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IF #MeganRapinoe whom most of us never heard of, had a minimal brain- she would have gone to the @WhiteHouse , be recognized by @realDonaldTrump and #womenssoccer ratings would shoot up! But NO... Instead she chose to be in the cesspool of @CNN with @andersoncooper ... @TrumperSeaney's photo on #MeganRapinoe
10 Jul, 10:36 PM UTC
Neal Boortz
The country is finding out that Megan Rapinoe is a vulgar skank. This whole victory is all about her, her sexual proclivities and her political ideology. Very tiring. #MeganRapinoe
11 Jul, 01:33 AM UTC
.#MeganRapinoe @mPinoe will only speak w/those who believe in what she believes in? She just described the current state of LIBERAL TOLERANCE!That would be a great big, fat 👉ZERO TOLERANCE👈 for anyone w/differing views. How progressive, diverse! Think I made this up?👇 🤣🤣 @ArizonaKayte's photo on #MeganRapinoe
11 Jul, 12:11 AM UTC
Raquel Martos
Esto es liderar. Esto es ilusionar. Esto es trabajar en serio. Esto es luchar por un proyecto. Que tomen ejemplo los que están a otra cosa. #MeganRapinoe 👇 https://t.co/U7K9sgq4go
11 Jul, 08:28 AM UTC
Laura Waddell
“It has felt radical to see women’s happiness on the big screens... These stars who very visibly press on in spite of their critics send a strong message about ignoring those stuck in the past & doing it for each other.” My column on #MeganRapinoe & @AOC https://t.co/QgNKDMeuRD
11 Jul, 08:14 AM UTC
I could care less if Un-American soccer player #MeganRapinoe @mPinoe won a hundred games. She's not a role model and never will be. Her and #Kaepernick should have a contest on who can stay on their knees the longest. Nobody cares........ https://t.co/IinHHlK3Tb
10 Jul, 06:02 PM UTC
Tilmann Warnecke
Ja, es gibt einen gewaltigen Unterschied zwischen Fußball der Frauen und der Männer: Es ist schlicht nicht vorstellbar, dass ein Weltmeisterkapitän bei den Männern eine so fantastische Rede wie #MeganRapinoe halten würde. Way to go für den Männerfußball. https://t.co/Wqv3awB4Pb
10 Jul, 08:21 PM UTC
Cactus 💕
@mPinoe 👇I like this pic of #MeganRapinoe much better! #RespectOurFlag🇺🇸#WorldCup2019 #KAG2020🇺🇸@POTUS🇺🇸 https://t.co/KNV4bZhOjc
10 Jul, 09:10 PM UTC
Menno Pot
Eigenlijk gewoon verliefd op d'r. Paar keer serieuze mening gegeven, meestal omdat ze ernaar gevraagd werd (!), maar ze heeft volgens mij vooral heel veel lol in het leven. Geeft geen ene fuck. Wat een meid joh. Geweldig. Hup Megan. #MeganRapinoe https://t.co/CNMvHQVYHj
11 Jul, 12:32 PM UTC
'#MeganRapinoe already sounds like a woke #Maradona at his coke messiah peak' By Igor Ogorodnev https://t.co/g1TggTpkZ9
11 Jul, 02:15 PM UTC
#MeganRapinoe Is a lot like @AOC just with purple hair... "A," I dare you to paint your hair RED you don't want to get left behind do you? https://t.co/pLNFcGHo6r
11 Jul, 02:06 AM UTC
Megan Rapinoe Spent 24 Hours Drinking Champagne And Punching Conservative Men In The Dick. YAY! https://t.co/2HNFtPV7m9 via @EvanHurst #MeganRapinoe https://t.co/QGHkFyIgE7
11 Jul, 03:53 PM UTC
J. Cummings
Llegué a pensar que el fútbol femenino tenía una oportunidad de oro para hacerse un hueco. ¿Por? Por la autenticidad, de la que ya carece el fútbol, lleno de divos asquerosos. Pero ya veo que no, está parasitado por el movimiento más perjudicial de hoy en día. #MeganRapinoe https://t.co/hJaomADcLi
