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Like this tweet if you think you can call better plays than Matt Nagy.
08 Nov, 08:05 PM UTC
Michael Wilbon
Maybe you AREN'T what your record says you are...Matt Nagy is 25-15 as a head coach. 62 percent...and yet NO team's offense looks as incompetent as his.
08 Nov, 07:34 PM UTC
Matt Nagy: Offensive guru. @runbackdave's photo on Matt Nagy
08 Nov, 07:19 PM UTC
Barstool Carl
Matt Nagy sucks at calling plays. Fuck his play calling.
08 Nov, 07:32 PM UTC
Erik Lambert
Matt Nagy has no answers. He's lost. #Bears
08 Nov, 07:28 PM UTC
Barstool Carl
Matt Nagy is a fraud. Ryan Pace is a loser. These are the men leading the Bears. Let’s get some winners in the door please
08 Nov, 08:35 PM UTC
Mark Lazerus
After this performance, Matt Nagy should do his postgame Zoom from Four Seasons Total Landscaping.
08 Nov, 07:37 PM UTC
Lots of “woe is me” from Matt Nagy in his press conference regarding penalties on offense. When does he realize this is a poor refection on him & his offensive coaching staff?!
08 Nov, 09:35 PM UTC
charles (#1 going hyperdrive fan) mcdonald
petition to have matt nagy’s coach of the year award probably awarded to vic fangio
08 Nov, 07:37 PM UTC
Jack Sicula
*Cordarelle Patterson -1 yards on a jet sweep* Matt Nagy-
08 Nov, 07:21 PM UTC
Bleacher Nation Bears
Matt Nagy is Broken: TITANS 24, BEARS 17
08 Nov, 09:17 PM UTC
Adam Hoge
Matt Nagy on short-yardage issues, especially on fourth down: "It's a dive. It's like what we do in youth football. It's a dive."
08 Nov, 09:29 PM UTC
See Red Fred
Matt Nagy is Jim Boylen with a better vocabulary and defense. This offense is an abomination. I can't take it anymore.
08 Nov, 07:50 PM UTC
matt newton
If Matt Nagy after the game comes out and says “we still need to figure things out” I’m gonna lose my shit
08 Nov, 08:11 PM UTC
TreShawn DeAndre
Matt Nagy: *thinks 5-yard passes to Cordarrelle Patterson is a threat Defenses:
08 Nov, 06:38 PM UTC
Eric Eager 📊🏈
Matt Nagy's offense is really, really bad
08 Nov, 07:47 PM UTC
Jason Lieser
Lights go out on Matt Nagy’s post-game presser. Again. @JasonLieser's photo on Matt Nagy
08 Nov, 09:25 PM UTC
NotJoeFlacco: The Podcast
Matt Nagy is the Kyle Shanahan of Adam Gases
08 Nov, 07:53 PM UTC
Mark Grote
Matt Nagy: "When you're sitting 5-1, and then you're 5-4, it hurts."
08 Nov, 09:26 PM UTC
Evan Altman
Sources: Matt Nagy’s good playbook is on Hunter Biden’s laptop.
08 Nov, 10:45 PM UTC
Faizan Qurashi
Matt Nagy and Nick Foles walking to the locker room after every Bears loss
08 Nov, 10:39 PM UTC
Lucas Perfetti
@rnldluce Even Matt Nagy?
08 Nov, 10:48 PM UTC
Erik Duerrwaechter
Here’s the damnedest thing about games like today. Defense and special teams did more than enough to help the Bears win. The offense flat out refused to contribute until the game was already decided. That’s 100% on Matt Nagy and Bill Lazor.
08 Nov, 09:39 PM UTC
Matt Nagy after Bears’ Week 9 loss to Titans: ‘I’m not coaching well enough’
08 Nov, 10:40 PM UTC
Say it with me: MATT NAGY HAS TO GIVE UP PLAYCALLING RIGHT NOW!!! #Bears #BearDown #ChicagoBears
08 Nov, 10:35 PM UTC
Get To The Point 🎙
Do the Bears go back to Mitch Trubisky or is Matt Nagy the primary reason for the teams struggles and inconsistency?
08 Nov, 09:03 PM UTC
Morty McFly
@ChicagoBears @ProvenIT_ Fire Ted Phillips, Fire Ryan Pace and fire Matt Nagy. #Bears
08 Nov, 10:33 PM UTC
Kevin Sundell
@ErikLambert1 Shhhh Matt Nagy needs more excuses.
08 Nov, 10:19 PM UTC
Brandon Lutz #ExtendAllenRobinson
@skyscheidt Bears losing to Matt Nagy
08 Nov, 10:50 PM UTC

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