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Donald J. Trump
Today is National #MedalofHonorDay. Join me in a #MomentofHonor to remember those who have earned our Nation's highest award for valor in combat. The Nation is eternally grateful to these patriots who so valiantly fought for America’s values and the American way of life! @realDonaldTrump's photo on #MedalofHonorDay
25 Mar, 03:45 PM UTC
Department of Defense 🇺🇸
Today is National #MedalofHonorDay, a time to remember the 3,500+ heroes who received the nation’s highest award for valor. In these extraordinary times, it is important to remember those who came before us and sacrificed much for our nation. @DeptofDefense's photo on #MedalofHonorDay
25 Mar, 11:24 AM UTC
Today, on #MedalofHonorDay, we commemorate those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, earning our Nation's highest award for valor in combat. (Official White House Photo by Amy Rossetti) @GOP's photo on #MedalofHonorDay
25 Mar, 05:39 PM UTC
Today is #MedalofHonorDay! Today we remember the courage and selfless sacrifice of those incredible individuals. There are over 3,500 #MedalofHonor recipients & 27 are Medal of Honor recipients who served as U.S Army #SpecialForces. https://t.co/IbXJ9v0skJ
25 Mar, 02:29 PM UTC
Ronny Jackson
Thankful to have met some Medal of Honor recipients! Let’s take a #MomentofHonor on #MedalofHonorDay to salute the veterans that have earned the highest award of valor! We are incredibly blessed to have great veterans who go above and beyond the call of duty. https://t.co/Uum9tjiXjH
25 Mar, 06:25 PM UTC
Martha MacCallum
Also for #MedalofHonorDay you can download my book #UnknownValor and read about Medal of Honor recipient Hershel “Woody” Williams, whom I am honored to call my friend. @marthamaccallum's photo on #MedalofHonorDay
25 Mar, 05:10 PM UTC
Texas A&M University
🎖 Throughout history, eight Aggies have been awarded the Medal of Honor: Horace S. Carswell Jr. '38 George D Keathley '37 Turney W. Leonard '42 Thomas W. Fowler '43 Eli L. Whiteley '41 William G. Harrell '43 Lloyd H. Hughes '43 Clarence E. Sasser '73 #MedalOfHonorDay @TAMU's photo on #MedalofHonorDay
25 Mar, 07:40 PM UTC
National Medal Of Honor Museum
#MomentOfHonor is a time for all Americans to come together and quietly reflect on what #MedalOfHonor recipients have done to protect our way of life. Join us now as we take a moment. #MOH325 #MedalofHonorDay https://t.co/lVCMlUK6Xp https://t.co/cWc4GUrf4w
25 Mar, 07:25 PM UTC
Arlington National Cemetery
Dennis Bell was a Buffalo Soldier and served with the @USArmy 10th Cavalry Regiment during the Spanish-American war. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for rescuing wounded soldiers in the Battle of Tayacoba. Cpl. Bell is buried in Section 31. #MedalOfHonorDay #MOHatANC @ArlingtonNatl's photo on #MedalofHonorDay
25 Mar, 07:43 PM UTC
Baylor Football
In honor of the bravest. 🇺🇸 #MedalofHonorDay @BUFootball's photo on #MedalofHonorDay
25 Mar, 07:52 PM UTC
Defense Health Agency
Today, we celebrate those military medical professionals and their selfless, daring acts of bravery to earn the nation’s highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor. https://t.co/MHOvIEVsj3 #MedalofHonorDay @DoD_DHA's photo on #MedalofHonorDay
25 Mar, 12:30 PM UTC
SUVCW National HQ
Today is National #MedalofHonorDay. The award was established during the #CivilWar to recognize U.S. service members who have distinguished themselves by acts of valor. The first #MOH was awarded on 03.25.1863 to Pvt Jacob W Parrott for his actions during #AndrewsRaid. 🇺🇸🇺🇸 https://t.co/KP0e77rSTT
25 Mar, 07:34 PM UTC
For #MedalofHonorDay, we are remembering the @USCG's only recipient, Douglas Munro, and the ultimate sacrifice he made during the battle of Guadalcanal. If you watch the video, you’ll hear first-hand accounts from Munro’s friends & those he served with. @USCGNortheast on MedalofHonorDay">https://t.co/F0oMWg3vnL @USCGNortheast's photo on #MedalofHonorDay
25 Mar, 07:28 PM UTC
Nicolas Clamorgan ❌ 🇺🇸
#MedalofHonorDay #MomentOfHonor America needs heros again! Thank you, guys!! 🙏 https://t.co/KHvDuLCXov
25 Mar, 08:01 PM UTC
Donald J. Tron (Parody)
To remember those who have earned our Nation's highest award for valor in combat. Today is National #MedalofHonorDay.
25 Mar, 08:00 PM UTC