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Debating Hip-Hop
Migos killed this freestyle but Takeoff went god mode 🤯 @DebatingHipHop_'s photo on Migos
12 Jun, 07:18 AM UTC
Justin Bieber
What You See @migos Culture III https://t.co/SMzpY2fkgi @justinbieber's photo on Migos
12 Jun, 07:48 PM UTC
Plug 🔌
Migos spit crazy freestyle on LA Leakers 🔥 @RappersPlug's photo on Migos
12 Jun, 05:43 AM UTC
XXL Magazine
Migos’ LA Leakers freestyle has arrived 🔈💨 @XXL's photo on Migos
12 Jun, 05:19 PM UTC
Merch 🔥🔥🔥 Gallery Dept x MIGOS @QuavoStuntin's photo on Migos
12 Jun, 10:03 PM UTC
Lil Cheese Curd
For YEARS I’ve said Takeoff was the best of the migos. Now look at y’all @JonahKatz8's photo on Migos
12 Jun, 03:53 PM UTC
Polo G's 'Hall of Fame' is on track to outsell The Migos 'Culture 3' by 40k units‼️😳 Hall of Fame - 175k units Culture 3 - 135k units https://t.co/B5wDZFBatZ
12 Jun, 07:12 PM UTC
The Migos went crazy on new freestyle‼️🤯 @raptvcom's photo on Migos
12 Jun, 02:11 PM UTC
Lil' Bardi (fan account)
Stream @Migos & @iamcardib "Type Shit" for WAP and clear skin.😇 @LilBardi__'s photo on Migos
12 Jun, 10:10 PM UTC
Everything Georgia
Migos went crazy on this LA Leakers freestyle. 🔥🔥🔥https://t.co/5rXfkTjRcL
12 Jun, 06:55 PM UTC
Justin Bieber Analytics
"What You See (by Migos)" is now the highest (#51) charting @justinbieber's song on US Apple Music, surpassing "Peaches" 🇺🇲
12 Jun, 05:32 AM UTC
chart data
.@Migos and @Drake's "Having Our Way" debuts at #1 on the global Apple Music singles chart.
12 Jun, 10:41 PM UTC
Alchimist 🧪
Les Migos ont découpé une prod lors de leur passage sur LA Leakers ! 🤯 https://t.co/BVyCy7Sf0p
12 Jun, 09:43 AM UTC
Tony Baker
Migos created sooo many copycats to their sound, that when they actually make an album, they sound like everybody else. 😔
12 Jun, 04:26 PM UTC
Terrell Mallory
The Migos put out one the best Albums of the year. 🤭
13 Jun, 01:59 AM UTC
500 🏎
The “Cardi and Saweetie” kept Migos relevant lie is one of the most egregious I have seen on here and I have seen a lot of wild lies on here.
12 Jun, 04:35 PM UTC
Papo the Pendejo 🇩🇲
I know nigga fuck wit the migos but this shit SMOOTH https://t.co/LugrkTMp78
12 Jun, 09:10 PM UTC
Juice WRLD Stats
Migos - Antisocial ft Juice WRLD debuted #34 on Global Appl Music Charts and #32 on US Appl Music Charts
12 Jun, 10:14 AM UTC
la cardi 💎 #UP ERA
the girls used to say "cardi's features don't do good because Atlantics can't manipulate the numbers" just for my sister to come back and smash like this with a migos ft? OH OH OKAY https://t.co/HWt1RlSDUw
12 Jun, 02:36 PM UTC
Levar Mcdonald
Odd future can outrap the Migos DONT argue with me
12 Jun, 07:41 PM UTC
#ICYMI: Offset's stank face says it all during Migos L.A. Leakers freestyle. https://t.co/VbIcQsoEch
13 Jun, 03:48 AM UTC
King Mari
Niggas just now finding out Takeoff is the best rapper in Migos. He been gassing shit.
13 Jun, 01:49 AM UTC
Erlinda E Flores
The @Migos never fail to disappoint
13 Jun, 01:49 AM UTC
This feels like old trap house Migos and I’m all for it https://t.co/kzexE6qnH3
13 Jun, 04:17 AM UTC
Very proud of Migos can’t lie 👌🏾
13 Jun, 04:30 AM UTC
#NowPlaying Stack It Up (Clean) by Bando Jonez ft. Migos on https://t.co/CePYQb26kO https://t.co/LbiYTANgei
13 Jun, 04:30 AM UTC
b u z z t i n
@justinbieber @Migos Could you interact with us, please?
13 Jun, 04:29 AM UTC
Migos and Moneybagg up there wit durkio, Lil baby and polo g
13 Jun, 04:29 AM UTC
9 5 . j a d e n 🏌🏾‍♂️
quavo the best migos
13 Jun, 04:28 AM UTC