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Dave Wasserman
Breaking #NC09: Mecklenburg early vote now in, McCready (D) wins it 60%-40%. He won it 57%-42% in 2018. On surface, a good sign for him but again, EV is way down vs. 2018 and still plenty of room for Bishop (R) to make it up in Election Day vote.
11 Sep, 12:14 AM UTC
Scott Bland
UPDATE: With 108/210 precincts reporting in #NC09, McCready (D) running 0.1 pts behind 2018 margin *in completed precincts.* This will be close. In few completed Mecklenburg (Charlotte burbs) precincts, McCready is improving over '18 - so we'll see what happens. Barnburner
11 Sep, 01:12 AM UTC
Seth Abramson
3/ McCready is behind by 3,821; nearly all the votes left are in Mecklenburg County, where McCready is *winning* by 7,534 votes with 76% reporting. If my #NC09 math is right, that means... {*does some calculations*} ...the Republicans will win this thing by about *7,500 votes*.
11 Sep, 02:05 AM UTC
Richard Baris
Richmond was the first sign of trouble for Dan McCready tonight. The flip in Cumberland did him, told us he wouldn't have the juice in Mecklenburg, where that margin will shrink. All in all, Republicans flexed their Election Day muscle. And NC3, our second home, was a blowout.
11 Sep, 02:31 AM UTC
Seth Abramson
5/ Sometimes it's a matter of which precincts are out—I get it. I "get" that McCready gained 7,500+ net votes on his GOP opponent in the first 56% of Mecklenburg Cty reporting, and then gained 900 net votes in the next 40% that reported in the same county, and Bishop won by 3,500
11 Sep, 02:13 AM UTC
Christian Lamar
All precincts in except for Mecklenburg. 5 precincts are still counting votes. Now why would that be? All counties except for the bluest county in NC09.
11 Sep, 02:13 AM UTC
Joe Bruno
UPDATE: Huge McCready lead early: With Mecklenburg County early voting results now posted, McCready holds a 7,533 vote lead over Bishop (D) McCready- 44,730 (R) Bishop- 37,197 (L) Scott- 242 (G) Allen- 148 #NC09 @wsoctv
11 Sep, 12:11 AM UTC
Steve Kornacki
Just over half of much-anticipated Mecklenburg Election Day vote is now in and McCready still trails district-wide by 2,500 votes
11 Sep, 01:39 AM UTC
G. Elliott Morris
Mecklenburg is trickling in and slowly tilting the stage more R. Richmond has just reported all Election Day precincts and it's 52-47 for Bishop (McCready won it 50-48 in 2018) The race is too close to make a call but I don't see how McCready can pull this off.
11 Sep, 01:26 AM UTC
Accused child rapist, an illegal alien, is tracked down by @ICEgov after Mecklenburg County, NC Sheriff’s Office refused to honor an @ICEgov detainer. This insanity needs to stop. Sheriff McFadden @MeckSheriff needs his ass arrested.
10 Sep, 10:41 AM UTC
Rachel "The Doc" Bitecofer 📈🔭🗿💪
That big turnout surge in the rural areas of NC-9 for same day voting; that's all Trump rally. Turnout not large enough in Mecklenburg/Charlotte to offset it. Just 64K votes out of there so McCready's 12pt win (2pt improvement over '18) not quite enough. Needed more turnout!
11 Sep, 04:02 AM UTC
In 2016, Hillary Clinton won North Carolina’s second biggest county, Mecklenburg, with 66% of the vote, tonight, Democrat Dan McCready won Mecklenburg with 55% of the vote, a drastic change heading into 2020!
11 Sep, 03:10 AM UTC
Riri Riri
Wow, Clinton won Mecklenburg by 30. Bishop is only down about 10 in this county tonight. We are seeing the black districts swinging toward Republicans. #Blexit #NC09
11 Sep, 02:11 AM UTC
Jonathan Martin
Here's @RichardFausset from the Queen City on Trump giveth & Trump taketh away Get this: Even tho McCready lost by a larger margin than in '18, he *improved* on his margin in Mecklenburg Co (Charlotte) The R's suburban problem isn't getting better
11 Sep, 02:32 AM UTC
@DemWrite I voted for him twice, donated multiple times, wrote postcards until my fingers cramped and canvassed. 1/2 of Mecklenburg county cannot carry this heavily gerrymandered district and these counties will always be red.
