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Danny Vietti
Under the current MLB owners' proposal, former Mets Bret Saberhagen and Bobby Bonilla would both be making just as much, if not more, than all of: • Pete Alonso (2019 All Star) • Jeff McNeil (2019 All Star) • Amed Rosario (starting SS) • J.D. Davis (starting LF) @DannyVietti's photo on McNeil
26 May, 11:37 PM UTC
Today Premier McNeil said there hasn't been a need for gov't support of childcare for essential workers (I was told locally there was none when I asked). And that childcare was "organically dealt with through support in communities." Where does one find this organic childcare?
27 May, 12:28 AM UTC
National Hurricane Center
Tropical Depression #Bertha Advisory 2A: Bertha Weakens to a Tropical Depression. Heavy Rainfall Spreading Across the Carolinas.
27 May, 05:46 PM UTC
Kara Swisher
This by the amazing Donald J. McNeil is just riveting. I can quarantine as long as it takes after reading this via @NYTimes
26 May, 08:06 PM UTC
Joan Rivers
From Melissa Rivers: Larry Kramer was so much more than a brilliant writer - he was an inspiration, an intellectual and an icon. His fearless passion for truth, something my mom admired so greatly in him, will be missed dearly by us all. @Joan_Rivers's photo on McNeil
27 May, 05:42 PM UTC
Trevor J. Adams
Nova Scotia settling into three camps. 1) See? Told you McNeil wasn't so great. 2) Dammit, McNeil really isn't so great. 3) LA LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU.
27 May, 11:33 AM UTC
Nova Scotia Gov.
Premier McNeil and Dr. Strang announced the next steps toward reopening Nova Scotia. Effective June 5, most businesses required to close under the public health order can reopen. Other businesses and organizations that were not required to close may also reopen at this time. @nsgov's photo on McNeil
27 May, 06:51 PM UTC
Mel Mann, MBA, M.Ed. 🎗
Why I Wear A Mask ❤️
27 May, 05:50 PM UTC
Let's praise all the white people that are out there protesting with us. Don't turn this into a black vs white thing
27 May, 05:39 PM UTC
NEWS 95.7 Halifax
#BREAKING: Premier Stephen McNeil announcing effective June 5th most businesses required to close under the public health order can reopen. That includes businesses like dine-in restaurants, bars, hair salons, barber shops, spas, gyms, and yoga studios. @NEWS957's photo on McNeil
27 May, 06:24 PM UTC
Mary-Dan Johnston
McNeil has a real talent for articulating his opinions in a way that makes them seem like facts, but we can't allow the brazen confidence with which he proclaims that paid sick leave is a collective bargaining issue to obscure that it is fully within his power to make it the law.
27 May, 06:57 PM UTC
Reece Chambers
Could Dwight McNeil become a left-back? I ended up writing in detail about McNeil's development so far, how he could progress and why Stamford Bridge may be a perfect place for him to learn a specialist role. ✍️ for @Football_LDN
27 May, 07:57 AM UTC
robert devet
We're all in this together, except you're on your own if all you have is four unpald sick days. When asked, McNeil said that's what collective bargaining is for. Except the pandemic is now, and most workers don't have a union.
27 May, 07:02 PM UTC
Chantal KC
I feel like today’s announcement really highlights the fact that McNeil mentioned there were no real phases and there doesn’t seem to be an actual plan. How can you justify opening a ton of businesses that require close contact but still not let people see their friends & family?
27 May, 07:03 PM UTC
Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Royal Servant Award winners, Andrew Schaeffer & Lauren McNeil! #cvca #mightyroyals
27 May, 04:59 PM UTC
Tim Bousquet
McNeil says there will be more announcements on Friday about reopenings and social gatherings.
27 May, 06:58 PM UTC
NEWS 95.7 Halifax
#BREAKING: McNeil also announcing a $25 million small business reopening support grant. He says the fund will provide eligible small businesses, not-for-profits, charities, and social enterprises with a grant up to $5,000. @NEWS957's photo on McNeil
27 May, 06:33 PM UTC
Tim Bousquet
McNeil $230 million for "shovel ready programs," mostly road programs, but also museum upgrades and others. Says it will create 2,000 jobs THIS year. Tenders will go out soon.
27 May, 06:27 PM UTC
Frank Magazine Atlantic
McNeil might be polling at approximately a gazillion per cent approval, but it's slightly lower in the press gallery.
27 May, 06:39 PM UTC
Dan McNeil
Day 48 of Scorantine starts NOW on @McNeil_Parkins on @670TheScore . Rod Carew, one of the best hitters in MLB history, joins us at 3. Plus, all this #Blackhawks buzz has the Mob cackling. Pull up a chair for guy stuff.
27 May, 07:01 PM UTC
Danny Parkins
Reminder: Our text number is now the same as our call-in number @670TheScore: 312-644-6767. 67011 no longer works to text the show. Getting ready to launch @McNeil_Parkins here in 15 min.
27 May, 06:44 PM UTC
Blessing Stream
Those who wage war against you will be as nothing at all. Isa 41:12
27 May, 05:48 PM UTC
Kindness Twunk
@mcsteamworks I was like “damn where did you get these pictures of my Dad’s legs from”
27 May, 07:15 PM UTC
McNeil & Parkins dot com dot...mob
No new sporting events happened last night but new audio from a unique Chicago sports situation did come out. We share that with you now — @670TheScore
27 May, 07:29 PM UTC
Exalted Speed
I mean we have Chad Merman over here voiced by Scott Mcneil using his waspinator voice. HOW CAN ANY MAN STAND UP TO THAT!
27 May, 07:25 PM UTC
anna! 🌿
@NSLCpunk stephen mcneil said fuck your family but ~summer time vibes~
27 May, 07:06 PM UTC
Matt Saltzman
FS! Alonso/McNeil 8-card RC/2020 Lot! $15 OBO shipped safely in .95 registered PWE or can do bubble mailer with tracking! @HobbyConnector
27 May, 07:16 PM UTC
Lisa Melonçon
@caseyboyle and here is the book (doh!) : Paul McNeil The visual history of type
27 May, 07:23 PM UTC
McNeil & Parkins dot com dot...mob
27 May, 07:05 PM UTC
Varsity News
McNeil’s Samantha Perez ready with assist ― on and off the court
27 May, 07:37 PM UTC