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Jon Morosi
Max Scherzer and the #Mets are close to finalizing a multiyear deal, source confirms. @MLBNetwork @MLB
29 Nov, 03:53 AM UTC
.@Mets, Max Scherzer reportedly agree to three-year deal, per @AnthonyDiComo. @MLB's photo on Mets
29 Nov, 05:50 PM UTC
Joel Sherman
The #Mets are making progress with Max Scherzer. Have not heard it is final. Deal might be for as much as 4 years if it gets done.
29 Nov, 03:13 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
The Mets new 1-2 punch 🔥 @BRWalkoff • 5 Cy Young Awards • 12 All-Star appearances • 4,525 career strikeouts @BleacherReport's photo on Mets
29 Nov, 08:18 PM UTC
Jeff Passan
Top 10 $ committed to free agents so far: Texas: $561.2 million New York Mets: $254 million Toronto: $121 million Seattle: $115 million Detroit: $77 million Houston: $67 million Miami: $53 million Los Angeles Angels: $45 million St. Louis: $44 million San Francisco: $36 million
29 Nov, 10:03 PM UTC
Jon Morosi
The #Mets have made Max Scherzer a multiyear offer at $40 million per season, source confirms. In some versions discussed, total value would be $120 million over 3 years. @martinonyc was first to report $40MM figure per annum. @MLBNetwork @MLB
29 Nov, 02:41 AM UTC
Britt Ghiroli
People in my mentions complaining that the Mets spending spree now means smaller market teams won't be able to sign anyone. Repeat after me: There are no poverty franchises. Just ones that act like it.
29 Nov, 06:30 PM UTC
Jacob Resnick
The Washington Nationals will pay Max Scherzer $45 million to play for the Mets over the next three seasons.
29 Nov, 06:03 PM UTC
FOX Sports: MLB
mets looking at free agents like @MLBONFOX's photo on Mets
29 Nov, 05:31 PM UTC
Max Scherzer would be a great Plan B for the Mets losing out on Steven Matz.
29 Nov, 03:38 AM UTC
New York Mets
How did everyone’s holiday shopping go this weekend? 👍 @Mets's photo on Mets
29 Nov, 12:40 AM UTC
Joel Sherman
Scherzer received a full no-trade clause from the #Mets
29 Nov, 05:54 PM UTC
Molly Knight
Dodgers day: *Max Scherzer signs with Mets *Corey Seager signs with Rangers *Max Muncy reveals he has a torn UCL. It’s not even 2 o’clock .
29 Nov, 09:45 PM UTC
Jack Ramsey
The Mets want to sign Báez today. That’s their goal.
29 Nov, 09:37 PM UTC
Pauletista 🌐
Imagine tu mets un triplé au Camp Nou en 1/8 ème de final, un doublé à l’Allianz Arena en Quart de C1 tout en qualifiant ton club pour finir 9 ème… 9 EME… j’arrive pas à y croire
29 Nov, 08:13 PM UTC
I am hearing a lot of Yankee fans and even a Yankee announcer who has his own radio show, crying how unfair it is that the Mets are signing big ticket free agents. And let me tell you, that is some funny shit right there.
29 Nov, 10:44 PM UTC
New York Mets
2022 starts now! Give the gift of the #Mets this holiday season. Mets Holiday Packs 👉 @Mets's photo on Mets
29 Nov, 07:31 PM UTC
2022 payrolls Mets 272 million Yankees 214 million Yankees rumors - Andrelton Simmons
29 Nov, 05:19 PM UTC
29 Nov, 05:45 PM UTC
I was worried that Corey Seager's contract could hurt Javy Baez's chances of returning to the Mets but I don’t think Steve Cohen would allow something as insignificant as money prevent that from happening
29 Nov, 09:51 PM UTC
Mets fans right now: @FanDuel's photo on Mets
29 Nov, 05:13 PM UTC
Guillermo Arcay
O-FI-CIAL…Dice Jon Heyman que Max Scherzer aceptó la oferta de los Mets, 130 millones de dólares por 3 años. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
29 Nov, 05:11 PM UTC
New York Mets
.@MikeJanela caught up with Tylor Megill to recap his 2021 season and talk about his offseason. Full interview 👉 @Mets's photo on Mets
29 Nov, 09:21 PM UTC
Joe DeMayo
Spend whatever you want in these two years, then you can hop under the luxury tax for a year to reset in year 3 and then jump back over in year 4. It’s clear they are trying, and Mets fans should be excited about that.
29 Nov, 11:16 PM UTC
Mets Metrics
Highest WAR for all MLB pitchers since 2015 (the last time the #Mets won a playoff game): 1. Max Scherzer - 39.7 2. Jacob deGrom - 35.4 Both now play for the New York Mets #LGM
29 Nov, 05:08 PM UTC
Art Shamsky
The #Mets are on the move. #MetFans should be excited! What a time to be playing #MLB. #The7Line #MetsTwitter #Baseball
29 Nov, 08:51 PM UTC
Michael Baron
So many implications for the #Mets re Javier Báez. If he walks, Jeff McNeil goes back to 2B, they perhaps platoon or bench one of JD Davis/Dom Smith (Dom hit LHP well in 2021). If Báez stays, McNeil goes to LF, JD is utility in LF/3B, Dom odd man out? And, don’t forget Canó.
29 Nov, 11:53 PM UTC
Kate Feldman
If the Mets are serious about ignoring the luxury tax, which they actually might be, just blow through it. Go get Báez and another starter and an entire bullpen.
29 Nov, 05:34 PM UTC
samantha ivy
The Mets will re-sign Javy Báez. The Mets will re-sign Javy Báez. The Mets will re-sign Javy Báez. The Mets will re-sign Javy Báez. The Mets will re-sign Javy Báez. The Mets will re-sign Javy Báez. The Mets will re-sign Javy Báez. The Mets will re-sign Javy Báez.
29 Nov, 11:17 PM UTC
Only negative thing I’ve heard about mets today is they have the highest payroll. As far as I’m concerned it’s not even a bad thing. I love you @StevenACohen2
29 Nov, 07:00 PM UTC