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Roger Gonzalez
🇺🇸 Hearing Weston McKennie has been cleared to play tonight against Costa Rica and is set to start the crucial World Cup qualifier. Additionally, @cboehm reports rotation in goal for the #USMNT with Matt Turner likely to be rested, probably for Steffen.
13 Oct, 05:37 PM UTC
chris russell
I'm not completely sure why Matt Turner isn't starting but it's fine. It'll probably be fine
13 Oct, 10:42 PM UTC
Paul Tenorio
One minute into the game and Gregg Berhalter's decision to star Zack Steffen over Matt Turner is already a topic of conversation.
13 Oct, 11:05 PM UTC
MLS Buzz
Matt Turner probably keeps that out. Steffen is cold as ice.
13 Oct, 11:04 PM UTC
Grant Wahl
Chris Richards and Miles Robinson could be the USMNT central defense tandem for a long time. Zack Steffen is a good goalkeeper, but I don't think there was a reason to change from Matt Turner.
13 Oct, 09:51 PM UTC
Men in Blazers
Matt Turner got to be on the bench thinking what?
13 Oct, 10:34 PM UTC
Ives Galarcep
ICYMI, be sure to check out this CBS Sports feature on Matt Turner I helped work on. It’s hard not to root for the #USMNT and #NERevs goalkeeper when you hear his story and realize how far he has come: @SoccerByIves's photo on Matt Turner
13 Oct, 06:36 PM UTC
Men in Blazers
Really feel for Zack Steffen. He has worked so hard. Been so patient. But Matt Turner seized his sliver of a chance and made the role his. The change magnifies the pressure in a way that is fair to neither player. Every attack, every kick, every shot you can see Zack forcing it
13 Oct, 11:21 PM UTC
Jeff Rueter
Matt Turner would’ve saved that.
13 Oct, 11:03 PM UTC
Joseph Lowery
A handful of people are hitting me with a "well actually Steffen is a good shot-stopper. You're overreacting". One of these pictures is @fbref data on Zack Steffen's shot-stopping. The other is a piece of Matt Turner's shot-stopping data. There is a major, undeniable difference.
13 Oct, 06:12 PM UTC
Paul Tenorio
Chris Richards making his World Cup qualifying debut. Steffen in for Matt Turner — which is a choice. All the big guns back in. Musah and Arriola in the XI for a third straight game. Average age: 22 years, 229 days, the youngest USMNT in a World Cup qualifying match.
13 Oct, 09:52 PM UTC
The Bent Musket
Matt Turner saves that #USMNT
13 Oct, 11:06 PM UTC
Revolution Recap
Gotta call in Brad Knighton to the #USMNT when Matt Turner needs a rest from now on, imo
13 Oct, 11:08 PM UTC
Jason Schmitt
Matt Turner saves that. #USMNT
13 Oct, 11:03 PM UTC
“Steffen is 10x better than Matt Turner” 😂😂 #NERevs
13 Oct, 11:11 PM UTC
Mark G SSC
I’ve not criticized Berhalter until now. Benching Matt Turner for Steffen was pointless and stupid. #usmnt The last thing this team needed and it immediately backfired. #USAvCRC
13 Oct, 11:07 PM UTC
Revolution Nation
🚨ALERT🚨 No Matt Turner in the #USMNT Line Up 😭 We know that 90 minutes is a long time not to see Matt so..... we got you coverd! #OnlyForward | #SoloPalante | #NERevs | #USAvCRC
13 Oct, 10:52 PM UTC
NERevs UK - Mike
Matt Turner would have finished that better #NERevs #USMNT
13 Oct, 11:27 PM UTC
Clay Winstead
You’ve won @RevolutionRecap everyone is mad someone besides Matt Turner is the starting GK
13 Oct, 10:39 PM UTC
Chris Jones
@GrantWahl *cough* Matt Turner *cough*
13 Oct, 11:15 PM UTC
JT *Get Vaccinated* Chang
@jeffrueter @SeanLDonahue Matt Turner would have cleared that ball so he wouldn't have had to save that.
13 Oct, 11:13 PM UTC
Dr. Lydia Awesomesauce
“BuT mAtT tUrNeR dOeSnT dIsTrIbUtE gOoD”. Okay so you play Steffen and one poor clearance leads to a goal and on one of his next touches, he clears the ball out of bounds. Mmmmmmmk. I’ll take the hot goal stopper over rusty distribution feet. #USMNT
13 Oct, 11:23 PM UTC
Daniel Feuerstein
Once again if you wanted to give Matt Turner a break in these Qualifiers, then Sean Johnson who is a starter for NYCFC and gets minutes should be the one, not a keeper like Steffen who is basically a bench warmer right now for Man City. #USAvCRC
13 Oct, 11:22 PM UTC
Jeremy Edmondson
"Matt Turner is just a shot stopper, Zach Steffan is a much better distributor." Give me a shot stopper any day! #NERevs SMH Berhalter making these lines up tweaks could be his demise. I hope not, but last ge wasn't good and this isn't off to a great start.
13 Oct, 11:17 PM UTC
Brennen Mueser
@MattDoyle76 I mean with how Matt Turner has been performing it’s shocking to me that after the Panama debacle of changes he decided to change one of the most solid players weve had over qualifying
13 Oct, 11:14 PM UTC
Will Brown
Matt Turner doesn't sprint 25 yards off his line for a glory hunting clearance to set up the Costa Rican attack in the first place. His distribution may not be the best, but he doesn't take ridiculous risks in possession either.
13 Oct, 11:17 PM UTC
Jonathan Rubinfeld
@samsarmy Confused as to why Matt Turner is not starting in goal tonight
13 Oct, 11:15 PM UTC
Brian Ludden
@JonesJones4Life @PaulTenorio Matt Turner would’ve made the save, stop trying to deny it
13 Oct, 11:13 PM UTC
Over There
@GrantWahl So would Matt Turner.
14 Oct, 12:27 AM UTC
Joe Roche
Matt Turner saves that too
14 Oct, 12:26 AM UTC