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Candace Owens
Reading Matt Lauer’s accuser’s story & it’s EVERYTHING I hate about the #metoo movement. She admits she consensually went to his hotel room but was “too drunk to consent”. She also admits she had multiple consensual sexual relations w/ him after her alleged rape. PERISCOPE SOON.
09 Oct, 01:47 PM UTC
Candace Owens
Matt Lauer is telling the truth in his statement about the affair & it’s obvious. Nobody in the mainstream media will have the courage to acknowledge it. You do not get raped, then have a months long sexual affair with your rapist, from the office, to his apartment, to overseas.
09 Oct, 05:25 PM UTC
Candace Owens
I think Matt Lauer is a scumbag— as a father and husband. But I also think his accuser—a 30 yr old woman who clearly exchanged sex for favor and promotion at work is also a scum bag. STOP the #metoo insanity.
09 Oct, 05:27 PM UTC
Overnight, troubling new allegations about former TODAY anchor Matt Lauer were revealed from journalist Ronan Farrow’s soon-to-be-released book “Catch and Kill.” @MorganRadford reports the details. @TODAYshow's photo on Matt Lauer
09 Oct, 11:26 AM UTC
Ann Coulter
The one thing I'm not clear on with the Matt Lauer anal rape story: What is Trump's culpability? I'll have to watch MSNBC today to find out.
09 Oct, 04:36 PM UTC
Ann Curry
Brooke Nevils is a credible young woman of good character. She came to NBC News an eager and guileless 20-something, brimming with talent. I believe she is telling the truth. And that breaks my heart.
09 Oct, 06:14 PM UTC
Former NBC News employee alleges she was raped by Matt Lauer and it was no secret. "She told colleagues and superiors at NBC"
09 Oct, 05:30 AM UTC
Comfortably Smug
Harvey Weinstein threatened to expose Lauer, and that’s why NBC spiked Ronan Farrow’s story. NBC is complicit and tried covering up these horrific crimes. Entire place needs to be gutted with people fired for enabling this.
09 Oct, 12:52 PM UTC
Ann Coulter
If only NBC had the same compassion for its young female assistants -- doing 5 vodka shots with Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer before going to Lauer's hotel room - as it does for Central Americans crashing our border. These are our moral betters.
09 Oct, 03:10 PM UTC
Comfortably Smug
It is mind boggling what happened here FACT: NBC killed a story investigating serial rapist Harvey Weinstein because Weinstein threatened to expose NBC's rapist, Matt Lauer. My God. NBC executives at the time like Jeff Zucker need to speak on the record about what they did.
09 Oct, 01:52 PM UTC
Emerald Robinson ✝️
NBC in 2017: "We didn't know anything about Matt Lauer's sex dudgeon!" NBC in 2018: "We've awarded ourselves a prize for reporting on sexual harassment!" NBC in 2019: "OK, so it's true that we had to bury Ronan Farrow's story since Harvey Weinstein had so much dirt on Matt."
09 Oct, 05:52 PM UTC
Comfortably Smug
The silence on Matt Lauer and NBC today from liberal activists like @slpng_giants who attack Fox advertisers is so telling. Weird how NBC advertisers and Andy Lack aren't getting their mentions blown up.
09 Oct, 05:42 PM UTC
Brian Stelter
Ronan Farrow's new book contains disturbing new details about an alleged rape by former "Today" show host Matt Lauer. Reps for Lauer have not yet responded to requests for comment. Here's my report from @NewDay earlier this morning @brianstelter's photo on Matt Lauer
09 Oct, 11:21 AM UTC
Jess Dweck
Matt Lauer: “I have never been anything but respectful to those lying sluts” @TheDweck's photo on Matt Lauer
09 Oct, 06:07 PM UTC
Nicholas Kristof
It's true that NBC eventually ousted Matt Lauer. But it also fired @AnnCurry, an outstanding journalist who had tried to stand up for women at NBC. If NBC had then fired Lauer and kept Curry, it would have been infinitely better off in every way.
09 Oct, 01:52 PM UTC
Brandy Jensen
lol matt lauer is such a piece of shit
09 Oct, 02:39 PM UTC
The Daily Beast
Ronan Farrow book “Catch and Kill” alleges Matt Lauer anally raped an NBC colleague at the Sochi Olympics
09 Oct, 09:11 AM UTC
Ann Coulter
FEMINIST HERO Hillary Clinton pressured Ronan Farrow to drop Weinstein story: "Clinton's publicist, Nick Merrill ...told him that the big story' Farrow was working on was a 'concern for us.'"
09 Oct, 02:59 PM UTC
John Doe
Ronan Farrow's new book alleges that Hillary Clinton's publicist, Nick Merrill, called Ronan in the months before the Harvey Weinstein story was published to say that the Weinstein story was a "concern for us."
09 Oct, 12:18 PM UTC
The new Ronan Farrow book alleges that Farrow was angling for an interview with Hillary Clinton at the same time he was working on his Weinstein expose. Hillary's publicist called Farrow and told him the "big story" he was doing was a "concern for us."
09 Oct, 03:56 PM UTC
'We're disturbed to our core': Here's how the 'Today' show's Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb reacted to the Matt Lauer rape allegation @BostonDotCom's photo on Matt Lauer
09 Oct, 01:39 PM UTC
Matt Stoller
@RonanFarrow @mega2e @jodikantor Extraordinary story by @RonanFarrow. Rarely do we get the curtains peeled back so extensively on how the politics of media corporations actually work, the linkages among the corrupt, the powerful, and the predatory. And @maddow shows real courage.
09 Oct, 05:22 PM UTC
🇺🇸 Deplorable Pet Lover 🇺🇸🐾
So how does the Left spin this so it won’t be “believe the woman” that they keep shouting and used against Kavanaugh? Former NBC News employee alleges she was raped by Matt Lauer
09 Oct, 05:32 PM UTC
Twitter Moments
Former NBC News employee Brooke Nevils alleges that Matt Lauer raped her during the 2014 Sochi Olympics.
09 Oct, 01:45 PM UTC
Matt Lauer: "For two years, the women with whom I had extramarital relationships have abandoned shared responsibility, and instead, shielded themselves from blame behind false allegations. ... I will no longer provide them the shelter of my silence"
09 Oct, 03:20 PM UTC
@MorganRadford Statement from NBC News about the Matt Lauer allegations. @TODAYshow's photo on Matt Lauer
09 Oct, 11:43 AM UTC
Joe Scarborough just told Matt Lauer to hold his beer
09 Oct, 07:27 PM UTC
Bethenny Frankel
I want to hear your thoughts on the Matt Lauer story of the day.
09 Oct, 08:51 PM UTC
Alanna Vagianos
Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb seemed stunned to learn that Matt Lauer had been accused of rape.
09 Oct, 02:26 PM UTC

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