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Rich red dawn for Matariki’s rise over Hutt Valley this morning https://t.co/HENgXpE23p
23 Jun, 07:25 PM UTC
Te Aniwa Hurihanganui
Professor Rangi Mātāmua holding back tears just now… ‘feeling emotional… pretty overwhelmed,’ he says. Think many of us are feeling that. So proud to be Māori, so proud to see Aotearoa celebrating Matariki ✨
23 Jun, 07:27 PM UTC
Sharon Murdoch
Today is the first time we celebrate Matariki as a nation. It’s a time to remember those we have lost, celebrate and give thanks for what we have, and to look forward to the promise of the new year. Today’s @NZStuff @DomPost #cartoon #Aotearoa #Matariki https://t.co/1qGEjcbUwW
23 Jun, 08:23 PM UTC
Clint Smith
the gall of National - to oppose everything and anything to do with Māori recognition and rights, to vote against the Matariki Holiday, to mock using the Māori name for the constellation - and then put up a video celebrating the holiday.
24 Jun, 04:12 AM UTC
New Zealand 🇳🇿
Wherever you are today, join us in celebrating Matariki, the Māori new year. Take time to reflect, return to the places that nourish you, celebrate the present and plan for the future. ​ Mānawatia a Matariki! ✨ 📸: IG Miles Holden @PureNewZealand's photo on Matariki
23 Jun, 08:44 PM UTC
FIFA Women's World Cup
Let the Stars Shine. 🤩✨ Mānawatia a Matariki, Happy Māori New Year! We can’t wait to see you in 2023. 🙌 @FIFAWWC's photo on Matariki
23 Jun, 02:42 PM UTC
🇺🇦Lying ex tobacco lobbyist🇺🇦
A reminder that Matariki, the most special, most authentic & uncorrupted of our holidays, would've never been officially celebrated if the Nats & Act had their way & even when they couldn't stop it, they wanted to remove any reference to Maori in the name #NationalNotFitToGovern
23 Jun, 08:52 PM UTC
Moana Maniapoto
Confession: At first, I thought the idea of a Matariki Day was kinda lame, given all the other priorities. But I have to say today has been so uplifting, reaffirming & joyful. It ended with an amazing kai at Prego - te reo music playing. Reflecting, celebrating, re-setting.
24 Jun, 06:41 AM UTC
Luke Fitzmaurice
Matariki has made me proud to be Māori and proud to be a NZer, and those things don’t always happen at the same time. Embracing my māoritanga has often been about deciding to join the fight. But matariki isn’t about the fight, and that’s more powerful than I realised it would be.
23 Jun, 07:13 PM UTC
A TePungaSomerville
Hard to put into words what the first Matariki public holiday means, or to express strongly enough acknowledgements for those who have learned and taught and struggled and strategized behind the scenes for how many years + lifetimes
23 Jun, 11:50 PM UTC
🇺🇦Lying ex tobacco lobbyist🇺🇦
The bald faced hypocrisy. The Nats voted against Matariki becoming an official holiday & even wanted to change the name to Pleiades. Now they're making out they're huge supporters & even want to educate us on Matariki. It's like fascists pretending they embrace Hanukkah. https://t.co/sgsxEAOHCq
24 Jun, 03:27 AM UTC
今日は「マタリキ」✨💕 マタリキは真冬の #ニュージーランド の早朝の空に現れる星団。日本では昴として知られています😊 マオリの人々はその輝きを新年の始まりとして祝ってきましたが、なんと今年からNZの国民の祝日に👏  Mānawatia a Matariki! ✨ マタリキを祝って!✨ 📷 Mark Russell @PureNZinJapan's photo on Matariki
24 Jun, 06:33 AM UTC
Kate Dowling
If my Twitter feed is anything to go by, the inaugural Matariki public holiday has been a rip-roaring success, right across the motu! Mānawatia a Matariki! ✨✨✨
24 Jun, 08:51 AM UTC
Brad Phipps
Matariki rising above the horizon over Dunedin, New Zealand. #Matariki #matariki2022 https://t.co/Q0mGVWACfV
23 Jun, 10:09 PM UTC
Thomas Nash
People are so enjoying Matariki, our first public holiday in sync with nature and the seasons. I’m very grateful to tangata whenua for their work to put Matariki at the heart of public life. I hope people’s shared enjoyment of it will advance the wider cause of Indigenous rights.
