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23 Sep, 02:47 AM UTC
Jordan Schultz
It’s really tough to evaluate Mitchell Trubisky when Matt Canada is calling plays. Really tough. #Steelers
23 Sep, 02:47 AM UTC
Josh Carney
Me preparing to watch another episode of the Matt Canada-Mitch Trubisky offense. #Steelers @ByJoshCarney's photo on Matt Canada
22 Sep, 09:08 PM UTC
Ryan Clark
Oh My Goodness!! George Pickens the answer to all of our Matt Canada woes… Just throw it to him Mitchell; while you have the time. He can save your job for a week… Maybe. He’s gonna make plays for you man, FOR US!!
23 Sep, 12:48 AM UTC
Unmistakable Latin Flavor
I hope the Steelers will fire Matt Canada, but then I remember this is the Steelers. They don't fire coaches: Their contracts conveniently expire.
23 Sep, 03:20 AM UTC
Unmistakable Latin Flavor
Matt Canada developing his playcall with six seconds left in the half: https://t.co/8Vliijoacv
23 Sep, 01:39 AM UTC
Michael Beck
The OLine improved and yet the offense laid an egg I’m laying all the blame on Matt Canada and Mitch Trubisky. The biggest issues
23 Sep, 03:30 AM UTC
🦅Manic Minkah🦅
I really don’t want people losing their jobs, but there is absolutely no place for Matt Canada in the NFL.
23 Sep, 03:35 AM UTC
Kody Duncan
Matt Canada is going to give Mike Tomlin is first losing season. And Tomlin won’t be able to blame anybody but himself because he kept him around
23 Sep, 02:47 AM UTC
Steelers Depot 7⃣
The Steelers have just four first quarter offensive touchdowns in 19 regular season games with Matt Canada as offensive coordinator. #Steelers #NFL
22 Sep, 08:54 PM UTC
Art Rooney II is probably sleeping right now. As long as Matt Canada remains on this team I truly think he doesn’t care. Dan Rooney would be ashamed of this offense. #Steelers #NFL
23 Sep, 02:43 AM UTC
Dan Harmon
Matt Canada my brother in Christ. If my dumb ass sitting at home can predict that Claypool in motion means a jet sweep is coming then I’m pretty certain NFL defenses can too
23 Sep, 01:14 AM UTC
Penguins Jesus
9 seconds to go 96 yards. Matt Canada: *tries to decide between a jet sweep and a screen pass*
23 Sep, 03:25 AM UTC
morgan 🐉
Matt Canada’s offense does not translate to high caliber high speed football. Didn’t work in the SEC. Isn’t working in the NFL. Send him back to the ACC.
23 Sep, 03:43 AM UTC
Matt Canada carefully crafting the worst fucking offense you’ve ever seen https://t.co/X21uIN8UVs
23 Sep, 06:10 AM UTC
I honestly don't know how Matt Canada lasts the entire season. They scored just 17 points against the Browns, and their defense isn't even that good. #Steelers #NFL
23 Sep, 05:47 AM UTC
Matt Canada got run out of LSU and had no prior experience as an offensive coordinator in the NFL. He coached just one season in the NFL as a quarterbacks coach before Tomlin promoted him to OC. #Steelers #NFL
23 Sep, 05:56 AM UTC
Jordan York
Hopefully the #Steelers left Matt Canada in Cleveland. #HereWeGo
23 Sep, 11:10 AM UTC
Harry G. Psaros
I’m waking to up to #Steelers fans shredding Matt Canada and (to a lesser extent) Mitch Trubisky. The real blame, IMO, should be placed on Nick Chubb shredding the defense. Poor tackling. Bad schemes. #HereWeGo
23 Sep, 11:42 AM UTC
My main gripe about Matt Canada and the offense last night was they figured out what worked in the 1st half. Even had the up tempo for a bit. 2nd half they went away from it. It's not that the Browns defense figured it out and took it away we just went away from it.
23 Sep, 11:38 AM UTC
Ryan McNelis
Has the NFL let you down again? If you were relying on Matt Canada’s play calling, probably. Console yourself by reading about sport where offensively inept teams simply run the triple option and don’t make a fuss about it. https://t.co/bMm8cQo8AS
23 Sep, 11:39 AM UTC
I need the @steelers to fire Matt Canada today
23 Sep, 12:12 PM UTC
Chris Bunnell
Would anyone be surprised if Matt Canada is fired soon?
23 Sep, 12:04 PM UTC
payton (steelers 1-2)
pivotal 3rd down trying to come back and matt canada dials up THIS?? i rest my case. https://t.co/1A8fGdHzYr
23 Sep, 12:00 PM UTC
Macheté 🇻🇮 (1-2)
I am gonna say this though, Matt Canada gotta go. Sorry not sorry. I’ve seen enough. We’ve all seen it if y’all open your eyes. This offense has looked exactly the same for at least 3 years. Mitch moved around some last night which was good but nothing else changed
23 Sep, 11:53 AM UTC
Mr. Think Too Much 🏁
Before film sessions make sure y’all tell Matt Canada he ain’t allowed in the facility. @steelers
23 Sep, 11:48 AM UTC
Dark Brandon STAN
And if you think the opposing defenses are in the dark on this, you're as clueless as Matt Canada--who said, "So Cleveland is without their starting ILBs? Let's not look to expose this at all, just throw to the sidelines Mitch bc at least it won't be intercepted!" https://t.co/AaG9ylrLSO
23 Sep, 11:36 AM UTC
Putting Kenny Pickett in now is not the right move. We’ve had a HOF QB and a QB we don’t know much about potential wise, in Matt Canada’s offense with the same results. Until the scheme changes we will never truly know who should be starting under center.
23 Sep, 12:14 PM UTC
@realjohnwalker Running game hasn’t been much better which Mitch can’t take any blame for. Matt Canada needs to do better.
23 Sep, 12:13 PM UTC
It’s not just Mitch or Matt Canada. Receivers need to catch the damn ball. Defense can’t stop the run. Witherspoon struggling. What are we doing???? @steelers @Blitz_Burgh @SteeIerNation
23 Sep, 12:12 PM UTC