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Keegan-Michael Key will host #SNL on May 15th with musical guest Olivia Rodrigo. https://t.co/ZjNNqiq3ct
03 May, 07:36 PM UTC
Film Updates
Keegan-Michael Key and Anya Taylor-Joy to host the May 15 and May 22 episodes of #SNL with musical guests Olivia Rodrigo and Lil Nas X. https://t.co/qTVrJNKa6A
03 May, 07:06 PM UTC
Keegan-Michael Key (May 15) and Anya Taylor-Joy (May 22) have been announced as hosts for the final episodes of #SaturdayNightLive's Season 46. https://t.co/Wq2kTsydpP
03 May, 07:20 PM UTC
Geeks of Color #BlackLivesMatter
Keegan-Michael Key will host #SNL for the first time ever on May 15th with musical guest Olivia Rodrigo. (Source: @nbcsnl) https://t.co/FH1vCoxmKM
03 May, 08:00 PM UTC
Entertainment Weekly
'Saturday Night Live' is wrapping up the season with two first-time hosts. https://t.co/j6c1zuuWEV
03 May, 07:45 PM UTC
Deadline Hollywood
‘SNL’: Anya Taylor-Joy, Keegan-Michael Key To Make Hosting Debuts For Final Episodes Of Season 46 https://t.co/edtBJ2kerq
03 May, 07:26 PM UTC
Onward State
For the first time ever, a Penn Stater is hosting @nbcsnl. @KeeganMKey will host the late-night show on Saturday, May 15. https://t.co/eqh4alWu8U
03 May, 08:00 PM UTC
Lance St. Laurent
Is Keegan-Michael Key the first MadTV cast member to ever host SNL? https://t.co/4wiymP0ope
03 May, 08:02 PM UTC
#SNL Season 46: Keegan-Michael Key and #TheQueensGambit's Anya Taylor-Joy to Host Final 2 Episodes https://t.co/OjwY1NGi0l
03 May, 07:20 PM UTC
SNL season 46 to close out with Keegan-Michael Key and Anya Taylor-Joy, with musical guests Lil Nas X and Olivia Rodrigo https://t.co/kdzC04GD6A
03 May, 08:06 PM UTC
Chris Stephens
KEEGAN MICHAEL KEY: it's an honor to be here tonight hosting saturday night li- PERSON IN AUDIENCE: BRING BACK IRONY MAN!!! https://t.co/kMmVZZdfuq
03 May, 08:04 PM UTC
Anya Taylor-Joy, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Rodrigo & Lil Nas X are all going to hit the #SNL stage! https://t.co/lX7ebtbSoR
03 May, 08:18 PM UTC
what is elon’s note to keegan michael key going to say
03 May, 07:53 PM UTC
‘Schmigadoon!’: Apple TV+ Sets Premiere Date For Cecily Strong/Keegan-Michael Key Comedy From Lorne Michaels @KChenoweth https://t.co/lWwyEYO6TJ via @DEADLINE
03 May, 06:00 PM UTC
SNL closing out season with Lil Nas X, Keegan-Michael Key, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Olivia Rodrigo https://t.co/ottVzUZkOw @brooklynvegan's photo on Michael Key
03 May, 08:25 PM UTC
Melody Baetens Malosh
Keegan-Michael Key to host 'SNL' on May 15 https://t.co/jQT7r1A6o0 via @detroitnews
03 May, 08:15 PM UTC
aya ANA DAY!
wait she’s gonna be w keegan michael key I LOVE HIM LMAO MY RIGHTS
03 May, 08:09 PM UTC
Elon Musk, Keegan-Michael Key and Anya Taylor-Joy To Host Final SNL Episodes Of Season https://t.co/rYzG2842KZ
03 May, 08:25 PM UTC
Keegan-Michael Key and Anya Taylor-Joy will host the final shows of #SNL Season 46: https://t.co/JBUnrV1kNh @decider's photo on Michael Key
03 May, 08:23 PM UTC
Tyler Ortega
You see... that’s more like it. Also, Keegan-Michael Key was born to be on SNL. So this has me incredibly excited! https://t.co/jA8K2zIX4m
03 May, 08:08 PM UTC
Sam Kelley
Keegan Michael Key is about to eat SNL up, soooooooo into this https://t.co/gPmYtuuI3Z
03 May, 08:06 PM UTC
Lynn Ellison
I'm so excited for Keegan-Michael Key I can hardly stand it! https://t.co/INxp8DnD6n
03 May, 08:02 PM UTC
KoalaBerries 🐨
@nbcsnl @KeeganMKey @Olivia_Rodrigo @anyataylorjoy @LilNasX Can Keegan-Michael Key just come in early and fix the mess that will be this weekend's show?
03 May, 08:27 PM UTC
Zoe 💖💜💙✡️ black lives matter
03 May, 08:25 PM UTC
Might watch SNL just for Keegan-Michael Key https://t.co/YqvwrZHtcW
03 May, 08:23 PM UTC
Bill N #StopAsianHate
@davejorgenson Not sure what Keegan-Michael Key is promoting but definitely a step up
03 May, 08:20 PM UTC
Shatta Bandle
Anya Taylor-Joy & Keegan-Michael Key Set to Host SNL with Musical Guests Lil Nas X & Olivia Rodrigo! https://t.co/mFqChKyJ1a
03 May, 08:19 PM UTC