24 Jun, 08:06 AM UTC
Pleiades is way harder to remember and spell than Matariki, you racist arseholes make no sense!
24 Jun, 07:07 AM UTC
Paul Le Comte
OH MY DAYS! Mānawatia a #Matariki Aotearoa New Zealand @Space_Station crossing above Ōtepoti @Lovedunedin @PureNewZealand this evening Possibly the most OTT colourful sunset crossing of the #ISS #SpotTheStation I've ever captured in this 9 image Nikon pano @nasahqphoto @esa https://t.co/fkjtjOz0Jd
24 Jun, 07:07 AM UTC
Teacher McTeacherface
Watching the @TVNZ stream from this morning's Matariki ceremonies! How can you not be filled with joy to see tikanga Māori being returned to its rightful place as a pillar of life in Aotearoa?
23 Jun, 11:51 PM UTC
🇺🇦Lying ex tobacco lobbyist🇺🇦
There are many people who did the mahi to give us this wonderful gift of Matariki being officially recognised & celebrated. Kia Ora to you all & #ChurArdern #KeepMovingForwardTogether
23 Jun, 09:38 PM UTC
CNN International
For the first time, New Zealanders are enjoying an official public holiday this June 24 to celebrate Matariki -- also known as Māori New Year https://t.co/1s31UZr5Ob
24 Jun, 09:24 AM UTC
Sarah B.
Our whānau had to cancel plans due to the plague, so I made tuna pasta bake in order to share with the one family member I am allowed to be in the same room with. She was VERY happy with my cooking (i.e. draining the water from the can into a bowl). Happy Matariki kai time! 🥰 https://t.co/KHdPP84XXs
24 Jun, 06:52 AM UTC
マタリキの祝日制定を祝うため #グラミー賞 受賞アーティストのジェローム・カヴァナさんとマオリの伝統楽器を用いた記念楽曲「マタリキの風」を制作🎶 Spotifyではフルバージョンを公開中🔊 https://t.co/eN8EhQNHER 曲の感想を教えてくださいね💞 Mānawatia a Matariki! ✨ マタリキを祝って!✨ @PureNZinJapan's photo on Matariki
24 Jun, 08:17 AM UTC
SBS News
NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has celebrated Matariki officially becoming a public holiday after her government partnered with the Matariki advisory group to decide how best to celebrate the Māori New Year. Read more: https://t.co/vU8gQgCcSf #matariki2022 #Māori #Indigenous @SBSNews's photo on Matariki
24 Jun, 09:30 AM UTC
Miriama Kamo
With the man of the moment, the person who has lead a revolution in our country, Professor Rangi Matamua. Mānawatia a Matariki 🙌🏽💫 #matariki https://t.co/M0e8g7g10p
24 Jun, 10:34 AM UTC
WestSide 8345
I wonder if David Seymour went to work today? I wonder if David Seymour gave his days wages to someone else? David Seymour doesn’t believe in #Matariki holiday.
24 Jun, 09:56 AM UTC
'Unites us under the stars of Aotearoa': PM Ardern on NZ's first Matariki https://t.co/XNpJTYPGMs @nzherald's photo on Matariki
24 Jun, 02:32 AM UTC
May this new year be full of love, laughter, growth & abundance for you and your whānau. May this new year bring you strength & strive to constantly grow. May all your wishes be heard by Hiwa-i-te-rangi ✨ Ngā mihi o Matariki te tau hau Māori e te whānau 🤎
23 Jun, 09:59 PM UTC
Samuel Hill
A few uptight Maori warned about not commercialising Matariki so all the stores are running “long weekend sales” lol
24 Jun, 09:12 AM UTC
Chris Hollows
@NewshubNZ It'll take more than Matariki to fix the problem you made Ardern. Polarised people by race and vax status. Disgusting. https://t.co/tsxFKOwF1X
24 Jun, 06:59 AM UTC