11 Sep, 02:29 AM UTC
This is why I am confident that Bishop will win. Look at the %s from the EV data versus data from votes from today. Look at the margin in Union & Cumberland. It widened for Bishop. Mecklenburg will get narrower as the % increases. Meaning Bishop will extend his lead.
11 Sep, 01:31 AM UTC
NC District 9 Special Election: Mecklenburg McCready (D) 60.2% (18,979) Bishop (R) 39.3% (12,378) Richmond McCready (D) 50.5% (1,989) Bishop (R) 49.1% (1,932) Robeson McCready (D) 62.6% (4,551) Bishop (R) 37% (2,691) Total McCready (D) 52.9% (50,248) Bishop (R) 46.5% (44,188)
11 Sep, 12:33 AM UTC
NC09 10:07pm Cumberland County is in. Weirdly the late Votes seemed to be mostly Bishop. Mecklenburg still has 10% to report. It is a large county that McCready is taking by 13%. There should be about 6,000 votes coming in. Unless they are strongly McCready it doesn’t look good
11 Sep, 02:10 AM UTC
Amee Vanderpool
Here's what were looking for-we want 100% in from Union with Bishop maintaining that tiny lead he has now so that when Mecklenburg County comes in (big numbers for McCready from the Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia metropolitan area) McCready only has to close a little gap. #NC09
11 Sep, 01:39 AM UTC
Rosie memos
Coming down to Mecklenburg county, heavy democrat why is that? The heavy Dem areas always last to show up.. blahhh
11 Sep, 02:05 AM UTC
Felicia Sonmez
Only 150,000 of Mecklenburg County's 720,000 registered voters live in NC-09. The rest live in NC-12 -- but the county has been so carpeted with TV and radio ads that many residents went to vote today, only to be disappointed. Via @theobserver:
11 Sep, 01:59 AM UTC
Christian Lamar
@cjmoose I do know the population. I did my research earlier today, I don’t need the media. Mecklenburg is way far behind than it should be. That’s not a mistake, it’s intentional. We all know why. We have seen this movie before.
11 Sep, 01:38 AM UTC
Antifa Zeckenbiss
"Die Gruppe "Nordkreuz" aus Mecklenburg-Vorpommern gilt als rechtes Terrornetzwerk." #Neonazis #RechterTerror
10 Sep, 01:30 PM UTC
Senator Natasha Marcus
Want to see how the base map for Mecklenburg Cty redistricting was chosen today? (Note: all 5 choices have a Republican advantage baked in bc the Chairs insisted that we use Dr Chen’s data set 2.) Corresponding map will be available soon. #ncpol #fairmaps @NatashaMarcusNC's photo on Mecklenburg
10 Sep, 10:17 PM UTC
Q Slayer Express 🐴
@Nate_Cohn Bishop gaining in Mecklenburg, narrowing down the margin in the upper 50s. Bishop is gaining.
11 Sep, 01:41 AM UTC
Jonathan Simon
Unlike the rest of NC-9, Mecklenburg counts votes on paperless, nonverifible DREs. There may be benign (quirks of reporting) explanations for the following but... I'd like an explanation of how, with 28% of Meck's precincts reporting, the Meck vote total was 40K (24D-16R)...2/
11 Sep, 02:43 AM UTC
Jim Bazán
It's turnout, folks. 21% in Mecklenburg County, vs. 40% in Union County. Oh, and $4 million in negative ads.
11 Sep, 02:35 AM UTC
@mmpadellan I'M PISSED! All of Mecklenburg County (Charlotte) is BLUE AS HELL! They redrew that map to include a teeny weeny slice of Meck Cty and diluted it with all those backwards ass, racists counties! Good thing @jdanbishop only gets 1 yr. 2020 is bringing the BIGGER BLUER WAVE.💙🌀🌊
11 Sep, 04:43 AM UTC
EQV Analytics
@NCSBE With just 5 precincts still unreported in Mecklenburg County, it looks like the near-final (unofficial) numbers in #NC09 are: Dan Bishop (R): 94,984 Dan McCready (D): 90,824
11 Sep, 02:26 AM UTC
The Full Zandar Report
Can't stress this enough. McCready went for Mecklenburg County and overperformed, but he took Robeson County and the Lumbee tribal vote for granted. And he effectively lost it.
11 Sep, 04:44 AM UTC

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