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José Andrés
And we will be there every day until this shutdown ends! Members of Congress @gop @TheDemocrats, I invite you to come to our kitchen and meet/serve those affected by this national emergency! #ChefsForFeds
18 Jan, 04:55 PM UTC
Got to meet my @FightingWMyFam twin today!! @Florence_Pugh what a great first day of media 😍
19 Jan, 06:12 AM UTC
Brooding YA Hero
Ideally, on your first day at a new school you should: -make one new best friend (to be ditched by chapter 5) -have one clumsy moment -meet your nemesis -exchange long, meaningful eye contact with at least one handsome, mysterious dude -inform the reader how average you are
18 Jan, 04:53 PM UTC
Calgary Flames
"He actually got to meet the real Harvey after practice the other day. I knew he'd be happy ... he was in tears. I was close." Tomas Rittich got the surprise of a lifetime from David earlier this week.
18 Jan, 11:11 PM UTC
💖 Marylou 💖
Is it within @realDonaldTrump power to release 10 names from the sex hush fund each day the Dems refuse to meet with him?
18 Jan, 09:51 PM UTC
Vic Lombardi
Such a gratifying day watching the @nuggets work with Special Olympians. Want you to meet Yariv Ben-Naim. He knows every score of every Nuggets game he’s ever seen...and then some. Vic Lombardi's photo on MEET DAY
18 Jan, 09:52 PM UTC
Mr. Aye Dee
Other than a very random Congressman, no one of political value agreed to meet with @Atiku in DC, man had 2 spend most or the day calling out to blacks in the lobby of the Trump hotel, asking if they're Nigerians and telling them he's running for @NGRPresident... 😂🤣😅
19 Jan, 02:11 AM UTC
ziha desu || TK&YM EVENT 📌
19 Jan, 07:39 AM UTC
“Boo, we love you with all our hearts and will miss you until the day we meet again."
19 Jan, 04:32 AM UTC
Oklahoma Women's Gym
It's meet day in @alliekstern's home state. 🆚 UNC, Ball State 🕐 1 p.m. CT 📍 Chapel Hill, N.C. 📺 ESPN3 💻 📈 Oklahoma Women's Gym's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 03:00 PM UTC
🍎 𝖓𝖎𝖈𝖔𝖑𝖊 🍎
Whether there's a meet and greet contest or not, I'll still be streaming CLAPCLAPCLAP! all day and all night send tweet
19 Jan, 03:18 PM UTC
South Dakota XC/T&F
It's MEET DAY‼️ #GoYotes 📍: SJAC (Brookings, S.D.) 📈: 📅: South Dakota XC/T&F's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 01:30 PM UTC
Maggie Nichols
Meet day!!!⭐️
19 Jan, 03:41 PM UTC
WVWC Track & XC
It’s meet day!!! We are excited see what marks are put down by our Bobcats today!! #GoBobcats WVWC Track & XC's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 12:45 PM UTC
Redbird Track & XC
A little (or a lot of) ❄️ won't stop us, because it's MEET DAY! ➡️ Notre Dame Invitational 📍 Loftus Sports Center in South Bend, Ind. ⏰ Field - 9:15 a.m. CT | Track - 11 a.m. CT 📊 #BackTheBirds #FlyHigh Redbird Track & XC's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 02:44 PM UTC
WSU Track & Field
📸 Photos & results from day one of the WSU Indoor meet! Results >> #GoCougs
19 Jan, 05:18 AM UTC
NIU Track & Field
IT’S @NIUXCTrack MEET DAY! 🔥 📍@GVSU_XC_TF ⏱ 12:00P CST 📊 #NIUTF 🐾 NIU Track & Field's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 11:17 AM UTC
Quietstorm - The Awkward Writer
Happy Friday Blogger Follow Train 🚂 ✔Share your links below Rules: ✔Follow me and Everyone who respond ✔RT this tweet ✔Meet new bloggers Hope you had a great day! Quietstorm - The Awkward Writer's photo on MEET DAY
18 Jan, 05:24 PM UTC
SMT now showing! 🍔
"Two college freshmen, Pol (McCoy de Leon) and Laya (Elisse Joson), accidentally meet during their last day of school in Baguio City." McCoy & Elisse are in their early 20s but Pol & Laya are teenagers. Take note of that. ✨ #SakalingMagingTayo SMT now showing! 🍔's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 03:15 PM UTC
jas 🌙
the day I meet someone that matches my sex drive.. is a dangerous day
19 Jan, 08:49 AM UTC
Natasha Lindstrom
If you’d like to meet a baby owl, you might want to plan a trip to Pittsburgh’s North Side. The 6-day-old owlet weighs as much as a small peach. By 8 weeks, it’ll be 10 pounds with a wing span about as long as @Jumpman23 is tall, or ~6 ½ feet. @TribLIVE
18 Jan, 07:45 PM UTC
Always Be 🦁 To Ya!
