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Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
I told you it was going to get worse
15 Sep, 02:06 AM UTC
New York Mets
Series finale coming up. #LGM 🆚: St. Louis 📍: @CitiField 🕢: 7:10 p.m. 💪: Tylor Megill 📺: @SNYtv 📻: @wcbs880 🔗: @Mets's photo on Megill
15 Sep, 10:10 PM UTC
Anthony DiComo
The Mets, who entered this week -- despite everything -- with a chance to play their way back into contention, are in danger of being swept by one of the Wild Card teams they are ostensibly chasing. Tylor Megill has allowed five runs in the first. Cardinals 5, Mets 0, top one.
15 Sep, 11:33 PM UTC
Anthony DiComo
Mets Game 147 of 162, vs. STL Wednesday, Sept. 15, 7:10 p.m. LHP Jon Lester (5-6, 4.75) Villar 3B Lindor SS Báez 2B Alonso 1B Conforto RF Pillar CF McCann C McNeil LF Megill RHP (3-4, 4.06)
15 Sep, 08:07 PM UTC
SNY Mets
Tylor Megill's custom cleats 💧 @SNY_Mets's photo on Megill
15 Sep, 09:39 PM UTC
Anthony DiComo
The Mets' arm-care focus has not stopped them from pushing Tylor Megill to 49.1 IP over his career high, set two years ago (after not having pitched much at all last year). It's been a huge jump for Megill, who allowed 6 ER in 3+ IP tonight. Cardinals 6, Mets 2, mid-four.
16 Sep, 12:34 AM UTC
Phill 🥶
Tylor Megill had an 8.84 ERA in losses. We should’ve saw this coming
15 Sep, 11:47 PM UTC
Diane M
I would shut Megill down after this game. He has pitched his ass off this year & took advantage of an opportunity. He has blown past his innings pitched for a season. Let his arm rest & get ready for 2022. Next year he should have no limits.
15 Sep, 11:22 PM UTC
Jeff Jones
Tommy Edman’s infield single and Jon Lester’s motor to third will end Tylor Megill’s night (just as soon as he gets checked for goo).
16 Sep, 12:25 AM UTC
Would it dong?
Harrison Bader vs Tylor Megill #STLfly Home Run 💣 Exit velo: 104.3 mph Launch angle: 24 deg Proj. distance: 399 ft No doubt about that one 🔒 That's a dinger in all 30 MLB ballparks STL (6) @ NYM (2) 🔺 4th
16 Sep, 12:26 AM UTC
Mets In A Minute 2.0
The Mets didn’t pitch Stroman after 90 pitches last night to “protect his health”, so what are they exactly doing with Megill this year? #Mets
15 Sep, 11:34 PM UTC
vi 🐼
Mets fans told me “Megill” was deGrom 2.0. well, maybe if he takes steroids like “Jake” did, he can get there
16 Sep, 12:25 AM UTC
Tylor Megill ends his 16th start of the season after 3+ innings, charged with six earned runs on nine hits across 74 pitches. Long night for the Mets relief corps. They trail St. Louis 6-2 in the fourth.
16 Sep, 12:34 AM UTC
Vas Drimalitis
Megill is probably fatigued as hell after not pitching in 2020. After today, with the days off, Mets don’t really need a fifth starter until the final homestand. I’d let him sit out until then and maybe use him, at most, as a bullpen piece.
16 Sep, 12:28 AM UTC
💣 #STLCards CF Harrison Bader's 12th home run of the season knocks #Mets SP Tylor Megill out of tonight's game #STLFLY 6 #LGM 2, mid 4
16 Sep, 12:36 AM UTC
The Mets season is over. The sooner we realize that, the better. Just shut down Walker/Megill rather then burn out their arms in meaningless games and give Yamamoto/Williams trial runs.
16 Sep, 12:34 AM UTC
The Goof™
Megill's short night begins and ends poorly. #METS are awful.
16 Sep, 12:26 AM UTC
Home Run Tracker
#STLCards 6 @ #Mets 2 [T4-0o]: Harrison Bader homers (12): fly ball to LCF (solo) Hit: 399ft, 104.3mph, 24°🚀 Pitch: 85.7mph Slider (RHP Tylor Megill, 16)
16 Sep, 12:20 AM UTC
Sean Pfeiffer
Imagine pitching Tylor Megill in #MLB cash games tonight... There will always be an edge in the #DFS industry folks.
16 Sep, 12:43 AM UTC
If Megill is using a foreign substance, he should change substances #STLCards
16 Sep, 12:27 AM UTC
Harrison Bader off RHP Tylor Megill - 104.3 mph, 24 degrees (399 ft Home Run) 85.7 mph Slider #STLCards @ #Mets (T4)
16 Sep, 12:20 AM UTC
Tylor Megill and Francisco Lindor in the dugout after this half inning
16 Sep, 12:32 AM UTC
LETS GO JETS ! Sports Jim
Let’s leave Megill in there because why you don’t want to use you relief pitchers , don’t worry they will have plenty of time to rest in a couple of weeks
16 Sep, 12:22 AM UTC
Megill left a hanger right down the pipe and he knew it as Bader cracks a solo shot. #Cardinals lead 6-2
16 Sep, 12:20 AM UTC
Why is Megill still in this game! Rojas has really mailed in the season. #LGM
16 Sep, 12:21 AM UTC
Megill is having an incredibly similar season to Peterson last year
16 Sep, 12:20 AM UTC
Imagine having paid for optimizers and always going with what the industry says 😂 @RotoRadarCEO #GOAT MEGILL DOWN!
16 Sep, 12:42 AM UTC
*checks Tylor Megill’s stat line from tonight* congrats @kateefeldman
16 Sep, 12:37 AM UTC
Anthony Rushing
Harrison Bader homers for St. Louis and helps knock Megill out of the game. But Castro comes in and gets the Mets out of further trouble, good stuff from him. #STLFLY 6, #LGM 2 - mid 4th
16 Sep, 12:33 AM UTC