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Robert J. O'Neill
Nice win ladies. Don’t tell me how this ends up. I don’t care. Not watching.
11 Jun, 10:19 PM UTC
Mindy Robinson 🇺🇸
I’d say it’s time to boycott women’s soccer, but let’s keep it one’s watching that anyway. 🤣
12 Jun, 02:57 AM UTC
🇺🇸Toxic M@sculine M@RINE🇺🇸
#MeganRapinoe is a disgrace to the game, our veterans and the USA.
12 Jun, 02:17 AM UTC
MopingMegan of @ussoccer hates America, the flag & anthem; Does that include the opportunity, training, fame and $$ to play the game? Hate The USA child? Don’t represent it... Try Cuba. I’ll bloody ROW you there #Shoo
12 Jun, 11:35 AM UTC
I disliked Obama’s policies. But I showed respect to the flag and anthem while he was president. It’s about the country, not a person. Megan Rapinoe is an immature asshole. US soccer star Megan Rapinoe: Doesn't sing national anthem before Thailand match
12 Jun, 10:06 AM UTC
🇺🇸 ✝ RICK MAGA ✝ 🇺🇸
Megan Rapinoe said that she would probably never sing the national anthem again before a game as a sort of protest against the president. Your disrespectful to those who gave all to keep our freedom & America safe. Disrespectful liberal!! 🤷‍♂
12 Jun, 11:54 AM UTC
Deplorable Resistor ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Sorry, if you can’t respect the Anthem because you’re butthurt your corrupt candidate lost...3 years have no business playing on Team USA. Go back to your pro team and give up your spot to someone who cares about 🇺🇸.
12 Jun, 12:35 PM UTC
¡HISTÓRICO! 🔥 ⚽ Megan Rapinoe ⚽ Rose Lavelle ⚽ Mallory Pugh ⚽ Lindsey Horan ⚽⚽ Sam Mewis ⚽⚽ Rose Lavelle ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽ Alex Morgan Estados Unidos consigue la mayor goleada en la HISTORIA del Mundial Femenil #USA 13-0 #THA @ESPNmx's photo on Megan Rapinoe
11 Jun, 08:54 PM UTC
🇺🇸 Miguelifornia
Megan Rapinoe refuses to sing the national anthem before the Thailand World Cup match in solidarity with the LGBT community and as a 'F You to Trump' 🇺🇸TRUMP CURSE ACTIVATED🇺🇸
12 Jun, 02:58 AM UTC
Jim Williams
Even if the US Women’s soccer wins it all, Megan Rapinoe, you’re still a loser @mPinoe by not honoring our National Anthem. It’s all about you. Moron.
12 Jun, 02:46 AM UTC
Carmine Sabia
I could not care less if the United States Soccer team wins the World Cup. Their players, like Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan, have made it tough to care. They want to make it about politics. Not interested.
12 Jun, 02:02 PM UTC
Clifton Shepherd
She hates our country, hates our president, and hates our National Anthem. Should she be playing for a team that represents our nation? NO!
12 Jun, 01:07 PM UTC
Jim Hanson
I've been kicking womens soccer pretty hard (heh) But I'm not as wound up as some abt #USWNT goalie #Rapinoe not singing the anthem She didn't kneel, she just stood silent That's fine Making a spectacle of yourself to detract from it Is not
12 Jun, 12:36 PM UTC
Aunt Jackie
I volunteer to pack her bags, drive her to the airport, and ship her sorry behind out of this great country. US Women’s Soccer Player Ignored The National Anthem As An ‘F-You’ To Trump via @dailycaller
12 Jun, 01:51 PM UTC
The Independent
US women's footballer refuses to sing national anthem at World Cup
12 Jun, 02:04 PM UTC
Megan Rapinoe, attaccante USA e lesbica dichiarata, non canta l'inno per protesta contro il presidente Trump #TrumpProtest #MeganRapinoe #MondialeFemminile #TeamUSA
12 Jun, 01:25 PM UTC
Megan Rapinoe sagt "Fuck you" in Richtung ihrer Regierung
12 Jun, 02:33 PM UTC
Enrique Martinez 🇪🇸 🇺🇸
@ayyy_west Then you are clueless. Show some modesty and humility when you are winning 9-0, 10-0 and 11-0. Megan Rapinoe doing pirouettes and dancing like a dog at 9-0 is embarrassing, pathetic and classless. Did Germany celebrate like that winning 7-1 against Brazil? No. What. A. Joke.
