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CBS Sports HQ
Top 10 coaches in the NFL (According to @seanjwagner) 1. Bill Belichick 2. Andy Reid 3. John Harbaugh 4. Sean Payton 5. Kyle Shanahan 6. Sean McVay 7. Mike Tomlin 8. Pete Carroll 9. Doug Pederson 10. Mike Zimmer @CBSSportsHQ's photo on McVay
29 Jun, 08:11 PM UTC
Kevin List
Doug Pederson has accomplished everything that the media acts like McVay has accomplished
29 Jun, 10:29 PM UTC
C’mon man, DougieP > Payton, Shanahan, McVay, Tomlin. #FlyEaglesFly
29 Jun, 08:16 PM UTC
I’m gonna say this loudly for the people in the back! DOUG PEDERSON AND SEAN MCVAY ARE NOT IN THE SAME IN THE SAME CLASS
30 Jun, 12:10 AM UTC
Zack Rosenblatt
Sean McVay: Not a better coach than Doug Pederson. (Or Pete Carroll or Mike Tomlin)
29 Jun, 10:15 PM UTC
Mcvay has had 3 winning seasons, shanahan has had 1. That is all.
30 Jun, 12:58 AM UTC
Sean Wagner-McGough
Pederson: 59.4 winning % McVay: 68.8 winning % McVay took a ton of flak for 2019, when he won nine games. Pederson has won nine games in back-to-back seasons. McVay has never had a losing season. Pederson has. I’m not going to base the rankings off one game.
29 Jun, 08:55 PM UTC
Lifelong Pats Fan
Neither. Goff isn’t overrated anymore basically everyone knows he sucks. McVay isn’t overrated he hasn’t had a losing season, took the worst offense in the nfl to the best in his first year, and had top 10 offenses the other years all with a QB that sucks.
29 Jun, 10:43 PM UTC
Joey Ickes
I get that it’s fun to dunk on McVay right now bc he got out coached in the SB, but LAR lost 7 games last year... 3 of them were 40-55, 29-30, 31-34.... For the most part, when the defense played even respectably they won.... And that’s with an OL that was compromised at best
29 Jun, 05:42 PM UTC
@CBSSportsHQ @seanjwagner @Chiefs @patspulpit @Patriots @SaintsCSC @Ike58Reese @Steelersdepot @SteeIerNation @FieldGulls @NinersNation @ArrowheadPride 🗑. Doug owns McVay and Shannhan blew 2 SB leads lol. Guess they both returned your phone call
29 Jun, 08:27 PM UTC
@seanjwagner @CBSSportsHQ @Chiefs @patspulpit @Patriots @SaintsCSC @Ike58Reese @Steelersdepot @SteeIerNation @FieldGulls @ArrowheadPride Doug has a ring and considering the circumstances his last two years might’ve been better than the year he won the super bowl. You’re an idiot . Mcvay scored 3 points in the biggest game of his career
29 Jun, 10:38 PM UTC
Ⱬ₳₵₵ ☪︎♋︎♍︎♍︎
In no world is McVay better than Tomlin
29 Jun, 11:09 PM UTC
Doug Pederson
@CBSSportsHQ @seanjwagner @Chiefs @patspulpit @Patriots @SaintsCSC @Ike58Reese @Steelersdepot @SteeIerNation @FieldGulls @ArrowheadPride #9?? I won a Super Bowl in my 2nd season with a backup qb against the greatest coach ever and you give me 9?? How many rings does Sean Mcvay have?!?
29 Jun, 08:45 PM UTC
Philly Nation
Mike Tomlin and Doug Pederson are head and shoulders better coaches than Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay.
29 Jun, 11:35 PM UTC
#1 tacotub fan
sean mcvay has never beaten doug pederson straight up and against the same opponent in the same colossal game, mcvay's team scored 3 (loss) and doug's team scored 41 (win) this isn't rocket science, doug's a comfortable tier above mcvay; don't let some jag off tell you otherwise
30 Jun, 02:09 AM UTC
@CBSSportsHQ @seanjwagner @Chiefs @patspulpit @Patriots @SaintsCSC @Ike58Reese @Steelersdepot @SteeIerNation @FieldGulls @NinersNation @ArrowheadPride Pederson owns McVay. He’s also never blown a double digit lead in the Super Bowl. He also won a Super Bowl with back ups at QB & LT. Then made the playoffs the next year wthe back up QB, then won the division w/ truck drivers & bartenders playing WR
29 Jun, 08:25 PM UTC
Rams Brothers
Regular season records in first 3 years as HC: • Belichick: 20-28 • Reid: 27-21 • Harbaugh: 32-16 • Peyton: 25-23 • Shanahan: 23-25 • McVay: 33-15 • Tomlin: 31-17 • Carroll: 25-23 • Pederson: 29-19 • Zimmer: 26-22 Just sayin’.
30 Jun, 01:48 AM UTC
Bleeding Green Nation
Yeah but McVay’s the easy one. We’ve beat that drum a million times and we’ve never been wrong. Time to pick apart other parts a coaching list
30 Jun, 02:11 AM UTC
@thinkbigadam @seanjwagner And mcvay is 0-2 head to head against Pederson.
30 Jun, 02:09 AM UTC
@seanjwagner @freshgiblet @CBSSportsHQ @Chiefs @patspulpit @Patriots @SaintsCSC @Ike58Reese @Steelersdepot @SteeIerNation @FieldGulls @NinersNation @ArrowheadPride 1. Belichick 2. Reid 3. Harbaugh 4. Payton 5. Carroll 6. Pederson 7. Tomlin 8. McVay 9. Shanahan 10. Zimmer or Vrabel Here's a list that makes more sense for ya
29 Jun, 09:59 PM UTC
Darius Slay SZN
@BleedingGreen Sean McVay over Pete Carroll, Mike Tomlin and Doug Pederson is completely mental
30 Jun, 02:13 AM UTC
Mike Murphy
@thisishowiwin “BuT McVaY hAs A lOsInG rEcOrD tO dOuG!?!?!” 😂
30 Jun, 02:11 AM UTC
Philly 🙌🙌🙌
Does anyone actually think that McVay is a better coach than Doug Pederson?
30 Jun, 02:28 AM UTC
Dainius Hubris
Why is Sean Payton ahead of Pete Carroll? 1 Super Bowl and countless failures as a favorite in the playoffs with loaded rosters. Same thing with Harbaugh and dont get me started on McVay and Shanahan.....but hey recency bias is fun too
30 Jun, 02:16 AM UTC
Matthew Elmer
@philatticus But McVay remembers what you had for lunch on July 29th 1997!
30 Jun, 02:15 AM UTC
Jason Tyra
@HoldenCantor Full transparency I wanted Shanahan as our coach but that was before I knew of McVay. Will be interesting how things turns out a few yrs down the line. Looking forward to the chess matches!!
30 Jun, 02:27 AM UTC

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