🦁Today Is The Day🦁 Today marks the first day i started streaming on #twitch and its been lit and i thank you all for being such amazing people to meet and network and become friends with that i trust with everything! Stream Starts Tonight 5PM EST! #TwitchOSF #StreamersClub Always Be 🦁 To Ya!'s photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 03:36 PM UTC
Barkha Trehan
Indore’s DIG Hari Mishra said police had audio and video clips whch suggest that Palak was blackmailing spiritual head threatening that he was2 meet d same fate as Dati Maharaj,who was booked for rape on the complaint of his female disciple on June11,day before Bhaiyyujis suicide Barkha Trehan's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 02:55 PM UTC
Holger Hestermeyer
@annietrev But now reality hits. Your friends continue to meet every day. After three months you finally meet again. They are still nice, but they keep discussing the cool event one month ago and a club problem you don’t care about.
19 Jan, 03:38 PM UTC
Kendall Hazel
Well. It’s official. Never thought this day would come. I woke up at 7:15 to shower and make a coffee run all so I could meet @AshlieStokes4 for the @LFC match at 9. I am a soccer fan. #YNWA
19 Jan, 02:07 PM UTC
Wilmington XCTR
It's Meet day. Marietta Invite at noon. Go Quakers! Wilmington XCTR's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 01:57 PM UTC
🐰 Wonhina 🐰
[TRANS] [#KIHYUN] Ended!!!!!!!!! We go back to Korea😍 Hong Kong monbebe, do it well till the day that we meet us again!!!!!!!
19 Jan, 03:42 PM UTC
Meet Day - first track meet in 2019- - It’s a great day to be a Lion!! @mososports @mososportsad MSSU XC & T&F's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 03:35 PM UTC
UCCS Athletics
MEET DAY | @uccstrack will be hosting the Power 5 Meet today in Mountain Lion Fieldhouse. Events are set to begin at 12:00pm. #ClawsOut #GoMountainLions UCCS Athletics's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 03:23 PM UTC
𝕾𝖖𝖚𝖎𝖗𝖗𝖊𝖑-𝕻𝖎𝖗𝖊 🧛‍♀️🌙
Also side note: Keanu is a forever stud- I hope to some day meet him and thank him for being so amazing That is all
19 Jan, 03:40 PM UTC
Lake Ridge Swimming
District meet... race day. Waiting for warm-ups. Get pumped, get excited, and swim fast. Wings up Lake Ridge Swimming's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 03:04 PM UTC
Park Kyungsoo, is a single parent after his husband died from accident few years ago. His life now only have kyungin. Kyungin still a baby and he's working as a baker at the Shining bakery shop. One day he meet Kim Jongin. A tall man with tanned skin after that day was history.
19 Jan, 03:33 PM UTC
Tomorrow is the day! #Detroit residents are invited to connect w/ #SmithGroup on 1/19 @ 11am & 2pm to kick-off planning for the @CityofDetroit Joe Louis #Greenway Project . We want your input! Join us at Palmer Park Community Bldg-1121 Merrill Plaisance SmithGroup's photo on MEET DAY
18 Jan, 06:36 PM UTC
UNI Swim & Dive
It's meet day! Come see your Panthers take on Illinois State at 2 p.m. in the last home meet of the season! #UNIFight UNI Swim & Dive's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 03:31 PM UTC
Matt Spivey
Today is the day! Grab your friends and family and meet up for AYCE oysters and chili! Come support a great group of kids. Tickets available at the door for $20. @ Tattooed Senorita
19 Jan, 02:59 PM UTC
budmañ006 - Let's Go Braves!
