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Occupy Democrats
BREAKING NEWS: Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announces that he will resign if he doesn’t become Senate Majority Leader after November’s midterm election. RT IF YOU WOULD LOVE TO SEE MITCH MCCONNELL RESIGN!
30 Jun, 01:24 PM UTC
Jane of the North
Mitch McConnell said if he’s not Majority Leader after the midterms he’ll quit. I’m okay with that.
30 Jun, 11:58 AM UTC
Adam Schiff
In just a matter of days, this Supreme Court has dealt serious blows to: Reproductive rights. Gun safety. Privacy. And now to the planet. All because Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump stacked the Court. Time to unstack it — expand the Court.
30 Jun, 10:23 PM UTC
Mitch McConnell just made a remark that President Biden's SCOTUS words are "beneath the dignity of the office" after watching trump try to kill his VP and do a goddamn coup. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?
30 Jun, 07:19 PM UTC
Charles Booker
If you really want to hit Mitch McConnell where it hurts, send me to the Senate instead of Rand Paul.
30 Jun, 07:36 PM UTC
Nathalie Jacoby
NEW: Mitch McConnell said he would RESIGN if he doesn’t become Senate Majority Leader after the midterms. Respond with a ‘YES’ if you want Mitch McConnell to RESIGN!
30 Jun, 04:39 PM UTC
Don Winslow
How come the "math" is always there for Mitch McConnell and never there for Chuck Schumer?
30 Jun, 10:21 PM UTC
Peter Morley
US Senator Mitch McConnell wants to cut & gut our Social Security if he regains powers in the Senate. We cannot let this happen! VOTE BLUE in NOVEMBER!
30 Jun, 09:58 AM UTC
Kyla in the Burgh 🏴‍☠️🔥
Mitch McConnell said he will resign if Republicans don't win back the Senate in November. This is a buy one get one free situation for Pennsylvanians. We get to vote in John Fetterman, while we force Mitch to resign. Don't walk, RUN with me to that voting booth, PA!
30 Jun, 06:34 PM UTC
If we all vote blue, Mitch McConnell will quit his job.
30 Jun, 06:41 PM UTC
Jon Cooper
Mitch McConnell is clearly scared, and I’m loving it.
30 Jun, 09:01 PM UTC
Occupy Democrats
BREAKING: Mitch McConnell announces that he will sabotage America's efforts to compete against China by scuttling the US Innovation and Competition Act if Democrats move to cap drug prices, fight climate change, and tax the super-rich. RT IF YOU THINK THAT MITCH IS A TRAITOR!
30 Jun, 09:07 PM UTC
I Smoked Mogul's Bottle Of Heinz
“Attacking a core American institution like the Supreme Court from the world stage is below the dignity of the President...” according to Mitchell McConnell. Bro, Trump had a plan to attack the capitol, the Supreme Court, and to kill his own Vice President and you acquitted him.
30 Jun, 06:19 PM UTC
Frank Lesser
Mitch McConnell and the Republicans ended the filibuster in order to install a partisan Supreme Court, so Democrats must *selectively* end the filibuster to correct these Republican Justices' corrupt decisions. Call it #TheMcConnellRule 1/5
30 Jun, 04:36 PM UTC
Joyce Alene
Rich irony from Mitch McConnell, who with no shame, refused to confirm a highly qualified jurist to the supreme court because it was "the year of an election" & then rushed one with far less experience onto the bench after the voting had already started in 2020 https://t.co/pNfjPvhKT6
30 Jun, 07:23 PM UTC
Jack Cocchiarella
Mitch McConnell said President Biden’s comments publicly disagreeing with the Supreme Court were “dangerous.” I think a court stripping Americans of their human rights is what’s dangerous.
30 Jun, 08:46 PM UTC
Brian Schatz
This McConnell threat to kill a bipartisan bill to improve American competitiveness unless we keep prescription drug costs high strikes me as a miscalculation.
30 Jun, 10:09 PM UTC
Mitch McConnell is the reason we need term limits.
01 Jul, 12:13 AM UTC
Voice of Reason
Mitch McConnell said he would resign if he’s not majority leader of the senate. If that’s not incentive to vote democrat I don’t know what is.
30 Jun, 02:45 PM UTC
Leader McConnell
Attacking a core American institution like the Supreme Court from the world stage is below the dignity of the President. President Biden’s attacks on the Court are unmerited and dangerous. My full statement: https://t.co/FA2g4j7e8T
30 Jun, 03:41 PM UTC
Dr. Jorge A. Caballero stands with 🇺🇦
You were wrong about Trump, and you're wrong about McConnell. He's going to nuke the filibuster the moment he regains power. We'll be proven right again, and you'll be proven wrong again. But by then, you'll have been wrong so many times that we'll all be living in a dictatorship
01 Jul, 01:13 AM UTC
No One
Mitch McConnell just said that he will resign if he’s not Senate Majority Leader after November’s midterm election. What do you say to Mitch?
30 Jun, 01:31 PM UTC
Tony 🌊 #DemVoice1
Mitch McConnell and the Republicans are terrible for the country. Republican Senators like Lindsey Graham and Rick Scott have said that they want to: - Cut/End Medicare, Medicaid and Social - Increase Taxes on Working Families and Seniors #DemVoice1 #Fresh https://t.co/LNgJ0MQN4c
30 Jun, 11:02 PM UTC
@duty2warn @SandyLynnWallis Thanks to Mitch McConnell, what used to be referred to as the Roberts Court has now become the Robbers' Court. And the five Supreme Beings who now define the chamber's red shift no longer bother with deliberations that involve logic and precedents. They simply issue edicts.
30 Jun, 07:34 PM UTC
The Tony Michaels Podcast 🎙
Who's the Bonehead of the Week? Contestants: Justice Clarence Thomas Mark Meadows Sen. Mitch McConnell Comment below with your reason.
01 Jul, 01:51 AM UTC
@RonFilipkowski MTG may want to read the NYT article and have a chat with Mitch McConnell about Michael Stenger. But of course, she won’t. https://t.co/7g4VA0pdRF https://t.co/IyhXdthZEQ
01 Jul, 01:45 AM UTC
@BlueDotDoc @rscotttipton1A @snarky_op @algore Al Gore warned in the 2000 campaign about SCOTUS seats coming open. Dubya gave us Alito and Roberts; his father had given us Thomas. Then came the immoral Mitch McConnell maneuvering dishonestly for trump to fill three seats.
01 Jul, 01:31 AM UTC
McConnell says calling the Supreme Court “ dangerous” is below the dignity of the President. I say President Biden is dead on accurate. Besides,McConnell has no concept of what dignity is, the worthless piece of garbage.
01 Jul, 02:00 AM UTC
Ex-Republicans $Supporting Dems
McConnell used the power of his position and with all of his GOP colleagues lined up behind him, to change the rules of the Senate and lower the threshold from 60 to 51 votes https://t.co/pOM9Ly2xuf
01 Jul, 02:00 AM UTC
CC Roy
@greggpettine @mmpadellan Do you always self educate with memes? As much as I can't stand McConnell, you're ignorance is now on full display. He is not the richest Senator.
01 Jul, 02:00 AM UTC