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Alphonso Davies on Lionel Messi winning the Ballon d'Or 🤐 @ESPNFC's photo on Messi
01 Dec, 12:30 PM UTC
Cristiano Ronaldo commented 'facts' under an Instagram post questioning Lionel Messi's Ballon d'Or award 👀 @goal's photo on Messi
01 Dec, 11:08 AM UTC
J U A N A✨
Tom Holland robandose la camiseta de Messi, MI PAÍS MI PAÍS 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 @juanasarquis_'s photo on Messi
01 Dec, 11:31 AM UTC
Even Spider-Man is in awe of Messi 🕷🐐 (via tomholland2013/IG) @ESPNFC's photo on Messi
01 Dec, 07:22 PM UTC
UEFA Champions League
Ballon d'Or number 7 for Leo Messi 🥇🏆 #ballondor | #UCL @ChampionsLeague's photo on Messi
01 Dec, 08:20 PM UTC
BREAKING: Spider-Man caught on tape stealing Messi’s jersey from the PSG locker room
01 Dec, 04:08 PM UTC
Siguiendo la lógica de muchos, Messi debería tener 9 Balones de Oro.
01 Dec, 03:25 PM UTC
YouTube: Canal do VSR
Se o seu argumento para o Lewa ser o Bola de Ouro é que ele fez mais gols no ano, então o Messi teria 9! Se o seu argumento para o Lewa ser o Bola de Ouro é que ele tem mais gols somados com assistências no ano, então o Messi teria 9! Vai defender isso mesmo?
01 Dec, 11:14 PM UTC
Vic 🎭
One evening with Messi and he’s already stealing
01 Dec, 04:27 PM UTC
Factos 👍👀
Popular Opinion: If UCL depended on voting, Messi would have most UCL in history too. But sadly u gotta perform to win these.
01 Dec, 01:06 PM UTC
Ronaldo liking and commenting a random post that's shitting on Messi, Kroos saying its undeserved, Evra doing a 8 minute long video talking bullshit. Messi is SOOOOO big man. They cannot take it that someone is better than their favorite guy. I love this game.
01 Dec, 11:27 AM UTC
On this day in 2019, Lionel Messi won Ballon d'Or number six 🤩 Two years later, he has seven 🐐 @goal's photo on Messi
02 Dec, 09:03 AM UTC
Barça Worldwide
So you're telling me that Messi can really afford to give each of his kids a pair of Ballon d'Or and still have 1 for Antonella?
01 Dec, 03:25 PM UTC
This video of Messi playing with his youngest son Ciro will never get old 🥰
02 Dec, 07:55 AM UTC
"And then he said my dream is to retire with more Ballon D'ors than Messi" #factos
01 Dec, 02:40 PM UTC
MotoGP on BT Sport
Move over Messi, Fabio Quartararo is in Paris! 🤩 The MotoGP World Champion takes the ceremonial kick off at Le Parc des Princes! ⚽️ #MotoGP @btsportmotogp's photo on Messi
01 Dec, 09:03 PM UTC
The fact Messi fans can’t even celebrate his win because Ronaldo is in their head kills me 😭😭
01 Dec, 05:08 PM UTC
Also I owe 12k FP for packing Messi last week so someone who retweets this likes and follows will win in the next 48 hours.
02 Dec, 10:04 AM UTC
Mr. Akonnor 🇬🇭
Pochettino can’t show working with Neymar,Mbappe and Messi but Ghanaians expected me to score 5 goals in every game with Wakasu,Baba Rahman and Swaqboy Jordan as my players.. smh
02 Dec, 08:09 AM UTC
Opei !
Omo I beg I never take pictures of Messi before .
01 Dec, 03:10 PM UTC
Football Tweet ⚽
Zlatan Ibrahimović: "The strongest player in history? Ronaldo Il Fenomeno. I imitated him when I was little. Messi or Ronaldo? Both are very strong. I would say Messi because I played with him. Leo lives for football. But Lewandowski deserved the #BallondOr this year."
01 Dec, 04:44 PM UTC
K.Shah 
People are reactionary. After one game they say Messi is not done. After another one they say Messi is finished. No one's saying Mbappe is finished when he's playing worse than Messi in games where PSG are playing badly 😂. Think everyone gotta relax. Messi ain't going anywhere
02 Dec, 06:13 AM UTC
Lionel Messi cette saison en Ligue 1 : 1 but en 30 tirs. 😬 (Via @WhoScored)
02 Dec, 10:10 AM UTC
Edmund 💉
I’m awake. Good morning to all Messi fans, as you’ve decided to stan the greatest player of all time, only great things would happen in your life. Amen 🙏🏻
02 Dec, 07:43 AM UTC
Shah Rukh Khan's tweet has been posted from Barcelona page "SRK about Messi " never doubt on his Global stardom, ab toh India nhi pura duniya manta hai. @iamsrk #ShahRukhKhan #SRK
02 Dec, 04:51 AM UTC
L'année 2011 de Lionel Messi en Ligue des Champions c'est : 🏟️ 12 matchs ⚽ 12 buts 🅰️ 3 passes décisives • élimine Arsenal tout seul en 1/8 • masterclass contre le Real en 1/2 • Performance légendaire en finale Les équipes adverses ne pouvaient rien faire, 23 ans.
01 Dec, 05:52 PM UTC
Imaginaos a Cristiano Ronaldo en la sutuación en la que esta Leo messi (1 gol en la liga de granjeros) ¿Cuántas críticas recibiría?
01 Dec, 10:46 PM UTC
Mr. Pressdent🇬🇭
This is what Messi fans will see whenever he scores 😂😂
02 Dec, 10:17 AM UTC
Messi FC or not, our tickets burnt yesterday. PSG didn’t win or do over 1.5 goals in your tickets cos you stan Osita. 😂😂 Drag your GOAT cos bookies chop you too
02 Dec, 08:30 AM UTC