11 Jul, 02:56 PM UTC
Natacha Quester-Séméon
#MeganRapinoe, cocapitaine de la sélection 🇺🇸⚽️ : “Nous devons aimer davantage, haïr moins. Nous devons écouter plus et moins parler. Nous devons savoir que c'est de la responsabilité de chacun. C'est de notre responsabilité de rendre ce monde meilleur.”. 👏🏻💃🏻🏳️‍🌈 #JamaisSansElles https://t.co/jtAeai0FXc
11 Jul, 12:46 PM UTC
Mariah Burton Nelson
#MeganRapinoe & her ancestors #WomensWorldCup2019 #FemaleAthletes @MPinoe #Goddess https://t.co/un2CIgJrRy
11 Jul, 04:29 PM UTC
Hmmm seems #MeganRapinoe @mPinoe has interesting loyalties to ummmm...Satan?👿 Wow, what a sweetheart...totally normal here. 🙄 https://t.co/aXw6iXHXsQ
11 Jul, 02:31 AM UTC
In questo periodo storico è basilare scegliere da che parte stare. Le parole della cocapitana possano essere mattoni : "Trump divide, acuendo differenze che non esistono" "Dobbiamo essere migliori, ascoltare di più e parlare di meno" "Ciascuno ha responsabilità" #MeganRapinoe https://t.co/v9jE8nyNtg
11 Jul, 04:50 PM UTC
🇺🇸Gennifer 🚧 #buildthewall
@ChuckCallesto Things #MeganRapinoe will be remembered for: Soccer Purple hair Anti-American Gay Self absorbed Not a team player Loud mouth Sore winner Her 15 minutes are up. Buh bye.
11 Jul, 05:17 PM UTC
I Stand & Support Megan Rapinoe saying the F' Bomb. For christ motherfucking sakes, some of you on the Right are such Snowflake Bitches as well. Keep doing your thing Megan, Fuck these HATERS!!! #IStandWithMeganRapinoe #IStandForFreeSpeech #MeganRapinoe #USWNTParade #USWNT https://t.co/gLeoQMtnPY
10 Jul, 10:15 PM UTC
Daniel for AnyDem2020
Hey #MAGA conservatives, I have a question: You say #MeganRapinoe "hates America" just because she dislikes the president...yet you all hated Obama. So my question is, when I call you hypocrites, should I capitalize the "H" or the entire word to get my point across?
11 Jul, 05:15 PM UTC
Viva La Persistence 🌹
@YankeePride Love Megan #MeganRapinoe
11 Jul, 03:06 AM UTC
ᴿᵁᴮᵞ ᴿᴼᴹᴬᴺᶜᴱ
Haha I love Meg!!! “Ive dropped the F bomb on all stages the last 3 days I’ll just spare you guys that” 😂 her style, personality and the way she carries herself n makes people laugh is extremely refreshing ❤️ she’s sooo bad ass #MeganRapinoe #rockstarathlete https://t.co/EHFMnEgSbh
11 Jul, 04:20 PM UTC
I just found this entire thread of fragile men so offended by #MeganRapinoe being amazing and proud of herself. This is going to get me through the day https://t.co/AGGxp3pxXO https://t.co/qqmyU5YlOw
11 Jul, 05:14 PM UTC
Carlos Arias 🇲🇽
#MeganRapinoe por fin un trending topic que vale la pena // finally a trending topic that is worth it
11 Jul, 04:06 PM UTC
Renat Künzi
Wenn die Fussball-Weltmeisterinnen ihre Titelsause zur Erneuerung der Menschenrechtscharta umfunktionieren, dann gibts noch Hoffnung für die USA. Kapitänin #MeganRapinoe stellte mit ihrer #Zivilcourage Präsident #Trump ins Offside wie kaum jemand zuvor. #RapinoeForPresident https://t.co/g7iAAdceYV
11 Jul, 05:24 PM UTC
James Del ⏯
People up in arms about #MeganRapinoe dropping an F bomb but they're ok with a president condoning sexual assault on tape! Grow the fuck up ,motherfuckers. 🖕🏼
11 Jul, 12:02 AM UTC
