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222 Minutes
I just want a prime minister who works five days a week.
13 Sep, 01:49 PM UTC
Paddy Power
Strange Stat: Dwight McNeil is the only Burnley player to have completed more passes than fouls made this season.
13 Sep, 07:44 PM UTC
Premier League Panel
Burnley’s style of play is a far-cry from the side in Dyche’s early days. The ability on-the-ball of Mee, Tarkowski, Westwood, Brownhill & McNeil has given them the technical proficiency to control certain games as they’ve done vs Everton.
13 Sep, 07:50 PM UTC
Burnley FC
1⃣0⃣0⃣ club Dwight McNeil makes his 100th @premierleague appearance tonight for the Clarets 👏 #EVEBUR | #UTC @BurnleyOfficial's photo on McNeil
13 Sep, 06:24 PM UTC
Sky Sports Statto
📊 Ben Mee becomes the 1st player to make 200 PL apps for Burnley Dwight McNeil makes his 100th PL for the club - at over 5 years younger than when any of the previous 12 players reached a century of PL apps for Burnley @SkySportsStatto's photo on McNeil
13 Sep, 07:01 PM UTC
𝗝𝗼𝗿𝗱𝗮𝗻 💬
HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY GAMECUBE!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🎉🎊 “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.”
13 Sep, 06:10 PM UTC
Zach Lowy
Dwight McNeil is such a quality player. Brilliant, smooth dribbler who does well to retain possession and pick apart teams with his runs or his pinpoint crosses. Those deliveries in the left half-spaces are something that Manchester City should be looking to recreate.
13 Sep, 07:34 PM UTC
Anthony DiComo
Mets Game 145 of 162, vs. STL Monday, Sept. 13, 7:10 p.m. RHP Adam Wainwright (15-7, 2.98) Villar 3B Lindor SS Conforto RF Alonso 1B Báez 2B McNeil LF Pillar CF McCann C Hill LHP (6-6, 3.82)
13 Sep, 08:52 PM UTC
Good Fundies Brian
If Javy Baez is a Met next year (which looks like the plan) then I am guessing that Robinson Cano or Jeff McNeil will not be. Will Cano take a buy-out? Hard to believe the Mets would sell low on McNeil, who is better than this.
13 Sep, 04:02 PM UTC
Mets lineup ve. Cardinals’ right-hander Adam Wainwright: 3B Villar SS Lindor RF Conforto 1B Alonso 2B Báez LF McNeil CF Pillar C McCann LHP Hill
13 Sep, 08:52 PM UTC
Brad 🍂
Well, I guess now we get to see if Houston handles case spikes differently than McNeil / Rankin. 😳
13 Sep, 06:08 PM UTC
Tim Healey
Mets lineup versus Adam Wainwright and the Cardinals tonight: 3B Jonathan Villar SS Francisco Lindor RF Michael Conforto 1B Pete Alonso 2B Javier Baez LF Jeff McNeil CF Kevin Pillar C James McCann LHP Rich Hill
13 Sep, 08:54 PM UTC
Up the blue toffees
How did some people not want McNeil?
13 Sep, 07:31 PM UTC
Harbinger of Queer Joy
Avril Lavigne...... allegedly
13 Sep, 09:26 PM UTC
Portfolio Carmel
The car is heavy with children tugged back from summer, swept out of their laughing beach, swept out while a persistent rumour tells them nothing ends. ~ Anne Sexton James Abbott McNeil Whistler
13 Sep, 07:14 PM UTC
Luis Rojas is not an MLB caliber Manager
@OmarMinayaFan I'm thinking conforto gets a QO. If he doesn't take it McNeil goes to right again. If conforto takes it McNeil gets dealt
13 Sep, 04:10 PM UTC
Tonight’s #Mets lineup Villar 3B Lindor SS Conforto RF Alonso 1B Báez 2B McNeil LF Pillar CF McCann C Hill LHP #LGM
13 Sep, 09:04 PM UTC
steven oshea
That mcneil for Burnley is some player
13 Sep, 09:00 PM UTC
HH Knights Football
Congrats to our Defensive Player of the Week vs. McNeil! #reptheshield
13 Sep, 02:20 PM UTC
Player ratings Pope-4 Taylor-2 Mee-7 Tarky-4 Jbg-6 Brownhill-3 Westwood-3 McNeil-7 Wood-1 Barnes-0 Lennon-4 Vydra-4 Jay-4 Dyche-0 Absolute shit show of a second half. Fuck me
13 Sep, 09:03 PM UTC
Andrew Greaves / @TourDeGreaves 🚴‍♂️
Think it needs to be Cork and Brownhill in the middle of the park, Wood up top, McNeil free role behind him and Cornet and JBG wide. Be brave.
13 Sep, 09:13 PM UTC
Time & time again we get overran in midfield & continue to play 442 when having two strikers isn’t really affecting the game. Time for McNeil as a no 10. Try something different! As soon as they equalised they changed to 433 and we couldn’t handle it. Frustrating #twitterclarets
13 Sep, 09:10 PM UTC
Harbinger of Queer Joy
Nicki Minaj dumb why
13 Sep, 09:44 PM UTC
Steve Doyle
Imagine paying good money to watch Burnley every week though 😭 bar McNeil they're a bunch of absolute yard-dogs.
13 Sep, 09:26 PM UTC
Cornets Number 1 Fan
@TurfCastPodcast Go Brownhill Westwood and McNeil central cornet left Gudmundsson right Wood up top
13 Sep, 09:24 PM UTC
Chris Horner
@tomclaret Drop Barnes & bring Cornet in then play McNeil as a number 10, can't do any harm!
13 Sep, 09:16 PM UTC
Liam Lovelace-Smith
Should of signed McNeil a player that can actually cross the ball #AVFC
13 Sep, 09:07 PM UTC
Daily MLB Lineups
#Mets Lineup 09/13/21 1. Jonathan Villar 3B 2. Francisco Lindor SS 3. Michael Conforto RF 4. Pete Alonso 1B 5. Javier Baez 2B 6. Jeff McNeil LF 7. Kevin Pillar CF 8. James McCann C 9. Rich Hill P Starting Pitcher : Rich Hill
13 Sep, 09:02 PM UTC
Los Clarets FC.
Cómo verían este 11 Titular para el partido contra Arsenal? Yo creo que podría funcionar muy bien con McNeil distribuyendo la pelota y Cornet por izquierda que tiene ida y vuelta; además de que Wood tendría total libertad en el área ⚽ #BurnleyFC | #PremierLeague
13 Sep, 09:37 PM UTC
@hmcmah0n We get relegated: pope goes, tarky goes, Brownhill goes, wood goes, Vydra goes, McNeil goes, cornet goes, Taylor goes. Left with a team of senile players
13 Sep, 09:35 PM UTC