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Photos from Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia #globalkirtanprotest #iskconforbangladesh #Bangladesh
23 Oct, 08:20 AM UTC
Rebel News
Forget the #FakeNews: This is what really happened when @OzraeliAvi was covering a protest in Melbourne on Friday. 👉 @RebelNewsOnline's photo on Melbourne
24 Oct, 01:36 AM UTC
Dr Queen Victoria
Avi Yemini and his goons harassing and being violent towards Melbourne diners, menacingly refusing to leave when repeatedly asked, is the perfect illustration of the alt-right's place in society. They are scum. Everyone who follows and supports them is too.
23 Oct, 09:34 PM UTC
Gary Blauman
When that guy at the restaurant told Avi Yemini to “Fuck Off” he was speaking on behalf of everybody in Melbourne #AviYeminiIsACoward
23 Oct, 11:40 PM UTC
🔴⚪️💙 DEAN 🔴⚪️💙
Melbourne,Australia~ Massive crowds of Construction workers take over the highway in full protest of mandatory vaccinations and passport nonsense...
23 Oct, 03:54 PM UTC
jon faine
Today’s column, the good and bad of C19. And vaccine refusers who reference human rights have never given a toss about anyone else’s human rights until now. They are not victims, but saboteurs. What I will miss from Melbourne’s lockdown
23 Oct, 08:29 PM UTC
Sir Peter of Tonga
@MikeCarlton01 @Raymartin55 Tudge could have joined the ADF in 1988 and gone on all my deployments with me - war zones, peacekeeping, disaster relief, border protection but he went to university of Melbourne and Harvard instead. I don’t begrudge him this but screw him if he thinks he owns my history.
23 Oct, 07:11 AM UTC
Dan Andrews vision for small & medium businesses in Melbourne, captured in an image.
24 Oct, 03:55 AM UTC
Vax Badham
Fascists are fascisting in Melbourne. Let’s shut them down. #auspol
24 Oct, 12:50 AM UTC
Melbourne, Australia ~ Trabajadores de la construcción toman la carretera en plena protesta por las obligatorias.
23 Oct, 06:32 PM UTC
‏Ewen Bell
Avi was a cunt when everyone else in Melbourne was locked down to stop a pandemic. Now he's a cunt because everyone in Melbourne is enjoying a quiet lunch and some sunshine without him. Sorry, correct term is "deadset loser cunt".
24 Oct, 03:35 AM UTC
Melbourne to ease more COVID curbs as 80% vaccination rate nears @Reuters's photo on Melbourne
24 Oct, 04:40 AM UTC
Mustafa Tanyeri
Avustralya'nın Melbourne şehrinde, tam 262 gün süren pandemi kısıtlamaları birkaç gün önce kaldırıldı. Halk da, Fransa'da olduğu gibi, Aşı olmadan girilmeyen restoranların önünde piknik yaparak benzer bir protestoya başladı. İngiliz faşizminin hüküm sürdüğü ülkeden güzel görüntü
24 Oct, 03:42 AM UTC
👏🏻 👏🏻 Melbourne
23 Oct, 09:56 PM UTC
Now that Melbourne’s lockdown is over, ruin my hole like this daddy did please 🥺 #gay #gayasian #gaymelbourne #gayaustralia #rough #hung #top #deep #stretching #hole #bussy #teambtm
23 Oct, 06:00 AM UTC
Parrot Of The Day 🦜 #ParrotsAtoZ
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, C1?" "I think I am, C2." "It's mischief time!" Little corellas (Cacatua sanguinea) plotting hi-jinks atop a street light in the suburb of Caulfield, Melbourne, Australia #ownpic
24 Oct, 04:29 AM UTC
Ronald van Loon
Melbourne uses #Drone and #AI for effective road traffic design by @pascal_bornet #ArtificialIntelligence #Tech #Technology #Startup #CXO #IT Cc: @monteagudo_ai @kshami72 @davidsmith4324 @thetechprophecy @maxjcm
23 Oct, 11:16 PM UTC
In metro Melbourne: ◾ Up to 15 people can gather in public places (like a park) outdoors, and you can have up to 10 visitors to your home per day @VicGovDH's photo on Melbourne
24 Oct, 05:10 AM UTC
あれ?今日じゃったっけ?そか~3年かぁ✨ 皆様、3年も豆の妖精の戯言にお付き合い頂き、いいね、拡散、本当にありがとうございまめ✨ これからも生暖かい目で見守ってやってくだされ💦 よろしくお願いしまめ‼️ Twitterに登録した日を覚えていますか?#MyTwitterAnniversary
24 Oct, 04:55 AM UTC
Billie Glover 💉💉
@LesStonehouse When Melbourne opens up next Friday the unvaxxed in Victoria won't be able to shop at Bunnings, Kmart or clothing or dine out, go to pubs, cafes Premier Dan Andrews indicated today that soon Vic public servants will have to be vaxxed
24 Oct, 02:36 AM UTC
Women's CricZone
🗨️ Harmanpreet and Jemimah are full of energy and knowledge, and experience as well. The group is getting along really well. Hopefully, we can continue that 💬🗣️ Melbourne Renegades skipper, Sophie Molineux | #WBBL07
24 Oct, 04:55 AM UTC
Drew Patchell
Incentivise got given a 129 Timeform Rating for the Caulfield Cup win. That is huge. I'll do the research in the lead up to the Melbourne Cup, but that might be the highest rated TFR runner to line up in many years... certainly highest TFR with 57kg or under in past decade
24 Oct, 05:07 AM UTC
beem it @monnroe🍒
Melbourne do you miss me?
24 Oct, 05:13 AM UTC
Picnic protest in Melbourne mocks Covid restrictions - unverified video shows locals dining out in front of restaurants that require vaccine passports ✊ #StopVaccine ☠️
24 Oct, 04:40 AM UTC
Melbourne beach. Australia ....
24 Oct, 04:15 AM UTC
Friends of Truth
Disgusting propaganda from Melbourne music venue. Government restrictions are the ONLY thing stopping live music. The restoration of normal freedoms being used as a bribe to encourage people to take experimental injections isn’t cool. It’s fucked, really.
24 Oct, 04:40 AM UTC
the hotash
Hundreds of POLICE TROLLED into chasing NO ONE around Melbourne via @YouTube aussie nazi cops
24 Oct, 04:41 AM UTC
Herald Sun
A stabbing victim is fighting for life after ‘20-30 men’ were seen in a brawl outside a Melbourne home.
24 Oct, 02:30 AM UTC
@LeiselRules My friend when to Shnshine hospital on Wednesday night in Melbourne and had to sit outside , the emergency was packed and she walked around speaking to these people while she waited 8 hours.. she said 9/10 were v a x adverse reactions
24 Oct, 04:35 AM UTC
stump to stump
Photo of the 1992-93 Melbourne Cricket Club 2nd XI Premiership winning team @MelbCC @vicpremcricket
24 Oct, 04:41 AM UTC