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Donald J. Trump
After my tour of Asia, all Countries dealing with us on TRADE know that the rules have changed. The United States h…
14 Nov, 05:20 AM UTC
1D Updates!
QUOTE || “Good ! Yeah ! You know, Im such a massive fan of Ed. He let me know at that time that he was glad that it…
14 Nov, 04:18 AM UTC
FOX & friends
House wants to cut presidential pensions, citing six-figure speaking fees and massive book deals
14 Nov, 10:40 AM UTC
Antony Tiernan
A massive shout out to specialist cancer nurse Liz Darling who is retiring from Blackpool Victoria Hospital after a…
13 Nov, 05:23 PM UTC
@CharlesOrtel 34. You get the picture. Massive crimes, Trump's election, a new IRS & FBI team, working with Bob Mue…
14 Nov, 02:12 AM UTC
This could be a massive shift. One of the most important policy announcements of all.
14 Nov, 10:18 AM UTC
Paul Mason
Labour will set tax, spend and growth forecasts according to climate change forecasts. Massive shift to Green policy
14 Nov, 06:54 AM UTC
🇺🇸Gigi Sims🇺🇸💋
A massive probe conducted by 5 separate FBI field offices has been underway to investigate the vast network of crim…
14 Nov, 12:37 PM UTC
Jahangir Khan Tareen
Billion Tree Tsunami's massive success once again proves, where there's a will, there's a way. Kudos to IK & the en…
14 Nov, 01:39 PM UTC
Andrew Neil
Massive news: looks like Venezuela beginning $60bn bond default. S&P already declared $200m default in coupon payme…
14 Nov, 11:22 AM UTC
Ramesh Bala
#8thNandiForSuperstarMahesh - Massive by any standard.. Congratulations @urstrulyMahesh 👏👏
14 Nov, 01:14 PM UTC
Swing Left
Paul Ryan is going to hold a vote on a massive tax cut for the wealthy later this week. Let’s make those votes hurt…
14 Nov, 02:28 AM UTC
Robert ALAI (Nyakwar Nyokwongi)
I am happy that people are now discussing eCitizen. Massive thefts happened there and Safaricom was a key conduit.…
14 Nov, 08:23 AM UTC
Timothy J. Reynolds
Massive company asking for free work earlier this year. "We realize this is cheeky but we thought it was worth a tr…
13 Nov, 11:38 PM UTC
Rogan Richards
MY MASSIVE MUSCLE ASS! Taken from a Personalised Video I made for an awesome dude who said i could share a lil snea…
14 Nov, 01:34 PM UTC
@Judgenap reminds us of Scalia dissent “You cant just hire a special prosecutor bc they answer to no one”. Massive…
14 Nov, 01:44 PM UTC
Steve Stifler
this year has been a massive split between worst year of my life and best year of my life
14 Nov, 09:00 AM UTC
John Toner
So once again the @HouseGOP want to make massive changes to the American economy without following regular order or…
14 Nov, 04:31 AM UTC
Koko Lores
Im Britischen Parlament wird über Soros' massive Eingriffe in die europäische Politik gesprochen und wie er die Abs…
14 Nov, 01:12 PM UTC
Team #Mehbooba takes blessings by visiting Golden temple in Amritsar ,while we successfully wrap up our massive Him…
14 Nov, 12:32 PM UTC
Matthew Chapman
@TheEggbert95 @ivan_kupchenko @AJDelgado13 @Karl_Dilkington You don’t get more immoral than letting Ivanka and Don…
14 Nov, 02:26 PM UTC
Bruce Bartlett
Is the working class prepared to accept the massive cut in benefits that will accompany their trivial tax cut?
14 Nov, 02:18 PM UTC
MASSIVE CNN-NEWS18 IMPACT | We've received such message for the 1st time, we will look into it: Loknath Behra, Kera…
14 Nov, 01:32 PM UTC
Billy Marshall
Pep still has it. Nice pass rush to lay a massive hit on Cutler
14 Nov, 03:59 AM UTC
Rupert Darwall
Labour to promise massive tax hikes and zero economic growth to meet climate change targets in bid to revert to the…
14 Nov, 08:21 AM UTC
.@PraveenSattaru mission #PSVGarudaVega Massive Blockbuster collected 22 Cr+ total World Wide Theatrical in 10 days…
14 Nov, 01:28 PM UTC
Charles Ortel
GE lesson---"financing" customers, opaque reports, massive bureacracy not sound in disruptive age--on my watch list…
13 Nov, 03:51 PM UTC
K3 🇰🇷
WW2 - MASSIVE Epic & Heroic Supply Drop Opening!: via @YouTube
14 Nov, 02:25 PM UTC
The Equality Trust
Hard to find the words but maybe ... Immoral / Unjust / Disgusting / Massive Failure could do for starters?