12 Jun, 04:43 AM UTC
The American Flag/Nat'l Anthem, represents AMERICA and all the values, rights & privileges [good/bad/indifferent] you enjoy/dislike. Stop using the Trump Administration to show your disgrace to our Nation! The Presidency is 1-man; US National Flag is ALL!
12 Jun, 12:58 PM UTC
@Cocoa_Bean10 @thomesinc @ussoccer If athlete Megan Rapinoe doesn't play FOR the US.. She shouldn't play for the US. In the spirit of games, countrymen should form a team.. And to play their best and accept the outcome, Rather than hire mercenaries to assure a win. #FoxNews
12 Jun, 02:31 PM UTC
These Egotistical,Entitled Little Shits Are Supposed To Represent America! They are so Un-American! They’re ruining sports! SHAME ON THEM! US Women’s Soccer Player Ignored The National Anthem As An ‘F-You’ To Trump! #RespectTheAnthem
12 Jun, 02:43 PM UTC
Don Riedel
Not a protest: An absolute failure to understand what being an American is all about. The National Anthem is a psalm to America.
12 Jun, 02:39 PM UTC
U.S. Paratrooper - Big Gov’t Sucks
He probably is heart-broken over this. 🙄 karma setting themselves up to #fail #uswomenssoccer
12 Jun, 02:44 PM UTC
ricardo pinero
US women's footballer refuses to sing national anthem at World Cup
12 Jun, 02:43 PM UTC
kodak boardman
Megan Rapinoe’s goal celebration is so cringeworthy
12 Jun, 02:43 PM UTC
Mark Pukita
US Women’s Soccer Player Ignored The National Anthem As An ‘F-You’ To Trump
12 Jun, 02:42 PM UTC
Stephen Deming
ATTN: Anyone upset over the @USWNT scoring 13 It is more disrespectful to NOT play to your full potential. ATTN: Those upset at each celebration 4 players scored their 1st WC goals. Let them enjoy it. ATTN: Megan Rapinoe You've been there AND scored before. Act like it
12 Jun, 02:41 PM UTC
🇺🇸Sedulous 🇺🇸
Disgrace US soccer star Megan Rapinoe refuses to sing the national anthem via @MailOnline
12 Jun, 02:41 PM UTC
James De Brock, RN
@iheartmindy Who’s Megan Rapinoe? 🤣
12 Jun, 02:40 PM UTC
MAGA ♥B♥B♥ ♓130K
@iheartmindy megan rapinoe would rather kneel with Loser colin kaep then STAND with US & President Trump "F You" Too megan Why are you on #USWNT Why are you Cap How to make enemies and Lose millions of Fans #MAGA
12 Jun, 02:40 PM UTC
Jacques Sampson
@AlisonL You think it was ok for CAPTAIN Megan Rapinoe, who has 44 international goals, to celebrate like that after making it 9-0 against Thailand??
12 Jun, 02:40 PM UTC
Benjamin Tobias
US soccer star Megan Rapinoe refuses to sing the national anthem via @MailOnline I have a high opinion of Megan as an athlete. I have a low opinion of USWNT for making women of Thailand cry. So, F YOU MEGAN RAPINOE! My freedom to express, too.
12 Jun, 02:39 PM UTC
Helene Cash
...and she represents the #UnitedStates as Team Captain for the USA Women's Soccer Team. It is a #Privilege that anyone gets the opportunity to represent our country on a National...
12 Jun, 02:39 PM UTC
Radio-Canada Sports
Mondial féminin : les Américaines critiquées pour leurs célébrations
12 Jun, 02:39 PM UTC
Tobin Heath Sauce Goddess
@ErnestoGabiel @TSN_Sports @KaylynKyle @KateBeirness @ClareRustad @dmatheson8 Oh shut the fuck up. How dare you compare these women to Trump. Especially Megan Rapinoe. I mean seriously go get your head checked out.
12 Jun, 02:37 PM UTC
Robert Harrick
Seems like if there was any sporting event where participation in the national anthem was mandatory, it would be a national team. That's embarrassing on an international stage.
12 Jun, 02:37 PM UTC
eymorg MAGA/KAG 🇺🇸
@iheartmindy You stand for the country, not the occupant of the Oval Office, you and those like you spit in the face of everyone that died defending your freedom to be an ingrate and your freedom to pursue your little game of kickball Megan Rapinoe.
12 Jun, 02:36 PM UTC