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Cleveland Clinic
Vegetarians CAN meet all of their nutritional needs. #MeatlessMonday https://t.co/iHpGPoLkW4
22 Apr, 12:26 PM UTC
Ranveer Brar
TENDLI (IVY GOURD) AND APPLE SALAD Keep it light and simple with this simple and super healthy salad. #MeatlessMonday #recipeoftheday #salad #healthy #lunchtime #mondaymotivation #vegetarian Ranveer Brar's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 09:22 AM UTC
Meatless Monday
What better day to go #MeatlessMonday than for #EarthDay tomorrow? See why reducing your meat consumption could make a big difference in the fight against #climatechange: https://t.co/K84pPuw5mU Meatless Monday's photo on #MeatlessMonday
21 Apr, 08:20 PM UTC
Meatless Monday
Clean up your diet for #EarthDay by going #MeatlessMonday! We teamed up with @gardein to challenge our influencer and blogger community to come up with new recipes that show how delicious a sustainable #plantbased diet can be: https://t.co/oFNpvEBfNi Meatless Monday's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 12:25 PM UTC
Animal agriculture uses upto 33% of the earth’s land and water resources and is the one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. This Earth Day, choose a plant-based diet to help save our planet’s resources. #EarthDay #MeatlessMonday #PlantBasedDiet https://t.co/Q8HzaLThEs
22 Apr, 08:56 AM UTC
Marsha Doucette
how about this approach: The best thing you can do on Earth Day is sit perfectly still https://t.co/cjjkK60ZYb & if you can't do that, please consider eating less meat.🌱 #meatlessMonday #EarthDay via @qz
22 Apr, 02:04 PM UTC
Diana J Herrington
Beans, Beans and more Beans! Great for #MeatlessMonday https://t.co/erIIwDcjxw #vegan #MeatFreeMonday #superfoods Diana J Herrington's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 01:35 PM UTC
Shelby County Health
Happy Earth Day, Shelby County! Do something to reduce waste or shrink your carbon footprint today. Maybe plan a Meatless Monday lunch or dinner! Here are some new recipes: https://t.co/dvGvj19YMT. #MeatlessMonday is good for your health and good for the environment! Shelby County Health's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 01:46 PM UTC
Meatless Monday
Livestock production takes up 75% of the planet's agricultural land. Help give the planet some breathing room this #EarthDay and go #MeatlessMonday! https://t.co/FvhQ58DK1w Meatless Monday's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 01:35 PM UTC
Doyenne of Dining & Drinking 🍽
Happy #EarthDay ! I'm "going green" today by partaking in #MeatlessMonday -- avocado toast with beans & tomatoes for lunch. If it turns out pretty, I'll take a picture. 📸
22 Apr, 01:38 PM UTC
Meatless Monday
This Vietnamese noodle salad recipe couldn't be simpler. Just prepare vermicelli noodles and layer in veggies and tofu and #MeatlessMonday lunch is served! https://t.co/mfzFStpxhY Meatless Monday's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 02:35 PM UTC
Sir Kensington's
#meatlessmonday goals 🥳 https://t.co/YSVcr4VLTJ
22 Apr, 01:06 PM UTC
I’m doing for #EarthDay2019 *using public transportation & walking, no driving #visionzero * Eating vegetarian all day #MeatlessMonday * Turning off lights #SolarCity * Not buying any plastic all week #twohandsproject * Using water preciously #ClimateActionNow Join mie💕
22 Apr, 02:41 PM UTC
Restaurants Canada
Next year, #NYC schools can expect to enjoy #MeatlessMondays. Every Monday, schools will serve #vegetarian menus on Mondays: https://t.co/UMuNFtTLgx #plantbased #MeatlessMonday #Meatless
22 Apr, 02:27 PM UTC
Smith's Farm
