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Rob Perez
3 separate grown man buckets to give Mavs lead in final 90 seconds. Cmon. Rob Perez's photo on Mavs
12 Jan, 03:36 AM UTC
Tim MacMahon
Source: The Mavericks believe J.J. Barea tore his right Achilles tendon. Barea, 34, a longtime Dallas fan favorite who played a key role on the 2011 title team, is averaging 10.9 points and 5.6 assists as the Mavs' sixth man this season.
12 Jan, 05:19 AM UTC
Dallas Mavericks
Luka Doncic. 👏 Vote for Luka: Dallas Mavericks's photo on Mavs
12 Jan, 03:25 AM UTC
Luka Doncic TOOK OVER late, scoring 7 of the Mavs' last 9 🔥 NBA on ESPN's photo on Mavs
12 Jan, 03:52 AM UTC
Dallas Mavericks
Our rookie Luka Doncic is SECOND in the Western Conference All-Star Voting...and he's fourth overall in the entire NBA! Let's take a look at his best @BioFreeze Freeze Frames from the first half of the season! 🌟VOTE: 🌟 Dallas Mavericks's photo on Mavs
11 Jan, 05:28 PM UTC
Dallas Mavericks
FINAL: Mavs win 119-115! @luka7doncic finishes with 29 points, 12 dimes, and eight boards, @hbarnes poured in 23, and @jjbareapr scored 16 points and handed out seven assists. #MFFL Dallas Mavericks's photo on Mavs
12 Jan, 03:31 AM UTC
Dallas Mavericks
.@luka7doncic flirted with a triple-double but instead dropped 11 4Q points to help secure the W! He totaled 29 pts/12 asts /8 rebs/2 stls & that has NEVER been done by a teenager in the history of the NBA! Enter for a chance to win a Luka Panini prize: Dallas Mavericks's photo on Mavs
12 Jan, 04:14 AM UTC
Ben Rogers
Mavs have an unbelievably rare living legend transcendent sports unicorn passing the franchise baton to a young, spectacular sports unicorn colt. Some fans go their whole lives and never get blessed with even one. Mavs fans are experiencing an extraordinary sports unicorn eclipse Ben Rogers's photo on Mavs
12 Jan, 03:51 AM UTC
Dama De Ferro🥇
cuidado com os ''MAVs''. Governos: Lula (2 mandatos), Dilma (1 mandato e meio), Temer (mandato tampão). Até então o sujeito não criticava, para ele não existia Twitter. Governo Bolsonaro (11 dias) Sujeito acabou de criar seu perfil para criticá-lo. (ZERO SEGUIDORES)
11 Jan, 09:32 PM UTC
Dallas Mavericks
We witnessed more @luka7doncic magic tonight, but this was a total team effort. From @jalenbrunson1 knocking down three 3s to @hbarnes' hustle play to seal the game, the Mavs' depth paid off big-time tonight! Read more in the @wingstop Fast Break! ➡️: Dallas Mavericks's photo on Mavs
12 Jan, 04:16 AM UTC
Tommy Beer
Wild sequence here at end of the Wolves-Mavs game. Also, despite being just 40 games into his NBA career, opposing announcers already say “oh no” as soon as Luka Doncic takes a clutch shot. Luka with 29 points, including 7 straight in crunch time Tommy Beer's photo on Mavs
12 Jan, 03:22 AM UTC
Josh Bowe
Barea entered the league on the 2006-2007 Mavs 67-win team. He's had his best seasons since turning 30 despite being a 5'9 guard. He was a crucial part of the 2011 title team. Mavs legend.
12 Jan, 05:38 AM UTC
Mavs Brasil
A sequência completa: 7 pontos em 90 segundos para dar a vitória ao Mavs! Eu não tenho mais palavras para esse garoto. Que felicidade... #MFFL Mavs Brasil's photo on Mavs
12 Jan, 03:51 AM UTC
Camisa 23
Vitória do Mavs em Minnesota. Doncic fez 7PTS nos últimos 2min de jogo. Terminou a partida com 29, 12AST e 8REB. ...
12 Jan, 03:25 AM UTC
Mavs Brasil
Luka vs. Wolves 29 pontos 12 assistências 8 rebotes 2 roubadas 10-23 FG (43.5%) 1 turnover Fez os últimos sete pontos da equipe e deu a vitória ao Mavs. #MFFL Mavs Brasil's photo on Mavs
12 Jan, 11:46 AM UTC
Shane Dale
I know Doncic is having an outstanding season and the Mavs' record is much better than the Suns'. But by a number of metrics (, Ayton is the NBA's best rookie this season, and the disparity in media coverage is massive.
12 Jan, 03:47 AM UTC
Saad Yousuf
For all three of you awake right now: Another stirring late-game display from Luka Doncic, plus four more thoughts from Mavs win over Timberwolves
12 Jan, 06:44 AM UTC
Wolves 115 Mavs 119. Partidazos de Doncic y Towns. El esloveno ha estado en 29 puntos, 12 asistencias y 8 rebotes y el dominicano ha sumado 30 puntos, 11 rebotes y 4 tapones. El local Rose ha metido 21 puntos y el visitante J.J. Barea 16 puntos y 7 asistencias en 22 minutos.
