebels head coach Marvin Menzies KSNV News 3's photo on Marvin Menzies
15 Mar, 10:51 PM UTC
Kevin Bolinger
We are standing by for a news conference with UNLV AD Desiree Reed-Francois to discuss her reasoning behind firing of Runnin’ Rebels Head Coach Marvin Menzies
15 Mar, 11:39 PM UTC
Thomas Wesley James
UNLV fires head basketball coach Marvin Menzies | Las Vegas Local Breaking News, Headlines |
16 Mar, 12:08 AM UTC
Jeff Savell
@AthletWhisperer @Nolomit_e He is first class and deserved another couple years to continue building that program back up. As an Aztec fan I am also a Marvin Menzies fan.
16 Mar, 12:02 AM UTC
Salvatrice Muscari
I have just received a defective Marvin Menzies poster
16 Mar, 01:01 AM UTC
Kevin Fiddler
RIP, Marvin Menzies career at UNLV
16 Mar, 12:57 AM UTC
Jim Bolla
Marvin Menzies out as UNLV basketball coach. via @LasVegasSun
16 Mar, 12:44 AM UTC
Jim Bolla
Marvin Menzies fired as UNLV basketball coach — LIVESTREAM via @reviewjournal
16 Mar, 12:40 AM UTC
Afro Marv
Marvin Menzies and #UNLV basketball program looked no closer in reaching the NCAA tournament from when he started to the time he left. This city does & should reward winning. However, right now this team is bad, and lose 2/3 of its game attendance. Change is needed.
16 Mar, 12:33 AM UTC
Marvin Menzies is a class individual. Whoever comes in now is almost mandated to win a lot and win quickly. Good luck @MarvinMenzies.
16 Mar, 12:30 AM UTC
@SteveRamirez6 Now your talking....LOL..although UNLV probably won’t want a coach from the Menzies tree. I like Marvin, he did the best he could with the Aggies, hope he finds another HC job.
16 Mar, 12:25 AM UTC

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