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Charlie Goldsmith
Mark Melancon has a 0.93 ERA and 19 saves this season. Two rookies –– Tyler Stephenson and Jonathan India –– just gave the Reds a 4-2 lead against him in the top of the ninth.
18 Jun, 03:38 AM UTC
zakary wright
Tonight’s game was awesome to watch and full of unreal moments that brought a lot of excitement…But the best moment to me was this one… @itsFatherJoe44 @Mark_Melancon_ #HungryForMore @padres @thestevenwoods @BenAndWoods
18 Jun, 04:42 AM UTC
The Padres took a 2-0 lead into the top of the 9th and now trail 4-2. Mark Melancon gave up all 4 runs.
18 Jun, 03:39 AM UTC
Jeff Sanders
Melancon's blown save brought out some boo birds but #Padres have last laugh in a 6-4 win walkoff win over the #Reds.
18 Jun, 04:20 AM UTC
97.3 The Fan
Mark Melancon is in to close out the 9th inning.
18 Jun, 03:18 AM UTC
I love how this entire thread is acting like I’m the only one who got mad about Melancon blowing the lead. I know how this fan base works. Y’all all panicked and after we walked it off are denying that.
18 Jun, 05:08 AM UTC
Jansen has a lower ERA than Melancon now 👀
18 Jun, 03:42 AM UTC
King Pouncey Padres Enthusiast CRYPTO Billionaire
@zwright81 @itsFatherJoe44 @Mark_Melancon_ @Padres @thestevenwoods @BenAndWoods Not mad at Mark at all. That dude puts in work!
18 Jun, 05:10 AM UTC
97.3 The Fan
Jayce Tingler was asked what he saw from Mark Melancon tonight:
18 Jun, 04:51 AM UTC
@zwright81 @itsFatherJoe44 @Mark_Melancon_ @Padres @thestevenwoods @BenAndWoods Gotta love the team picking each other up. ☝🏼 ultimate goal
18 Jun, 04:57 AM UTC
zakary wright
@lightnbolt619 @itsFatherJoe44 @Mark_Melancon_ @Padres @thestevenwoods @BenAndWoods Can’t be mad at mark look at his face dude took that one to heart…Glad they were able to get the win…👍
18 Jun, 05:17 AM UTC
The Michael Melancon-Koffend Award is open to Indigenous women, two-spirited and gender diverse people pursuing post-secondary studies across Canada & working towards the betterment of Indigenous people. Click the link below for more information.
17 Jun, 07:30 PM UTC
@zwright81 @itsFatherJoe44 @Mark_Melancon_ @Padres @thestevenwoods @BenAndWoods From what I saw mark came up to maybe apologize for giving it up and joe looked to be telling him it was all good, not to worry. Either way, big dudes and elite men on both accounts. All you little boys watching out there, this is how you man up.
18 Jun, 05:40 AM UTC
Froggy✝️🔱 #Bitcoin is hope
@zwright81 @PadresDiehard @itsFatherJoe44 @Mark_Melancon_ @Padres @thestevenwoods @BenAndWoods Impressive to see the starter picking up the guy who we all thought blew the win. Musgrove is a solid guy. Melancon is a stud who had a bad night.
18 Jun, 05:32 AM UTC
Enes Mahmut Kamış
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18 Jun, 04:21 AM UTC
fucken Melancon picks up the W I’m sick 🤣
18 Jun, 05:12 AM UTC
Big Red (NCST CWS)
Final Note: I don't regret anything and mean almost everything I said. That wasn't on David Bell, but he will again piss me off. Point is, we shouldn't have been in the game down 2-0 against Melancon. Fought back and were 2 outs and a good RP away from winning. Healthy Reds win.
18 Jun, 04:45 AM UTC
@kyle_melancon Her agent later addressed the issue saying that when she retires from the national team she’s going to do placekicker and punter specific training so she’ll be adequately prepared to earn a spot and not just relying on luck and novelty. So we’ll see. I think she’s doing it yeah
18 Jun, 04:23 AM UTC
bro….. this game no way Melancon are you kidding me ..?!?!
18 Jun, 03:39 AM UTC
On another note, Melancon has been great up until today other than coming out in non save situations. As someone who was super skeptical about him from the gate, he’s played beyond my expectations. We can all kick him while he down but we haven’t even used him
18 Jun, 05:44 AM UTC
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18 Jun, 04:38 AM UTC
Metal Rulz \m/
@DoyersDave Melancon hadn’t pitched for almost a week! I bet had he pitched 1 time he gets the save
18 Jun, 04:35 AM UTC
Peter Melancon
I've just finished writing 6 pages, my wife comes in and notices I'm on a roll. My stories come in spurts, for parts or segments. I'm not finished by a long run. But it felt good writing these pages. The story is called Peter Melancon's Christmas story (not for kids) 😂
18 Jun, 04:34 AM UTC
Swamp Monster
@allforfourfour @kyle_melancon She’s already changed her run up too. 3 steps back, 2 to the left.
18 Jun, 04:27 AM UTC
Swamp Monster
@allforfourfour @kyle_melancon Yea, she most likely will. She’s trained with three different teams and has already had an offer.
18 Jun, 04:24 AM UTC