Day. Already. Made!!! Great to meet the @KnockahomaNTN boys! #ChopFest @santoniobrown @kendh @CynHendrix budmañ006 - Let's Go Braves!'s photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 03:40 PM UTC
WVU Gymnastics
Meet Day in Colorado! 🤩🤩🤩 Link for a video stream is available at No live scores tonight - so, stay close to Twitter for in-meet updates! 💛💙💛💙 WVU Gymnastics's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 03:44 PM UTC
Wolvcoll Photography
Well there is another open day done! Was lovely to meet so many potential new students @wolvcoll #openday #darkroom #blackandwhite #photography #filmphotography #filmprocessing Wolvcoll Photography's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 02:59 PM UTC
MEET DAY The Power 5 📍 Colorado Springs, Colo. 🏟️ Mountain Lion Fieldhouse 🕖 1:00 P.M. CT 📺 📊 #BuffNation #LSCtf
19 Jan, 03:25 PM UTC
FRIAR CUP!!! 🕐 1PM 📍 Taylor Natatorium 🆚 Holy Cross SENIOR DAY ‼️ Come support the Swim and Dive Teams as they compete in the last home meet of the season! #GOFRIARS PC SAAC's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 03:30 PM UTC
Varsity Spirit
UCA & UDA College Nationals kicked off last night with the crowning of the 2019 Game Day Champions! 👑
19 Jan, 03:27 PM UTC
Coach Chris Klassen
🔥GAME DAY!!!🔥 Reminder game time has been moved to 2:30pm. Kids, come dressed as your favorite super hero, meet Blaze and cheer on our #PrairieFire as we take on Grinnell College. #FireUp🔥🏀 Coach Chris Klassen's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 03:23 PM UTC
Sports At Your Fingertips
🇬🇾 Guyana's Arinze Chance had an historic day on a historic evening at the Gamecock Inaugural meet, setting a new national and South Carolina @GamecockTrack Indoor 400m program record. #CollegeSportsCarib @Azee_C Sports At Your Fingertips's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 03:43 PM UTC
ًgunn miss bts :((
thank you for the amazing night, my boys. we shall meet again one day, promise. ًgunn miss bts :(('s photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 03:43 PM UTC
NHS Gymnastics
It’s meet day!! 3pm at Spectrum Gymnastics in Brockton . NHS Gymnastics's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 03:40 PM UTC
Scott County Lady Cardinals 🏀
🚨🚨 Its Game Day!! 🚨🚨 Toyota Classic Round Robin 🎟 SCHS vs Clark County 🌎 Scott County Middle School** ⏰ 3pm tip** 📱@oaksie72 News Graphic **revised schedule Meet us at the gym!!
19 Jan, 03:24 PM UTC
Science SKGT 🔭🔬🧬🧪🌡🧫⚗️
A huge thank you to all of our helpers today at open day! Lots of smiles from the prospective students - it was lovely to meet you!
19 Jan, 03:39 PM UTC
Mrs Webb
A1 - A visable in the room with hour time frames. When we meet in the morning & discuss our day we decide what goes into what time frame and try to stick to it as much as possible. I teach gifted and they do not leave, even for lunch, so we stay very busy! Timers!! #leadlap
19 Jan, 03:43 PM UTC
Min Aireal
ชูก้า เธอเหนื่อยหรอ #suga are you tired ?? @BTS_twt just 74 day we will meet. #BTSLoveYourselfBKK Waiting for you like me.
19 Jan, 03:38 PM UTC
19 Jan, 03:47 PM UTC
@The_Michelle620 They followed because you are the coolest person ever but then unfollowed because they realized they aren't worthy! I mean it's not every day you meet one of the most awesome people on Earth. Tikaani's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 03:47 PM UTC
@alphacard Did you know people wait 3 months or longer to get a cracked screen fixed? Don't wait another day. We can fix it! You won't even have to come to us. We'll meet you anywhere! Use TWEET10 for 10% off! ^KS
19 Jan, 03:46 PM UTC
Mr Cole
Great day in Northampton for Developing Coaches and Match Officials workshop through @QKidsFirst and @RFU_GameDev. Nice to meet others involved and share some ideas! #DCMO 🏉🏉🏉
19 Jan, 03:46 PM UTC
@papadino64 Some people wait 3 months to get a cracked screen fixed. Don't wait another day, Matt. We're able to fix it! We'll meet you wherever you are! Gym? Office? Dinner? No problem. We'll be there! Use TWEET10 for 10% off! ^KS
19 Jan, 03:46 PM UTC
money man jake
@mllksteak maybe you can meet him one day! he seems to appear once a year for me
19 Jan, 03:45 PM UTC
Caydon Mann
Want to meet them one day so all you people out there making fun of how the dobre twins talk y'all need to stop that y'all think that bully r cool but they r really just a big piece of trash 😠😠😉😉😉
19 Jan, 03:44 PM UTC
Jeffrey (KingCoast/KingCoast14)
@Qb1Junkie If you are still in Fort Worth, then we need to meet up for a day when you are off. That is around the corner for me.