#MeganRapinoe is this German experience what you want for the USA! https://t.co/nGmhXgCCBD
11 Jul, 04:34 PM UTC
I only know of #MeganRapinoe two weeks ago and already she annoys me. Represents the worst of American sportsmanship ✅ Showy ✅ Loud, boisterous ✅ Self aggrandizing ✅ Cheap Virtue signaling ✅ Shallowly Political ✅ Entitled Quite the opposite of, say, the Williams sisters
11 Jul, 04:06 PM UTC
..🌈. #JRLCHARTS LGBT Politics Desk - NYPD Task Force Investigates Vandalized #MeganRapinoe Posters as a Hate Crime https://t.co/6X3S1xZhkD https://t.co/YFSt5N8eX5
11 Jul, 05:12 PM UTC
@mPinoe has as much class as a two bit street whore.#MeganRapinoe https://t.co/oyQ2ytzxxP
11 Jul, 04:57 PM UTC
Jocelyn Jake Houghton
#MeganRapinoe x #ReignFC 💙🖤 https://t.co/WSH6GtcVgK via @ESPN App https://t.co/NCK0P2YwhV
11 Jul, 05:31 PM UTC
MarsiaMarsiaMarsia MAGA U*S*A 🙏🇺🇸🙏 🚨POTTY👉💋
Holy SH‼️ I had to view this a few times thinking I'm reading something wrong, what is this?! Bc she's SUCH A NATIONAL DISGRACE!!! OMG😱 It's a fckin AD FOR A SPORTS DRINK CALLED BODY ARMOUR‼️ #BoycottBodyArmour BOYCOTT THIS SH! #MeganRapinoe @mPinoe 👇more rant https://t.co/xdqQJ8337S
11 Jul, 05:24 PM UTC
As mythical as a Dan Carlin podcast
@KaivanShroff @Martina @mPinoe @AbbyWambach @BillieJeanKing @benshapiro is only successful in his career because he is a very outspoken elf. #MeganRapinoe #USWNT
11 Jul, 05:20 PM UTC
Caro Sánchez Glez
Más TT como estos y menos #Chanclas por favor 🙏🏼!! Que buena vibra 🤘🏼#MeganRapinoe ! https://t.co/QG9xMe8wE2
11 Jul, 05:25 PM UTC
Bill Mefford
The misogynist and violence-inciting attacks on #MeganRapinoe by conservatives (mostly men) can be directly laid at the feet of one person: @realDonaldTrump. He is a dangerous person and is a threat to public safety. Despicable
11 Jul, 05:17 PM UTC
Will Wilson ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I thought the days of Obama were over...This is like throwing up in your own mouth. At Celebration For US Women’s Soccer Championship Win In NYC, Radical #Lesbian Star #MeganRapinoe Drops F-Bomb In Front Of kids, Tweets ‘Gays Better Than Straight’ #LGBTQ #GreatAwakening #Qanon https://t.co/sSmjj6NNb2
11 Jul, 05:17 PM UTC
Sally Miller
U-S-A! U-S-A!!! #uswnt #MeganRapinoe
11 Jul, 05:15 PM UTC
Police investigate possible hate crime after slurs aimed at Megan Rapinoe: * Posters of USA star were defaced on New York subway * Footballer is an advocate for women’s and LGBT rights New York City police are… https://t.co/d4LkAoilkG #MeganRapinoe #USAwomensfootballteam https://t.co/5yUexHvuIO
11 Jul, 05:13 PM UTC
FC Dallas under-15 boys squad beat the U.S. Women's National Team in a scrimmage? And they demand #EqualPay? LOL! 🤣 https://t.co/Q9FHRsuOAB #sjwFAIL #USWNTParade #USWNT #WorldCup2019 #MeganRapinoe #USAwomenssoccer #LiberalHypocrisy #woke #liberaltears #LOL #EqualPayNow
11 Jul, 04:31 PM UTC
Tessa Taubenschlag
#MeganRapinoe und jede bisherige, halbherzig toleranzheuchelnde und/oder pseudopolitische Imagekampagne "unserer" ach-so-starken #Fußball-Jungs (Abbildung ähnlich) https://t.co/pf38T3feT0
11 Jul, 05:30 PM UTC
@JackKingston I love her! She’s smart, principled, unafraid and a fantastic athlete. #MeganRapinoe is an American treasure, we’re so lucky to have her.