Taking mac & cheese to a whole new level on this #MeatlessMonday with this #delicious Butternut Squash Alfredo with Smith’s Farm’s #broccoli ! See the full #recipe here: https://t.co/64cexPIsoI Smith's Farm's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 02:29 PM UTC
Cherry Dumaual
Happy Earth Day from @meatlessmonday ... How Meatless Monday is Good for the Planet on Earth Day and Any Other Day https://t.co/pTjJHYbqOn via @epochtimes #meatlessmonday
22 Apr, 02:10 PM UTC
UW-La Crosse Dining
Happy Earth Day! To celebrate, visit the Whitney Main Dining Room today starting at 11! Our Dietitian Jess and our Sustainability Intern, Josie, will be sampling super yummy vegan desserts! We will see you there! #earthday #meatlessmonday #vegan #earthweek UW-La Crosse Dining's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 01:54 PM UTC
Choosing Meatless Monday and eating plant-based proteins instead of meat can help maintain kidney health. So feed them like you need them. Because you do. #MeatlessMonday NKF - KS, MO & OK's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 02:40 PM UTC
Feast in a Basket
Portabella Mushroom and Pesto Eggs - https://t.co/fF1YwEuvSW #meatlessmonday #breakfast #brunch #dinner
22 Apr, 02:23 PM UTC
Feast in a Basket
Easy Falafel with Canned Chickpeas - https://t.co/zGIM3WwEnL #meatlessmonday #vegan #glutenfree
22 Apr, 02:19 PM UTC
Dr Sandra Frank
Spring Pea Salad with Strawberries, #EatingWell https://t.co/X2czXY5CSk #MeatlessMonday Dr Sandra Frank's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 02:11 PM UTC
George Vidiniotis
To celebrate #EarthDay today's menu is a Chipotle Quinoa Burrito Bowl! #MeatlessMonday We also have free coffee grounds for your garden! Get them while they last! @Mindful_Sodexo @SodexoProMedica @sodexoUSA https://t.co/TUxEDJs9WO
22 Apr, 02:07 PM UTC
The Centre of Elgin
It's #MeatlessMonday!! Too busy to cook tonight? Look no further! Gather the ingredients listed, throw them in the crock pot in the morning and you'll come back to the perfect meal. Check out this perfect Slow Cooker Potato & Corn Chowder recipe at https://t.co/ItBZ5Utzv8! The Centre of Elgin's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 01:00 PM UTC
Don't meat the Chee, Meet the Chee. #meatlessmonday TOM & CHEE's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 02:00 PM UTC
The Happy Pear
Need some dinner inspo this bank holiday Monday! Try out 5 minute taco recipe! Click the link for full recipe vid - https://t.co/RCDIVrkjNQ #vegan #plantbased #tacos #meatlessmonday The Happy Pear's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 02:00 PM UTC
Wondering where to find #vegan food in Budapest, Hungary? Then you won't want to miss this #vegan restaurant guide to #Budapest from @nomadic_vegan --> https://t.co/HH2YZanTsw #travel #foodtravel #MeatlessMonday TheEpicureanTraveler's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 02:00 PM UTC
LC Environment Club
Reduce your carbon footprint by joining the #MeatlessMonday movement! 🌱
22 Apr, 01:52 PM UTC
The Movie Man
Happy #EarthDay mofo’s. You can do your part by taking public transport, don’t use plastic bottles or straws, and maybe go meatless today (it is #meatlessmonday after all). Lots of little things we can do to help save the planet. The Movie Man's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 01:46 PM UTC
Dr. Vincent Pedre
#MeatlessMonday is a good habit. Meat is part of our #HappyGut diet HOWEVER it must be fed organic feed and be free range for #guthealth. Dr. Vincent Pedre's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 01:45 PM UTC
Hops Supply Co.