19 Jan, 03:44 PM UTC
@hanitswinetime I’m free all day so could meet anytime
19 Jan, 03:44 PM UTC
Tanasi ♡ 영동참휘
✧Day 19 I'm really glad you got to meet fans from the US,,, and really happy for the fans as well!💕 It looked like you guys had so much fun, and your english!! I was so surprised by how good it sounded~ The battle trip episode! It was fun to watch, and 영동이 너무 기여워 ㅠㅠ
19 Jan, 03:44 PM UTC
Ramona Cousins
@Cagibson52 @TeresaDozier2 @FotoulaB @Geiszluci @mungapiper Thanks so much Connie! It is a slow recovery process but I have a new (and much needed) awareness of my health. Will be heading up to Mizzou in Spring for moms day weekend so maybe we can meet up then. Need my Connie fix!
19 Jan, 03:44 PM UTC
@OsirisBladeXXX I look like a very sensitive n good person I hope we could meet one day ....
19 Jan, 03:43 PM UTC
Cllr Anne Murphy
Great day at the Heritage Fair in Sheffield’s Milenuum gsllery meet the guys on the Sheffield Home of Football Stall (SHoF)
19 Jan, 03:43 PM UTC
Jacqueline Ong
@randomgirlove It's okay! One day it will happen trust me and you will get to meet taetae 😘
19 Jan, 03:43 PM UTC
DAY 3! Doors are at 10am! Come to booth C9 to: 1️⃣ check out the units we brought with us! 2️⃣ sign up for our newsletter & Spin to Win! 3️⃣ check out our new KIDS ZONE! 4️⃣ meet our friendly sales team! And much much more! SicardRV's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 03:43 PM UTC
Good morning!! 😃☀️. It’s Meet Day!! CDH 💜💛☠️🏊🏼‍♂️⭐️ travels to The Art Downey Aquatic Center in Edina 💚💚🐝🏊🏼‍♂️⭐️ at South View MS for the 6AA True Team Section Meet. The meet starts at 1pm. Go Raiders!! #FortheTeam
19 Jan, 03:42 PM UTC
ㅤ D-109 & D-108⇣ Till the day we meet again ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤ #WaitingForKyuHyun #규현 #KyuHyun
19 Jan, 03:42 PM UTC
Worcester State
Game day for ice hockey, men and women's basketball and meet day for men and women's indoor track and field. Let's go @wsulancers! #woopride #woostate #lancernation 🧡💙 Worcester State's photo on MEET DAY
19 Jan, 03:41 PM UTC
Jennifer, Heo
@lamimouse sure, hope one day we'll meet on the same stage !
19 Jan, 03:41 PM UTC
iKïm || #LYinOurSoul 180126
Its okay its alright come on MY ARMYs fight fight fight~ Don't be sad, inshaAllah you will meet bts one day. Berhuhuhu dahulu, berhahaha kemudian.
19 Jan, 03:41 PM UTC
Trilina Pucci
Happy release day @_brianna_hale_ 🖤 This is 🔥 🔥🔥🔥 #Repost @_brianna_hale_ with get_repost ・・・ COME TO DADDY is LIVE! And still 99c for a very limited time. Are you ready to meet Daddy…
19 Jan, 03:40 PM UTC
@miss_muffet98 Maybe one day I will get to be one of the lucky ones to meet @Jack_Septic_Eye
19 Jan, 03:40 PM UTC
Meet day for the Tigers in Maryville, MO for the Northwest Open! First event starts at 11am. - @…
19 Jan, 03:40 PM UTC
come one come all, let's have an amazing day with more questing and pvp :) @Twitch @TESOnline , come chat , listen to music , meet new people , :)
19 Jan, 03:39 PM UTC

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