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Molly Jong-Fast
I am so incredibly furious about the #MattLauer letter. I mean fuck that guy.
09 Oct, 03:38 PM UTC
Molly Jong-Fast
So #MattLauer managed to “slut-shame” in his “apology” letter. Think about the kind of misogynist he must be. @MollyJongFast's photo on #MattLauer
09 Oct, 03:05 PM UTC
Gretchen Carlson
Thanks for your bravery this morning @SavannahGuthrie and @hodakotb in reporting on your former colleague #MattLauer and the rape allegation while he was at @NBCNews - I know how tough that was. Thank you for supporting all women and believing them. #befierce #metoo #BelieveWomen
09 Oct, 02:17 PM UTC
Joe M
#MattLauer skewered Clinton in that infamous interview after which she stormed off and promised to get her revenge. Not making a judgement on his status with respect to the swamp, but Ms Owens has some thoughts. Best not jump to conclusions just because he works for fakenews. https://t.co/JInLrQx1eM
09 Oct, 05:56 PM UTC
Elle Johnson
Apparently #MattLauer likes this view. But it is #HumpDay after all.  😜 @_ElleJohnson's photo on #MattLauer
09 Oct, 04:22 PM UTC
“Exposing a Democrat is apparently an impeachable crime.” -@AnnCoulter On air with @MarkSimoneNY @710WOR Wednesday 10/9/19 Topic: #MattLauer
09 Oct, 03:56 PM UTC
Shemeka Michelle
#MattLauer #MeToo SAME B.S, DIFFERENT DAY! I posted this almost 2 years ago, but women are STILL LYING! https://t.co/Jd4xS5UjUq
09 Oct, 07:02 PM UTC
Michael Malice
It always amazes me when social conservatives claim that members of the media are, in the main, good people who just happened to be biased. #MattLauer
09 Oct, 03:37 PM UTC
♛ |✊🏻✊🏿| ♛
#MattLauer is one of the many journalists who rode the false accusations about Michael Jackson to cover and divert attention from his crimes .... the truth is out and the real rapist seems to be Matt.. #MJInnocent #MJFam #SquareOneMJ https://t.co/09b1UHx6z8
09 Oct, 12:58 PM UTC
So I’m guessing Matt Lauer is now going to become the next Supreme Court Justice, right Susan Collins? #MattLauer
09 Oct, 04:50 PM UTC
Esmé Bianco
I see a lot of people on Twitter reading about the #MattLauer allegations and asking “why did she continue to have a sexual relationship with him”. Trauma effects everyone differently. Please take the time to read this: https://t.co/lLlCvDXS62
09 Oct, 03:35 PM UTC
#MattLauer seems ripe for a job on the Supreme Court or the White House at this point. What a disgrace. #WokeAF https://t.co/o7KV3TQtQa
09 Oct, 04:29 PM UTC
♛ |✊🏻✊🏿| ♛
#MattLauer 's hostility to @Corey_Feldman has a reason .. Matt wanted to cover up the rapists to cover his crimes as well.. #MJInnocent #SquareOneMJ Corey Feldman Responds To Matt Lauer Firing After 'Hostile' Interview https://t.co/BCThr6zDnS
09 Oct, 01:44 PM UTC
The Epoch Times
Former "@TODAYshow" host #MattLauer has denied a bombshell claim of sexual assault that was made by a former @NBC staffer, saying they are “categorically false.” https://t.co/hFJv1mCiI7
09 Oct, 09:40 PM UTC
John R Lott Jr.
Amazing! Why did NBC kill the #Weinstein Weinstein #sexualharassment story that @RonanFarrow had? Apparently, "Weinstein attempted to 'bully' @NBCNews into killing the story by leveraging information about then-NBC News anchor #MattLauer" https://t.co/OQVuHjIk3V #rape
09 Oct, 09:59 PM UTC
Justice Lady ⚖️😍😎🌴
#TheFive - Here is Exactly What Happened to #MattLauer https://t.co/riYM7AGkjI @JesseBWatters @greggutfeld
09 Oct, 09:49 PM UTC
Dr. not Mrs. Shannon Frystak 🥃⚜️
Opens #twitter. Sees #MattLauer trending. Closes #twitter. #nottodaysatan
09 Oct, 05:57 PM UTC
Everything about the #MattLauer story is sick but as a woman let me make 1 thing very clear. If you are raped by a man DONT call him looking for future booty calls DONT engage with him at social gatherings DONT go looking for drunk sex with a married man! They’re BOTH wrong!
09 Oct, 07:04 PM UTC
📚Chani of the Vapra Clan📚
Of course NBC covered it up, #MattLauer has #SkeksisPrivilege https://t.co/bzyHvgjUje
09 Oct, 09:42 PM UTC
Robert L. Mills, JD
RONAN (SINATRA) FARROW'S new book "Catch and Kill" reveals that MATT LAUER maintained a bagful of sex toys he kept at the ready for unexpected office sexual encounters. In fact, he first was caught when Accounting noticed his battery allowance was frequently exceeded. #MattLauer https://t.co/NFIZoOWKE3
09 Oct, 09:51 PM UTC
@MatthewKeysLive @amanda_m_macias NBC "Journalist" used what #MattLauer and @morningmika taught her. Bend over for a #DeepStateTraitor and get the big story.
09 Oct, 08:35 PM UTC
That Lady
#MattLauer sounds like he is #Trump BFF https://t.co/22LkvHrGIh
09 Oct, 10:04 PM UTC
Dan Schneider
This just in: #EllenDegeneres says that she is still friends with #MattLauer even though she disagrees with rape.
09 Oct, 10:02 PM UTC
Marie just Marie 🍁
#MattLauer is being dumb. Apparently, he has no attorney to tell him to keep his big mouth shut. The courageous young woman he harmed deserves justice. Feeling sad for the employees @NBCNews. It is difficult to learn you know an abuser/criminal. Praying the truth is revealed.
09 Oct, 10:01 PM UTC
KUTV 2News
Just #ICYMI - An NBC employee has accused #MattLauer of rape, according to CNN, ruing the winter Olympic games. She says the alleged rape "derailed my life." https://t.co/iUjhT5VokZ
09 Oct, 09:56 PM UTC
Laurie Ruettimann
MeToo Anniversary: Why HR is powerless to effectively handle sexual harassment claims #MattLauer https://t.co/RrKRfHkojU
09 Oct, 09:55 PM UTC
@Bethenny He appeared to have such a great life and it stuns me to think that someone who seemed to be a genuinely good person could fool so so many friends and colleagues. It REALLY is heartbreaking for everyone. #MonstersAreReal #MattLauer
09 Oct, 10:13 PM UTC
It's just Lil' ole Me
@catturd2 #MattLauer
09 Oct, 10:10 PM UTC
Kyle Mueller
@AnnCurry I truly can't stand this guy. I think he is the most concede guy ever. He is in denial. Just too many complaints against him to ignore. #mattlauer @NBCNews #rape.
09 Oct, 10:09 PM UTC
@thehill “It be da butt, Bob” #MattLauer
09 Oct, 10:08 PM UTC

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