When Meatless Monday meets Earth Day, it’s time for a HopsCo Black Bean Burger for lunch or dinner. It’s so good you won’t even miss the beef. #hopsco #hopssupplyco #hopscohip #meatlessmonday #earthday Hops Supply Co.'s photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 01:34 PM UTC
Working for a Healthier Tennessee
Have you ever tried #MeatlessMonday? Skipping meat just one day a week can be good for your health. Get recipes at the link. https://t.co/siAtDQRrBG Working for a Healthier Tennessee's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 01:30 PM UTC
JL Fields
Today for Earth Day I participated in a @MeatlessMonday campaign with @gardein by creating a VERY SIMPLE One-Pot Chili Mac. Get the recipe (plus 14 other recipes) here: https://t.co/6ObXTvxnT8 #EarthDay #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 02:45 PM UTC
Samuel Phillips
22 Apr, 02:43 PM UTC
The Bullring
#meatlessmonday Special: Roasted Sweet Potato & Kale Sandwich on ciabatta with sweet chili mayo, lettuce & tomato @csaguelph
22 Apr, 02:37 PM UTC
lori christopher
#HappyEarthDay conveniently falls on #MeatlessMonday Want to actually do something to save the planet? Change your diet! https://t.co/mzOltIfjnY
22 Apr, 02:35 PM UTC
Nancy Mills
Vary your dinner routine. Try this White Bean Spread! https://t.co/fhGtzaFe3l #MondayMotivation #MeatlessMonday #eatwell #homeMade #homecooking #vegetarian #yummy #food #easy #foodblog #foodphotography Nancy Mills's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 02:34 PM UTC
Feast in a Basket
Roasted Mushrooms with Chile-Lemon Oil Recipe | SAVEUR https://t.co/a2YjYg01yF via @saveurmag #meatlessmonday #sides
22 Apr, 02:33 PM UTC
Soleil Kitchen
#MeatlessMonday | Fresh fruit for this morning’s detox! https://t.co/hhqJTKEK1N
22 Apr, 02:33 PM UTC
Rebecca W. Gaertner
#EarthDay Celebrate today with #MeatlessMonday and #zerowaste
22 Apr, 02:32 PM UTC
Feast in a Basket
Cider-Braised Red Cabbage Recipe | SAVEUR https://t.co/McimvinpEi via @saveurmag #sides #meatlessmonday
22 Apr, 02:31 PM UTC
We're Hungry Too
Happy #meatlessmonday! I should have taken some of that rice, corn and guacamole home from @EatPuesto for a treat today! #werehungrytoo https://t.co/yYU4s0eP7J
22 Apr, 02:30 PM UTC
The Land of Kush
Start your #MeatlessMonday at #TheLandofKush! The Ultimate #Vegetarian Experience! We are #VeganSoul! The Land of Kush's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 02:30 PM UTC
Nutrition Services
Our @ProMedicaHealth Cafe's are celebrating the planet in a variety of ways today. From #MeatlessMonday, to coffee ground give-aways for your garden, to free seed packets with purchase...we've got #EarthDay covered. #mygreenidea @SodexoProMedica @sodexoUSA Nutrition Services's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 02:29 PM UTC
Protect Nature
@JohnOberg OMG this is a strong message of pity for all the screaming, slaughtered animals who die, so we can eat a food we don't need to survive - meat. If this man, a rich man, showing himself a compassionate man, can espouse this cause, so can we! #MeatlessMonday #MeatlessLife
22 Apr, 02:26 PM UTC
Feast in a Basket
Vegan Cobb Salad - https://t.co/H0Dz6HpBYO #meatlessmonday #vegan
22 Apr, 02:20 PM UTC
Jewelry Secrets
► ► 😊 Enter to Win @JewelrySecrets #Contest #Giveaway $50 Amazon Gift Card! ⌚️ 💍 💰 ► ► LOOK! ► ► https://t.co/Cdmre9Rm4g #MondayMotivation #MondayMorning #MeatlessMonday #EarthDay #EarthDay2019 #planet Jewelry Secrets's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 02:15 PM UTC
Feast in a Basket
Vietnamese Garlic Butter Noodles - https://t.co/Xg28QQc8Fm #meatlessmonday #noodles
22 Apr, 02:15 PM UTC
St. Leo Green Team
Happy Earth Week!!! Today is Meatless Monday! Let’s all do our part! #EarthWeek #MeatlessMonday #helpsaveourplanet #FightClimateChange @StLeoGreenTeam1 @TCDSB @ON_EcoSchools @stleosfun @PrincipalUgrin St. Leo Green Team's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 02:11 PM UTC
Fala Bar
Meatless Monday done right with @ainfoodwndrland #meatlessmonday #plantbased #plantpowered @ Westfield Century City https://t.co/EcohiCMOUy