12 Jan, 03:25 AM UTC
Mavs’ JJ Barea out with torn right achilles?
12 Jan, 09:02 AM UTC
Dallas Mavericks 🇧🇷
O Dallas Mavericks venceu o Minnesota Timberwolves, na noite de ontem, com um desempenho espetacular de Luka Doncic, sobretudo no último período, onde o rookie fez 10 dos ultimos 12…
12 Jan, 01:18 PM UTC
Survive And Advance™️
“Oh I’m annoying? Did I say ROY? I meant MVP” -mavs fans from now on
12 Jan, 01:12 PM UTC
#elnegrotienetumbao 🇵🇦
@MisterEG3 @TJWater @Beezith They’ve got the Mavs pick this year and this draft is LOADED. It’s protected top 5 which is good for the Hawks cause they’ll probably get it this year. They’ll definitely be adding a nice piece.
12 Jan, 01:10 PM UTC
#MFFL Tone
JJ Barea .... If u never play another game for the mavs or in the nba again i just wanna say thank you for everything & all the memories #MFFL
12 Jan, 01:29 PM UTC
noticias del mundo
3 observaciones de la victoria salvaje de los Mavericks 119-115 contra los Timberwolves – Mavs Moneyball noticias del mundo's photo on Mavs
12 Jan, 01:29 PM UTC
I’m an annoyed Mavs fan. The Luka praise is deserved, but can we start playing better as a team?
12 Jan, 01:29 PM UTC
Towns @karltowns 30 puntos, 11 rebotes, 2 asistencias en revés ante Mavs #NBA
12 Jan, 01:28 PM UTC
Kit Guinhawa
Luka Doncic should be in the MVP conversation. Unfortunately, Dallas' current record is not enough to back that up. Still, the future is bright for the #Mavs and The Don (yeah, i just used that nickname for Luka). Maybe the All-Star first this year! #MFFL @dallasmavs
12 Jan, 01:28 PM UTC
Shai Gilgeous ROY
@UtahJazz_France Contre les mavs il était plus hard
12 Jan, 01:27 PM UTC
Scott Cohen (SC)
Report: Mavs believe J.J. Barea tore Achilles
12 Jan, 01:26 PM UTC
Tim Wright
Luka is that mf guy!! tf do the mavs get back to back euro superstars. 20 years of Dirk then just stumble into this kid...kings gotta be sick they drafted bagley 😂😂😂
12 Jan, 01:24 PM UTC
ok ok ok ok💎
@chromestate @Mavs_FFL @MikeP1378 The missed shot doesn't make the crossover bad. That's the point of this post, per the title.
12 Jan, 01:23 PM UTC
Jimmy Richmond
He’s the real deal. Mavs exciting again
12 Jan, 01:23 PM UTC
Tercer Equipo NBA
Malas noticias para los Mavericks... Desde la propia franquicia de los Mavs, creen que el veterano JJ Barea se desgarro anoche el tendón de Aquiles derecho... Oficialmente, hoy se le realizarán más pruebas. Podría perderse el resto de la temporada... Via @espn_macmahon Tercer Equipo NBA's photo on Mavs
12 Jan, 01:20 PM UTC
@KikeGarciaNBA ¿Y que le va a interesar a Mavs de Suns? ¿Jackson?
12 Jan, 01:20 PM UTC
Guilherme Telmo
@brasil_mavs Queria que o Doncic fosse draftado uns 10 anos atrás pra poder ver ele e Dirk jogando juntos no auge. Ia ser um espetáculo.
12 Jan, 01:15 PM UTC
Tyler McGrath
@josh_maiese He’s such a dirty player too! The mavs got him at a steal!
12 Jan, 01:12 PM UTC
dj easy dick
i’m runnin it up wit luka n the mavs
12 Jan, 01:11 PM UTC
@lloydpalogan_ di na papakawalan ng mavs un
12 Jan, 01:10 PM UTC
Mavs beat Timberwolves in Saunders’ home debut
12 Jan, 01:09 PM UTC
@BolsonaroSP @jairbolsonaro Fiquem esperto. Identifiquei que os MAVs do cangaciro ficam falando justamente isso para os eleitores do @jairbolsonaro em qualquer discussão. Mas ao mesmo tempo ficam dando destaque para o novo o Ciro Gomes,inimigo do PT.
12 Jan, 01:09 PM UTC
Cody Parkey 💩
Luka Doncic is overrated and is the new GREAT WHITE HOPE. #Mavs #NBA
12 Jan, 01:09 PM UTC
Luis cervantes
@luka7doncic⁩ clutch with 29 in Mavs' win Video #LuckaLucka 🌊🌊🏄🏼‍♂️ really hope he goes to Charlotte this year 👍🏽
12 Jan, 01:07 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from Spain.

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