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Tay Keith
Definitely one of the funniest videos i ever seen. #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade @jmontoya2014's photo on McNeil
02 Dec, 05:32 AM UTC
01 Dec, 08:56 PM UTC
𝘿𝙚𝙘𝙚𝙣𝙩 𝙋𝙖𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙧
Aye that’s no unusual mate @decentpatter's photo on McNeil
01 Dec, 06:01 PM UTC
Gustavo Fring
Y’all remember when Diddy had them boys singing for a spot in the house😂 @AustinFromFlint's photo on McNeil
02 Dec, 12:06 AM UTC
IF I HAD WINGS, LIKE DIS DOVE #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade @macdaddytee's photo on McNeil
01 Dec, 07:36 PM UTC
DING DONG!! ~*in my Cardi B voice*~
#TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade yo please don’t let this die!😹 @QueenXoX___'s photo on McNeil
02 Dec, 03:02 AM UTC
My heart 😭 This is so beautiful. This father really came through for his daughter. SALUTE ❤️ (via Fb Sire Edgar Kwach) @_SJPeace_'s photo on McNeil
02 Dec, 03:39 PM UTC
(1st) Best Fights 🎬🍿
I couldn’t just let this get lost 😭 #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade @30SecFight's photo on McNeil
02 Dec, 01:51 PM UTC
Andy Martino
My read on the Josh Hader market, through major league sources, is Mets are one of many teams interested. It’s not yet clear if Brewers will move him. Price for Mets would be high, like Davis, Smith, McNeil category. @Ken_Rosenthal wrote abt Hader/Mets today.
02 Dec, 01:59 PM UTC
Ernest Dove
Can someone explain to me why All Star Jeff McNeil is even being mentioned (again) in a trade for a reliever?
02 Dec, 02:56 PM UTC
jeremy stephner (116)
jeff mcneil was an all star outfielder and that’s like his fourth best position I SWEAR TO GOD STOP PUTTING HIS NAME IN TRADE RUMORS
02 Dec, 02:11 PM UTC
people don’t see a problem in they behavior until you start doing the same shit back.
02 Dec, 05:01 PM UTC
Mathew Brownstein
McNeil is in a much different category than Davis or Smith. Obviously I’d be very interested - as the #Mets should be - in adding Hader. It all comes down to what they’re giving up in a deal. But please, let’s keep McNeil out of any of these conversations.
02 Dec, 04:18 PM UTC
j u l i e
Jeff McNeil should not be on the table. Period. The end.
02 Dec, 02:09 PM UTC
🎄ete 🎄lonso’s 🎄urner 🎄ccount
On everything i love if the Mets trade McNeil for Hader i might switch teams
02 Dec, 02:04 PM UTC
Yuletide H E X A
It’s 7:10 on the East coast, I have a long day of travel ahead of me and Book 2 of the white hat #hackerotica series, “Royal Hacker” by Linzi Baxter. You asked for this. Here we go.
02 Dec, 12:09 PM UTC
The Sun Football ⚽
Sean Dyche is not a fan of Dwight McNeil's cakes! @TheSunFootball's photo on McNeil
02 Dec, 03:37 PM UTC
All Hallows Basketball
JV Gaels get hard fought road win 55-42 at St. Edmund’s Prep. Jayce McNeil 12pts 8 rebounds, David Campbell 10pts 8 rebounds...Varsity will hit the road tomorrow as they travel to St. Edmund’s in their season opener @AllHallowsGAELS @gaelspride1909 @AHAthletics1909
01 Dec, 09:48 PM UTC
Cola the Pagan Sensation 🎄
I will fucking lose it. If the Mets trade McNeil for that racist piece of shit.
02 Dec, 02:24 PM UTC
Stephanie Lynn
I want bullpen arms badly but if JD Davis or Jeff McNeil leave my team you will hear me roar
02 Dec, 04:31 PM UTC
Cedar Park HS Boys Basketball
Come out & support @cp_basketball tonight vs McNeil HS! Freshman and JV tip at 5:30pm, followed by Varsity at 7pm!
02 Dec, 04:52 PM UTC
maria mb18 🍁
@MBrownstein89 Yes, I don’t want to hear any discussions about trading McNeil.
02 Dec, 04:25 PM UTC
@martinonyc @Ken_Rosenthal McNeil should be untouchable. You don’t trade a All Star player for a reliever no matter the circumstances. Idc if he just won reliever of the year u don’t do that trade.
02 Dec, 02:55 PM UTC
William Boyle
Also: -Bob Hope + EYES WIDE SHUT conspiracy theories -the penis suit in MOBY DICK -Orson Welles & buffets Just a few of my favorite things from Jack & McNeil’s epic conversation. Funniest thing I’ve ever read, no shit.
02 Dec, 04:56 PM UTC
Chris G
With all the Jeff McNeil trade rumors swirling, I dare the Mets ticket representatives to call Mets fans.
02 Dec, 04:10 PM UTC
NJ Historic Trust
The George Morgan Stone House Jr. in Gloucester County is one of the the oldest remaining historic houses. The Trust awarded $22,887 to help fund repairs & stabilization of first floor framing as well as window repair. 📸 Steve McNeil #njhistorictrust #preservenj #njhistory
02 Dec, 04:10 PM UTC

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