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Matt Martin's (@mattymarts17) bringing the creativity tonight. 👏 @NHL's photo on Matt Martin
03 Apr, 11:47 PM UTC
NHL on NBC Sports
This pass from Matt Martin. 😳 #Isles @NHLonNBCSports's photo on Matt Martin
03 Apr, 11:31 PM UTC
dom at the athletic
the islanders are an elite team that is using Matt Martin On The Power Play @domluszczyszyn's photo on Matt Martin
03 Apr, 11:29 PM UTC
Isles on MSG+
Matt Martin with the gorgeous pass to Beauvillier to give us the 1-0 lead @IslesMSGN's photo on Matt Martin
03 Apr, 11:30 PM UTC
Incorrect Philadelphia Fl̶y̶e̶r̶s̶ Phillies
Matt Martin? Y'all wanna call me about PLAYOFF tickets while giving up goals to MATT MARTIN? audacity.
03 Apr, 11:50 PM UTC
Rob Taub
Look at the silky mitts on Matt Martin on the pass to Beauvillier for the goal #Isles
03 Apr, 11:29 PM UTC
Eyes on Isles
Now Matt Martin gets run from behind and into the boards no call. #isles
04 Apr, 12:03 AM UTC
What an assist by Matt Martin. 🤭 #NHLonSN | #HockeyNight @Sportsnet's photo on Matt Martin
03 Apr, 11:42 PM UTC
New York Islanders Brasil 🇧🇷
03 Apr, 11:29 PM UTC
Travis Reilly
Matt Martin through the legs pass, fucking hell, bud. #Isles
03 Apr, 11:28 PM UTC
ed barkowitz
Sigh. 1-nuthin' Isles on a PPG by Beauvillier off a gorgeous pass from Matt Martin. It's Martin's first assist on a power play in 12 years.
03 Apr, 11:31 PM UTC
Flyers Nation
Losing 1-0 because of a Matt Martin assist on the powerplay would not be as painful as last game, but it would be up there.
04 Apr, 12:13 AM UTC
Matt Martin >>>>Ryan Strome #Isles
04 Apr, 01:04 AM UTC
Team Godzilla
@TimRiday Matt Martin was talking shit about you, you can take him
04 Apr, 12:34 AM UTC
The Broad Street Bully
Matt Martin scoring a goal means nothing. The Flyers rountinely give up goals to a guy who hasn’t scored in 5 years and is returning from a hand transplant. They are the best at letting the mediocre take advantage of them. #AnytimeAnywhere
04 Apr, 12:16 AM UTC
Left Coast Flyers
Did Myers apologize to Matt Martin? That’s part of the problem.
04 Apr, 12:04 AM UTC
Do you think the Isles would notice if we brought Matt Martin back to Philly with us??
04 Apr, 12:03 AM UTC
Things you never thought you needed: Matt Martin on the power play
03 Apr, 11:57 PM UTC
Chris Manatee🌿🐘🌱🐀
Matt Martin is the stalwart winger you want leading your 4th line into battle. Big fella can take care of business any way you need it.
03 Apr, 11:37 PM UTC
@IslesNapolitano Oh please. Matt Martin, clutterbuck, czokas all walk that line.
04 Apr, 01:05 AM UTC
dunder mifflin this is pam
@beaucaeu Amiga pesquisa matt martin, mattew barzal e scott mayfield e diga qual vc quer q seja pai dos teus filhos
03 Apr, 11:58 PM UTC
Martin sends pass between his legs to Beauvillier for tap-in goal Source: Sportsnet Matt Martin sent a great pass between his legs to Anthony Beauvillier on the doorstep for an easy tap-in goal.
03 Apr, 11:57 PM UTC
Matt Martin. Power play guru.
03 Apr, 11:55 PM UTC
Brent Conklin
Matt Martin, offensive juggernaut. This pass.
03 Apr, 11:52 PM UTC
@grantmccagg @BWildeMTL And ,Did you see chara against Matt Martin he’s 44
03 Apr, 11:52 PM UTC
Keith Napolitano
*Put Matt Martin on the first line! #isles
03 Apr, 11:50 PM UTC
#LNH: 10/10 pour le point de style sur cette passe décisive de Matt ... #Hockey #HockeySurGlace #HockeySurGlace #IceHockey #IceHockey #LALNH #LALNH #LigueNationaleDeHockey #LigueNationaleDeHockey #NationalHockeyLeague #NationalHockeyLeague #NHL
03 Apr, 11:44 PM UTC
Jack's Medulla Oblongata
@charlieo_conn Nice feed by matt martin on the pp surely only happens to the flyers
03 Apr, 11:34 PM UTC