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Zac Stevens
Broncos offensive weapons: Jerry Jeudy Courtland Sutton Noah Fant K.J. Hamler Tim Patrick Albert O. Javonte Williams Melvin Gordon 🔥🔥
30 Apr, 11:33 PM UTC
Fantasy Football Down Under
Denver struck gold with UDFA Philip Lindsay, and then proceeded to overpay Melvin Gordon and then traded up to draft a running back. Can't teach people who don't want to learn.
30 Apr, 11:31 PM UTC
April 15: “I get overlooked a lot and I am kind of sick of it.” - Melvin Gordon April 30: Broncos trade up in the 2nd round for running back Javonte Williams @NFLonCBS's photo on Melvin Gordon
30 Apr, 11:48 PM UTC
Mike Klis
So it's Melvin Gordon III and Javonte Williams, who replaces Phillip Lindsay in the Broncos' backfield. #9sports
30 Apr, 11:31 PM UTC
Zac Stevens
Javonte Williams pairs with Pro Bowl RB Melvin Gordon. The Broncos have a pretty dangerous RB room.
30 Apr, 11:31 PM UTC
Missi Matthews
#Steelers first-round selection, Najee Harris, won the Doak Walker Award as college football’s top running back. He's the first Doak Walker winner to be drafted in the first-round since Melvin Gordon (2015).
30 Apr, 03:36 AM UTC
Steven Haglund
Hahaha suck it Melvin Gordon
30 Apr, 11:29 PM UTC
Michael Fabiano
Remember, Melvin Gordon is a free agent in 2022...
30 Apr, 11:32 PM UTC
Matthew Berry
Two obvious losers in fantasy value early into the 2nd round? Jamison Crowder and Melvin Gordon. And if Gordon is still in Denver (no sure thing) there were better places for Williams to land then Denver obviously. Good NFL pick by the Broncos but not as good as possible FF wise.
30 Apr, 11:40 PM UTC
Cody Roark
You know one thing that will help the #Broncos offense besides QB? Having a competent rushing attack to go alongside a very good defense -- Williams is a special player and he and Melvin Gordon could be a dynamic duo.
30 Apr, 11:53 PM UTC
Omar Kelly
Melvin Gordon was 14 carries short of 1,000 rushing yards, sharing the backfield in Denver. @OmarKelly's photo on Melvin Gordon
30 Apr, 11:31 PM UTC
Melvin Gordon after the Broncos announced their 2nd round pick.
30 Apr, 11:30 PM UTC
Warren Sharp
Javonte Williams was a missed tackle machine at UNC and is the youngest of the top-3 backs in this draft. Melvin Gordon is still in Denver, but is in the final year of his contract. Looking at Williams and his initial fit in Denver
01 May, 12:16 AM UTC
C.D. Carter
denver will pay melvin gordon $9 million this year to share a backfield with a rookie
30 Apr, 11:54 PM UTC
I see you, John Elway. One year of the Melvin Gordon experience is one year too many.
30 Apr, 11:39 PM UTC
Michael Hauff
All of us Melvin Gordon truthers. Cc: @FFballblast #NFLDraft
30 Apr, 11:29 PM UTC
Sugar Shane
Dolphins at No. 36: *needs an RB* Broncos at No. 35: *picks the Javonte Williams while they already have Melvin Gordon*
01 May, 12:04 AM UTC
Fantasy Football Rapper
Javonte Williams means bye bye Melvin Gordon
30 Apr, 11:37 PM UTC
The Game Day NFL
"With Melvin Gordon a free agent next offseason, Javonte Williams will be in line to pop as the league's next big thing at running back for his second season." -- @TheRealNFLGuru
01 May, 12:13 AM UTC
Broncast - Podcast do Broncos Brasil
Broncos fizeram mais uma escolha pensando em 2022. O RB Javonte Williams foi selecionado na #35, após trade-up com os Falcons. Esse é o último ano de contrato do Melvin Gordon e a renovação seria bem cara. O que o meu povo achou da troca e da pick?
01 May, 12:42 AM UTC
The Broncos offense is 🔥🔥 QB: Teddy Bridgewater RB1: Javonte Williams RB2: Melvin Gordon WR1: Courtland Sutton WR2: Jerry Jeudy WR3: Tim Patrick WR4: KJ Hamler TE1: Noah Fant
01 May, 12:16 AM UTC
Mundungus Creevey
@Zach_Segars Drafting Williams and adding Cook give the Broncos an out on Melvin Gordon next year......I like it
01 May, 12:39 AM UTC
Alex G.
@dustydolphins They already have Melvin Gordon! Same type of player.
01 May, 12:41 AM UTC
Christopher Harris
Melvin Gordon. Might be getting close to over. 🥺 #nfldraft2021
30 Apr, 11:47 PM UTC
GL Rafiki
@IXploitI @Broncos He's a solid bridge QB, but Rodgers would take the team to the next level. They have a solid WR group and I think they still have Melvin Gordon. They could be nastyyyy
01 May, 12:21 AM UTC
hang george paton
@DEP0RTSHILDT Melvin Gordon is old and washed + I don’t care about the draft anymore I exhausted all my energy on it last nite
01 May, 12:19 AM UTC
mr pina colado
@benbbaldwin are you saying if they grabbed mond or trask or davis theyd be better off than with lock? im not sure i buy into that mindset lol.. the rb room is melvin gordon who led the league in fumbles and boone who wasnt even the preferred backup in minn....
01 May, 12:16 AM UTC
Karshe Legend
Javonte Williams already better than Melvin Gordon
01 May, 12:13 AM UTC
Nick Hammer
@C_AdamskiTrib While already having Melvin Gordon 😂😂😂😂
01 May, 12:13 AM UTC