22 Apr, 02:09 PM UTC
Peak of the Market
Fresh veggie salsa + eggs = #HalfYourPlate win! This Heuvos Rancheros is a great #MeatlessMonday dinner idea. https://t.co/GhnR2Fy7py
22 Apr, 02:05 PM UTC
Carolina Nephrology
Saying hello to another #MeatlessMonday recipe! Today I'm bringing you a special recipe for Farrotto with Bok Choy and Shiitake mushrooms. #ChangeYourBuds with this healthy alternative to... https://t.co/nZfS3DlKKz
22 Apr, 02:02 PM UTC
The Cooking Doc, MD
Saying hello to another #MeatlessMonday recipe! Today I'm bringing you a special recipe for Farrotto with Bok Choy and Shiitake mushrooms. https://t.co/oGWf9chulZ #ChangeYourBuds #TheCookingDoc #healthyliving #yeahthatgreenville
22 Apr, 02:02 PM UTC
Wonder what #meatlessmonday means? Look it up on https://t.co/fbQ73388oF
22 Apr, 02:02 PM UTC
Pure Bar
#MeatlessMonday deliciousness! RT @minimalistbaker NEW! Easy Tofu Pad Thai 🌶️🥡🥕😋ready in just 30 minutes!! Simple ingredients, hearty, BIG flavor! https://t.co/mHrt0WfSMU #vegan #glutenfree Pure Bar's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 02:01 PM UTC
Emilio's Morris Park
We're ready for all our #MeatlessMonday lovers! Emilio's Morris Park's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 02:01 PM UTC
Fresh veggie salsa + eggs = #HalfYourPlate win! This Heuvos Rancheros is a great #MeatlessMonday dinner idea. https://t.co/k4WLZ3WXkN
22 Apr, 02:01 PM UTC
Sustainable Saratoga
Today's Earth Day Meatless Monday recipe is Oven Risotto with Kale Pesto. https://t.co/DoecKSgvAZ #MeatlessMonday #lessMeatLessHeat
22 Apr, 02:01 PM UTC
square one yoga
Lots of plant-based goodness to choose from on this #meatlessmonday. Enjoy! https://t.co/s15fQ6bVD7 square one yoga's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 01:59 PM UTC
Lucky's Delicatessen
The always-delicious Collard Green Reuben is here for you today! Happy #meatlessmonday loves 😍 #durham #deli #vegetarian #sandwich Lucky's Delicatessen's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 01:58 PM UTC
Wouldn’t the cow I didn’t eat on Monday still be alive making methane on Tuesday if I didn’t eat it? @CBSThisMorning #meatlessmonday #cowsarepeoplemoo
22 Apr, 01:55 PM UTC
Chip and Kale
Now is the time to start.... Don't know how to make #delish Plant Based Meals🤔 Its Okay, We've got you covered🥳. Check our bio out. 👉Order Link in the Profile #chipandkale #EarthDay #MeatlessMonday https://t.co/gmoox4AwD4
22 Apr, 01:47 PM UTC
Taqueria on Broad
#MeatlessMonday is something to look forward to when tacos are involved. #downtownatl #tacotime #atlantaeats Taqueria on Broad's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 01:45 PM UTC
Chip and Kale
@ClevelandClinic This is why we do what we do.... Help you start on the path to an all #plantbaseddiet Make just one of our kits for #MeatlessMonday and you're off to the races. Please check out our bio. #EarthDay
22 Apr, 01:44 PM UTC
Belle B.
Try going meat free on #EarthDay and make it a #MeatlessMonday for our Mother. ✌️💚🌎
22 Apr, 01:43 PM UTC
Fortner's Garden
Happy happy earthday ♡ Our planet. Our home. . . . . . . . . . . #earthday #mothersday #mothernature #planetearth #loveyourmother #mindfulmonday #meatlessmonday #loveher #protecther… https://t.co/B7fEcbyFsi
22 Apr, 01:42 PM UTC
Edible NE Florida
We like to call this one Springtime in a bowl, with our without the egg. You will also call it a delicious #MeatlessMonday dinner. https://t.co/TqujdWmXTO
22 Apr, 01:41 PM UTC
Donny J. Chump
Give Up, Trump-Haters #NorthKorea #MeatlessMonday Donny J. Chump's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 01:37 PM UTC
The Frugal Dietitian
#MeatlessMonday #EarthDay2019 Perfect Combination!
22 Apr, 01:34 PM UTC
At home food delivery by Daily Harvest is #MeatlessMonday EVERYDAY !! Delicious plant-based pre made meals and smoothies that are delivered right to your door ** Use code RE-D4LY7L4 to get yourself 3 free cups of whatever you want ** at https://t.co/03z9chiuh2 #HealthyEating SunnyDays's photo on #MeatlessMonday
22 Apr, 01:33 PM UTC

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