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wah wah wah, bitch i'm a baby
MC Hammer could write The Symposium but Plato could never write Can't Touch This @MicycleOilyskin's photo on MC Hammer
23 Feb, 04:30 AM UTC
Fr. David Paternostro, SJ
Mr. T is dropping theological truths, MC Hammer is dropping philosophical truths, and I’m just glad I’m alive to see it
23 Feb, 02:36 AM UTC
Mar Hicks
Saw someone tweeting about history and philosophy of sci/tech with the handle mchammer and was like huh, I wonder how he managed to snag that handle. It’s because it’s MC Hammer. MC Hammer continues to be a legend apparently, for different reasons
23 Feb, 02:51 AM UTC
Dr. Thrasher, jouRNAlist
"MC Hammer on Foucault" is like the title of an American Studies PhD seminar at NYU
23 Feb, 02:25 AM UTC
Rose Eveleth ▷▷
Forever more I am going to say "In the words of MC Hammer 'When you measure, include the measurer.'"
22 Feb, 10:25 PM UTC
MC Hammer, explaining why Philosophy has to work with science as an epistemic tool to make both flourish, is a GREAT thing to wake up to
23 Feb, 02:39 PM UTC
MC Hammer saying "when you measure, include the measurer" should be taught in every stats class forever
23 Feb, 05:30 PM UTC
Ken Wissoker
As MC Hammer has shown...
23 Feb, 02:29 PM UTC
Torraine Walker
Maybe it's me, but a lot of the energy around MC Hammer from academic twitter feels like "Wow! A rapper studies science and philosophy!" @TorraineWalker's photo on MC Hammer
23 Feb, 02:21 PM UTC
Zara Bain
MC Hammer said read critical philosophy of science
22 Feb, 10:56 PM UTC
Eva Cantor, a cooler Richard Thaler
good: MC Hammer dunks on scientism bad: MC Hammer is a creationist
23 Feb, 04:31 PM UTC
Alex Russo
“Noted Foucauldian MC Hammer”was not on my 2021 Bingo card.
23 Feb, 01:55 PM UTC
Sean T at RCP
TFW MC Hammer tweets something amazing and it momentarily draws you out of retirement.
23 Feb, 09:00 PM UTC
jaques montana
the funniest/nicest/whoaaa!-est part abt the MC Hammer Surprise is that, even if i don't *like* all of his reading choices (but why does that matter!), these are clearly not from a reading list or even goodreads recs, but the path of someone making a giant list off wiki cites
23 Feb, 08:08 PM UTC
Complex Music
MC Hammer out here taking a stand for the proposed intersection of philosophy and science.
23 Feb, 08:57 PM UTC
...MC Hammer & Sickle?
23 Feb, 06:31 PM UTC
Stephen Baenziger
“If science is a ‘commitment to truth’ shall we cite all the historical non-truths perpetuated by scientists? Of course not. It’s not science vs Philosophy ... It’s Science + Philosophy. Elevate your Thinking and Consciousness. When you measure include the measurer.” MC Hammer
23 Feb, 09:04 PM UTC
Børing Andwröng
I don't know if #philosophyTwitter deserves @MCHammer but surely we need him. MC Hammer - 2 Legit 2 Quit (Official Video) via @YouTube
23 Feb, 09:04 PM UTC
Brendan Hesse
Sounds to me like MC Hammer has been reading @BernardoKastrup @donalddhoffman and/or @Philip_Goff... @Brendan_LH's photo on MC Hammer
23 Feb, 04:51 PM UTC
Dr Priyanka Dhopade
"When you measure include the measurer." MC Hammer nails STEM equity, diversity, inclusion in a tweet 🙌🏽
23 Feb, 09:13 PM UTC
✯A̷T̷O̷M̷I̷C̷ ̷R̷O̷B̷O̷T̷✯
People freaking out over MC Hammer dropping some "science" like KRS-One and Chuck D don't exist.
23 Feb, 09:09 PM UTC
Between MC Hammer & Foucault & now this ... big day for theory.
23 Feb, 09:09 PM UTC
MC Hammer is reading Julian Jaynes. Why aren't you? You're being left behind.
23 Feb, 09:08 PM UTC
Adam Syvertsen
STS MC Hammer is the new best thing to come out of quarantine
23 Feb, 09:05 PM UTC
Chief Chug A Lot
@JohnKincade @tomwassell We got to pray just to make it today - MC Hammer
23 Feb, 09:16 PM UTC
Wisconsin's Final Dad
Here's a really insightful comment on science and philosophy from...MC HAMMER?!
23 Feb, 09:16 PM UTC
end times new roman
Was not ready for the MC Hammer poststructuralist turn, but I am *here* for it.
23 Feb, 09:15 PM UTC
San Diego Padre of Cats
@Timothy71568259 @MCHammer @MLB @Athletics I mean, MC Hammer actually knew Charlie Finley and "creepy fascist" has no meaning whatsoever in 2021 because you use it to describe people you don't like from the 70s
23 Feb, 09:13 PM UTC
@DennisTheIntern I didn’t absorb the words ... i just saw a tweet from MC Hammer and that was it.
23 Feb, 09:12 PM UTC
End O. Times
@2021_POTUS46 In the slammer, like MC Hammer....
23 Feb, 09:08 PM UTC

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