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Breaking: Rick Carlisle informed Mavericks owner Mark Cuban that he won't be returning as coach next season, Carlisle told @wojespn. Carlisle had two years left on his contract and has spent 13 seasons as the Mavs' coach. @SportsCenter's photo on Mavs
17 Jun, 08:13 PM UTC
so today cp got covid kawhi has a sprained ACL scott brooks part ways with wizards svg fired by the pelicans donnie nelson part ways with the mavs lamelo won ROTY jokic hung out with a horse the sixers blew a 26 point lead clippers won in utah without kawhi did we miss anything?
17 Jun, 05:08 AM UTC
Cole Anthony
I ain’t even gone lie y’all are mad disrespectful 😂😂😂
18 Jun, 12:09 AM UTC
Josiah Johnson
“Rick Carlisle steps down as Mavs head coach” Brad Stevens: @KingJosiah54's photo on Mavs
17 Jun, 08:13 PM UTC
17 Jun, 08:13 PM UTC
Emmanuel Acho
As a Dallas native and Mavericks fan, I’m forever grateful for Rick Carlisle. The Mavs were good under Don Nelson with, “Dirty” Dirk, “Filthy” Finley and “Nasty” Nash, but Rick Carlisle took the Mavs from good to great, and won us a Chip!! Thanks Coach Carlisle! #MFFL
17 Jun, 08:17 PM UTC
Josiah Johnson
How Rick Carlisle looking at Luka and the Mavs @KingJosiah54's photo on Mavs
17 Jun, 08:11 PM UTC
Brad Townsend
Rick Carlisle and Donnie Nelson have been friends for 4 decades, attended Worcester Academy 3 years apart and Nelson is a big reason Carlisle came to Mavs in 2008, with Nelson interviewing Carlisle in his Indianapolis home. There's loyalty to a franchise and loyalty to people.
17 Jun, 08:49 PM UTC
Jonathan Wasserman
Was told Mavs' decision to take Josh Green over Saddiq Bey frustrated number of key execs/scouts. Some wanted Bey. Analytics said Green and won. Bey went one pick later and was just named to First Team All-Rookie.
18 Jun, 12:19 AM UTC
NBA Central
Report: Mavs drafting Josh Green over Saddiq Bey ‘frustrated’ key members in the organization
18 Jun, 12:42 AM UTC
Jonathan J. (Redacted)
Cole Anthony: 12.9 ppg (4th amongst rookies) 4.7 rpg (8th amongst rookies) 4.1 apg (4th amongst rookies) Wasnt named one of the 10 best rookies in the league
18 Jun, 12:22 AM UTC
Will Walker
2021 NBA Southwest division: Pelicans - fire coach, Zion unhappy Mavs - GM and Coach resign, Luka unhappy Rockets - superstar leaves, worst record in basketball Spurs - former all star bought out, miss playoffs Grizzlies - 😎
17 Jun, 08:14 PM UTC
LAX[SoCal 🌴 Lakers]
先日の暴露記事、そして長きに渡ってフランチャイズに貢献した Donnie Nelson と Carlisle との決別。 Mavs を取り巻くドラマ、今に至るまでの経緯や人間関係について、Zach Lowe のポッドキャストで MacMahon が話していたことを踏まえ、相関図をまとめました。 #NBA相関図 #NBAまとめ
18 Jun, 01:11 AM UTC
Mavs / Magic Draft
My thoughts on the whole Rick Carlisle situation #MFFL - Rick wasn't the problem, but was probably not part of the solution - The Mavs came out way too unmotivated way too often this year - Luka and Rick didn't have a good relationship - Mavs need a better relationship manager
17 Jun, 08:45 PM UTC
The Athletic
Mavs’ assistant Jamahl Mosley would be the locker room’s preference to fill the head coaching vacancy, sources tell @tim_cato. Mosley is specifically someone who Luka Doncic has much respect for and camaraderie with. @TheAthletic's photo on Mavs
17 Jun, 11:25 PM UTC
Since the KP trade, Mavs has: - Been to the playoffs 1 more time than NY - Not won a playoff series - Parted ways with the President of Basketball Ops - Parted ways with the HC -Luka & Tingis don't even get along - KP continues to be very injury prone ($158M) Knicks won the trade
17 Jun, 08:46 PM UTC
Harrison Faigen
I just burned my dinner because I was too busy texting people jokes about the Mavs so you win this round, Cuban.
18 Jun, 01:59 AM UTC
78-67 Bucks, fin du troisième quart. Khris Middleton est chaud comme un journaliste de Dallas qui couvre les Mavs. 27 points, 7 rebonds, 4 passes, 5 interceptions, 9/14 au tir dont 4/7 à trois points. Parfait.
18 Jun, 02:30 AM UTC
Josh Bowe
positive take on all this: the mavericks coaching and front office has been around a long, long time and the NBA has drastically changed in the last 10 years. maybe this means the mavs will be more adaptable to this current version of how the NBA and its players work.
17 Jun, 08:18 PM UTC
Brad Townsend
After departure of Rick Carlisle and Donnie Nelson, Mavs look more like a dumpster fire than a bastion of stability
18 Jun, 02:02 AM UTC
Alright, Mavs Twitter reasonably caught me up on the situation and it seems to be entirely media driven which Suns fans can relate to with Book. I’ll admit I fell into the typical media headline trap, not too proud.
17 Jun, 08:09 PM UTC
Isaac Harris
If the Mavs choose to go the more experienced HC route, I would understand that too, but Mosley’s relationship with Luka, relationships with players around the league, Team USA experience & assistant experience make him an incredible candidate imo
18 Jun, 12:11 AM UTC
Isaac Harris
We gave our full thoughts on Rick’s departure & the HC spot moving forward on today’s @LockedOnMavs emergency pod, but I’m all in on Jamahl Mosley as the next HC of the Mavs. I’ve shouted his praises from the rooftops for a while now & will continue to do so
18 Jun, 12:11 AM UTC
If Mose does get the job, he’d be the 6th Black HC for the Mavs… y’all may not have known this but the Mavs usually have a Black coach lol
18 Jun, 02:14 AM UTC
Get your teammates involved
KD off the dribble is what the Mavs think Porzingis is
18 Jun, 02:35 AM UTC
Mavs Step Back
🚨 Rick Carlisle Resigns 🚨 Listen as we discuss what could be next for the Mavs when it comes to their next GM & head coach. Given Luka’s style of play, is a player-friendly coach more important than an X’s & O’s guy at this point? #MFFL @StepBackMavs's photo on Mavs
18 Jun, 02:42 AM UTC
Matthew Miranda 🇵🇷
me on the athletic's site in search of frank isola dissecting the mavs' mess the way he would be if this was all the knicks
18 Jun, 02:41 AM UTC
Dalton Richardson
Them: “I want Jason Kidd as our next head coach.” Me:... #Mavs #MFFL
18 Jun, 02:43 AM UTC
Blue Mavs 🇧🇷 - #MFFL
18 Jun, 02:42 AM UTC