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You're more likely to be killed by an asteroid than win the Mega Millions jackpot
20 Jan, 02:12 AM UTC
Stevie Stacks 🇺🇸🇮🇱
If I happen to win the mega millions tonight I’ll give 5 people $10million each!! Man that be awesome! #TeamStacks
19 Jan, 11:44 PM UTC
¡El premio mayor de HOY de la lotería de Mega Millions en Estados Unidos alcanzó los US$850 Millones! Obtén 2 boletos por tan solo US$5.40 en el ENLACE de abajo. Solo puedes participar si resides fuera de USA. #ad #sponsor #MegaMillions #Loteria 🌟🌟🌟 ➡️ @thalia's photo on Mega Millions
19 Jan, 10:00 PM UTC
ABC7 Eyewitness News
MEGA MILLIONS UPDATE: One ticket with 5/5 numbers but no Mega was sold in Artesia and is worth $1.4 million; there were no winners of the big prize and the jackpot now grows to $970 million for Friday
20 Jan, 05:48 AM UTC
Nine. Hundred. Seventy. Million. I’m coming for that ass Mega Millions
20 Jan, 01:04 PM UTC
Tonight's Mega Millions is $865 million Take home after federal and state tax: Cali: $402,479,928 Fl: $402,479,928 Ga: $365,748,928 IL: $370,859,328 La: $364,151,928 Mass: $370,539,928 MD: $345,307,328 Nc: $368,942,928 NY: $346,137,768 Tx: $346,137,768 Va: $365,748,928
19 Jan, 09:55 PM UTC
lil duval
Fuck me running! i almost hit the mega millions last night. Just off 6 numbers 😩😩😩😩🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
20 Jan, 01:22 PM UTC
Ryan Field
No Mega Millions winner...again! Jackpot rises to $970+ million on Friday. @RyanFieldABC's photo on Mega Millions
20 Jan, 06:50 AM UTC
ABC7 Eyewitness News
Mega Millions winning numbers drawing yields no winner as jackpot rolls over to $970M
20 Jan, 12:33 PM UTC
New York Post
Mega Millions jackpot now closing in on $1 billion @nypost's photo on Mega Millions
20 Jan, 01:24 PM UTC
Jim Donovan
I didn’t win the Mega Millions drawing last night (nobody won). So I showed up for work today (you should too). The numbers were 10, 19, 26, 28, 50 and the mega ball was 16. #NextTime @jimdonovancbs3's photo on Mega Millions
20 Jan, 09:23 AM UTC
Maybe. But I’d like to be miserable about mega millions problems, and not my current ones.
19 Jan, 09:46 PM UTC
ABC13 Houston
The Mega Millions jackpot is edging closer to the $1 billion mark after no winner was drawn Tuesday.​
20 Jan, 01:20 PM UTC
13News Now
No winner in Mega Millions; jackpot rises to $970 million Friday
20 Jan, 06:02 AM UTC
Austin Kellerman
MY GOODNESS! Friday’s Mega Millions jackpot will be nearly $1 billion! @AustinKellerman's photo on Mega Millions
20 Jan, 10:39 AM UTC
Washington's Lottery
What does over a BILLION in combined Jackpots look like? Lots and lots of zeroes...don't miss these $865M Mega Millions and $730M Powerball Jackpots! Play responsibly and stay safe.
20 Jan, 12:13 AM UTC
Check your tickets! The Mega Millions numbers for the $865 million prize are... @WDRBNews's photo on Mega Millions
20 Jan, 04:06 AM UTC
How I was into the office every morning after the Mega Millions and Powerball drawings
20 Jan, 01:04 PM UTC
Michigan Lottery
Here are your Mega Millions winning numbers for Tue Jan 19: 10, 19, 26, 28, 50 MB: 16, 2X. Reply OFF MILottoResults to quit text msgs
20 Jan, 04:34 AM UTC
Ariaa Jaeger
People I won again last night in the Mega Millions it was only a little money but I still won again! That's three scaramucci's and a day!
20 Jan, 01:19 PM UTC
UPDATE: While there was no big winner, there were 11 tickets sold that had five numbers, missing only the final Mega number. Nine of those tickets are worth at least $1 million. Click below to check out last night's numbers.
20 Jan, 01:20 PM UTC
Fulvio Meloni
Mega Millions jackpot rises to $970 million with no winners Tuesday
20 Jan, 01:19 PM UTC
WKRN News 2
No Mega Millions winner as jackpot climbs to $970 million #GMN
20 Jan, 01:29 PM UTC
Nina Mehlhaf
NO ONE WON MEGA MILLIONS JACKPOT Next drawing Friday: estimated to reach $970M. That is nuts.
20 Jan, 12:11 PM UTC
Stephan J Rolle
Don’t let Inauguration Day distract you from the fact that no one won the Mega Millions and the jackpot is estimated $970million!
20 Jan, 01:27 PM UTC
After hitting the 1st 4 Mega-Millions numbers and missing the rest. Sat like this for an hour. 🤣
20 Jan, 01:27 PM UTC
Alex Horgan
Didn’t win mega millions again,,, back to gym teaching
20 Jan, 01:24 PM UTC
Olivia | Devil 🌙
I got one number right on the mega millions again .
20 Jan, 01:24 PM UTC
Uncle Turnbuckle
I got three numbers on that Mega millions 🤦🏾‍♂️... i was soupt for a minute lol
20 Jan, 01:20 PM UTC
NO JACKPOT WINNER: Lottery players will have another shot at the third-largest jackpot in U.S. history after Tuesday night's drawing didn't turn up a winner.
20 Jan, 01:30 PM UTC

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