14 Nov, 12:00 PM UTC
11 Saudi billionaires Arrested for corruption. All power and assets removed from them. They've been part of a grand…
14 Nov, 12:50 PM UTC
Rock climb
【情報解禁】 12月10日@堺東club massive Ms.PROTEINレコ発イベント 『演奏日和』 【概要】 open:start/17:30:18:00 前売り:当日券/¥1500:¥2000 移転後初出演のmass…
14 Nov, 01:38 PM UTC
If I stuck to my New Years resolutions i would have lost 3 stone, be toned and have a massive bum but nooo I’m fatt…
14 Nov, 12:06 PM UTC
Matthew Wallace
Reminder: Roy Moore sucks, but a massive, terrible, regressive tax bill is flying through the Senate. Stay focused, Twitter.
14 Nov, 01:31 PM UTC
Friendship Circle
Our fashion show last week was breathtaking!!! The models shined like the superstars they are! Massive Thank you to…
14 Nov, 01:46 PM UTC
Massive happy birthday to @RedHeavenMedia1 ✨🍾❤️ Hopefully see you soon! x
14 Nov, 02:31 PM UTC
Gerry Leanne
A massive push came from @gracefituk, so thanks Grez ✌🏻
14 Nov, 01:31 PM UTC
Darklight Recordings
Just a day old and check this baby stack up some massive support ⚡️💯
14 Nov, 02:33 PM UTC
WE FM 106.3
#OnTheShowToday #FranklySpeaking with @kamri_apollo The power sector looks set for a massive boost with the announc…
14 Nov, 12:24 PM UTC
Art Spector INSIDER
@mrags316 @briang001 @kfpeters Either (A) Performance Art or (B) we're all the subjects of a massive psych. study
14 Nov, 02:33 PM UTC
Muraselon News
BREAKING: Islamist groups launch massive attack in eastern Damascus - ...
14 Nov, 02:29 PM UTC
Esha Chakraborty
The campaign gaining massive support is truly a wonderful news #1CroreSignatures
14 Nov, 02:34 PM UTC
Esha Chakraborty
#1CroreSignatures This campaign is getting massive support. This is awesome indeed.
14 Nov, 02:34 PM UTC
David Walsh wishes this platform would ban Nazis.
Right now, most universities--especially elite universities with massive endowments--are more concerned about the e…
14 Nov, 02:33 PM UTC
14 Nov, 02:33 PM UTC
Report UK
#MostRead Food left to rot and massive queues at Dover expected after Brexit.
14 Nov, 02:33 PM UTC
Massive congratulations to George Lawton who won a SILVER medal at BUCS small boats head a few weeks ago! 🥈
14 Nov, 02:33 PM UTC
Big Ben Myers
@FortressRDI @globeandmail I would consider Oakville-Milton part of the GTA, but whatever, you get the point. Massi…
14 Nov, 02:33 PM UTC
Bryce Damon
@VTLawyer85 @Xbox It's the base of the sticks that aren't interchangeable that get knocked loose. It's not a massiv…
14 Nov, 02:33 PM UTC
@LeighHuxley I lost mine to a massive heart attack in 87.. I feel for you my friend
14 Nov, 02:33 PM UTC
@EmK10Spindlehay A massive congratulations - well done for your hard work!
14 Nov, 02:33 PM UTC
I liked a @YouTube video WW2 - MASSIVE Epic & Heroic Supply Drop Opening!
14 Nov, 02:33 PM UTC
#jmaports Selon Engie : utilisation massive du GNL est une des solutions pour l'avenir.
14 Nov, 02:33 PM UTC
robyn brokenshire
hate the fact I feel like I’ve taken a massive step back and back in the dark place I was about 4 years ago😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
14 Nov, 02:33 PM UTC
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