11 Jul, 05:30 PM UTC
#MeganRapinoe #forpresident 😀 https://t.co/eKi8nIrTta
11 Jul, 05:30 PM UTC
Moses Yim
@TheMikeSalk At least you didn’t accidentally “stomp” on the American flag. #MeganRapinoe
11 Jul, 05:30 PM UTC
@ReinBijlsma mijn type is t ook niet, al ken ik haar natuurlijk niet ècht. #MeganRapinoe
11 Jul, 05:29 PM UTC
Husbands Small Penis
My husband is sitting next to me right now with his tiny penis #MeganRapinoe #small #smalldick #indian #tall #hubby #dick #embarrassing #humiliating #thisisreallyhim https://t.co/8IcCravXHn
11 Jul, 05:29 PM UTC
Social Justice with Carlita
When tyranny shows up in our door... We must stand strong and not let is pass the door ! The strength and will power to stand against prejudice by @mPinoe is empowering! #SocialJustice #WomensWorldCup2019 #MeganRapinoe #staystrong #Empowerment #socialinjustice https://t.co/c7d7G4Y2zl
11 Jul, 05:29 PM UTC
Caleb D. Miller
#MeganRapinoe's public antics are not doing her reputation or her causes any favors.
11 Jul, 05:27 PM UTC
Just Call Me Beto ❌
Megan Rapinoe has been put in a special protected category with Leslie Jones, Michelle Obama, Rosie O'Donnell, Barbara Underwood and Kim Foxx among others. Where the media goes out of their way not to acknowledge how ugly they are. #MeganRapinoe #ThursdayThoughts
11 Jul, 05:26 PM UTC
Malcolm Tucker
WTF? Is Megan going full Bono on us? #MeganRapinoe https://t.co/VbgL3pWRBt
11 Jul, 05:24 PM UTC
The Weekly Opine
A potpourri of opines covering politics, sports and current events this week at https://t.co/AxTnKStRJl #ThursdayThoughts #AcostaMustGo #Trump #ImpeachmentInquiryNow #DNC #RNC #Dems #GOP #MeganRapinoe #ElizabethWarren #KamalaHarris #Bernie #Epstein #Immigrants https://t.co/E6FIPCpvVS
11 Jul, 05:24 PM UTC
steve shabazz
Was it just me #MeganRapinoe #ESPYS https://t.co/nZLt1eyBVd
11 Jul, 05:24 PM UTC
Moses Yim
Anyone that thinks @mPinoe “stomped” on the flag during their celebration “might” be kinda dumb 🤷🏻‍♂️ #MeganRapinoe #USWNT #EqualPay
11 Jul, 05:22 PM UTC
IamBill 🇺🇸🏀⚾️🍺☕️🧢🗽🎧
The trouble with #MeganRapinoe: No humility and no empathy. She needs a wake-up call. https://t.co/EeOBo9jCXQ
11 Jul, 05:22 PM UTC
Bas van den Boogaart
#MeganRapinoe is een mooi voorbeeld van hoe Twitter werkt. Helft is smoorverliefd, helft veracht haar. Niemand die zegt: 'Leuk mens, goeie speelster, kek kapsel, wel een tikkeltje brutaal en aandachtsgeil en misschien kan ze d'r zonnebril afzetten als ze speecht.' Ja, ik dan.
11 Jul, 05:20 PM UTC
@fleccas And this captain certainly isn't helping women's soccer with her nonsense. Hey #MeganRapinoe quit alienating all the Patriotic fans from watching soccer. #IStandForTheFlag
11 Jul, 05:19 PM UTC
Atwood MOWA Choctaw
@USWNT vulgar display by people that are supposed to be role models...she could've went to the WH had a discussion about her concerns instead she made #ItsAllAboutMe #MeganRapinoe https://t.co/CZ7GvSteb7
11 Jul, 05:19 PM UTC
Trish Moore
@MSignorile I haven’t seen Rosie in a while. Looks like she has the #MeganRapinoe hair cut. Wonder who had it first🤔
11 Jul, 05:16 PM UTC
@YankeePride I’m sickened that you’re a Yankees fan😡 America is proud of #MeganRapinoe and the #USWNT You sound like a very unpatriotic pos🤬 #SitDown
11 Jul, 05:16 PM UTC
Joey Bats
@nypost Good she's such an AHOLE #MeganRapinoe
11 Jul, 05:14 PM UTC
Ruben Meiland
Great speech by an inspiring powerhouse woman! https://t.co/FKhzymxrDm @mPinoe #MeganRapinoe #TeamUSA
11 Jul, 05:13 PM UTC
Me declaro una gran admiradora de #MeganRapinoe, una mujer que alza la voz por un lugar mejor y que se declara en contra del odio. 💜 https://t.co/RPEQVCD1Ly
11 Jul, 05:12 PM UTC