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Marshall Scott
Mike Boynton leads an O-S-U chant with the student section. He seems excited.
23 Feb, 04:28 AM UTC
Jessica Morrey
POKES BEAT TEXAS TECH 74-69 IN OVERTIME! Coach Mike Boynton went straight toward the student section after handshakes and led the crowd in an OSU chant! GIA was on 🔥 tonight! #OkState @JessicaMorrey's photo on Mike Boynton
23 Feb, 04:31 AM UTC
Jon Rothstein
Incredible emotion from Mike Boynton postgame in the middle of the floor at GIA. MARCH IS COMING. https://t.co/QIINE4rUBj
23 Feb, 04:29 AM UTC
Carson Cunningham
@thacoachmike Mike Boynton does everything else so well off the court he has more built-up goodwill amongst #okstate people in Stillwater and beyond of any coach I've ever seen.
23 Feb, 04:32 AM UTC
Jacob Unruh
And Mike Boynton is pumped doing the O-S-U with his arms leading the student section. #OKState
23 Feb, 04:27 AM UTC
Marshall Scott
Student section is calling for a Mike Boynton encore.
23 Feb, 04:29 AM UTC
Dylan Buckingham
Pretty awesome to see Mike Boynton that fired up after that W. Pretty rare to see head coaches that jacked after a win.
23 Feb, 04:29 AM UTC
Cody Nagel
Mike Boynton = hyped. #OKState https://t.co/WIRYlXUrJy
23 Feb, 04:41 AM UTC
Bryan Keating
Mike Boynton is fired up https://t.co/bvfrqbY4Wo
23 Feb, 04:38 AM UTC
Frank Bonner ll
Mike Boynton extremely excited after that 74-69 win over Texas Tech. #okstate.
23 Feb, 04:27 AM UTC
Matt Harris
Mike Boynton Jr. and OSU basketball: https://t.co/gDTRErpSE8
23 Feb, 04:29 AM UTC
Sam Hutchens
The mutual respect between the Oklahoma State student body and Mike Boynton is truly pretty remarkable.
23 Feb, 05:08 AM UTC
Sam Humphreys
Mike Boynton is the man
23 Feb, 04:29 AM UTC
Nathan Hiatt
Down goes No. 18 Texas Tech in an epic overtime game 74-69 in Stillwater inside Gallagher-Iba Arena. Look at the reaction from @OSUMBB Mike Boynton (@thacoachmike). INJECT THAT ENERGY INTO MY FREAKING VEINS. THAT IS MY COACH. 🏀. #OkState https://t.co/VlSUMfJLJK
23 Feb, 05:01 AM UTC
Jimmy Gillispie
Kalib Boone talking about Mike Boynton's energy: "That's why I came here." #okstate
23 Feb, 04:48 AM UTC
Jimmy Gillispie
Mike Boynton said Keylan Boone may have had his 5 best practices leading up to tonight's game. He preaches "Work wins" and said Keylan is an example of that. #okstate
23 Feb, 05:06 AM UTC
Luke Melloh
Mike Boynton. That’s the tweet
23 Feb, 04:29 AM UTC
Ben Hutchens
Mike Boynton on OSU’s students: “I’m just so thankful that they have been so engaged with this group and that they feel like they are part of it.”
23 Feb, 05:15 AM UTC
TJ Eckert
“Whatever it takes guys.” You don’t think these guys love playing for Mike Boynton? Hell, you don’t think Mike Boynton loves coaching these dudes? What a night for Oklahoma State #OKState @TJEckertKTUL's photo on Mike Boynton
23 Feb, 04:59 AM UTC
TJ Eckert
Massive, massive win for Mike Boynton and Oklahoma State. Cowboys couldn’t score for a chunk of the 2nd half, get down 11, claw all the way back, then find a way in OT. Would not want to play Cade Cunningham and the boys in March. #OKState
23 Feb, 04:34 AM UTC
Carson Walling
I love this team. Mike boynton I love you more man! 🐐🐐
23 Feb, 04:32 AM UTC
That’s one of Mike Boynton’s best games at OSU. Made great moves the whole game. Massive win for them boys in Stilly.
23 Feb, 04:40 AM UTC
Nate Feken
Asked Mike Boynton about what this win meant to him & about his celebration after the game. #OKState @TheGreat_Nate's photo on Mike Boynton
23 Feb, 05:24 AM UTC
Kyle Snyder
@SportsCenter His name is Mike Boynton. Thanks
23 Feb, 04:37 AM UTC
Steven Abramo
Mike Boynton is a helluva coach
23 Feb, 04:44 AM UTC
David E. Berry
Mike Boynton is my favorite college basketball coach in the country. I hope he has success, if not at Oklahoma State, somewhere. https://t.co/rdviwTy17l
23 Feb, 04:36 AM UTC
Jack Grossman
Mike Boynton celebrating like that after Oklahoma State’s win is pretty cool to see. He’s done a real good job this year. Should be a NCAA Tournament team (pending NCAA/FBI appeal)
23 Feb, 04:31 AM UTC
Bob Paxton
@ZivaBranstetter @OSUMBB @thacoachmike @OSUMBB was fortunate to have Brad Underwood bring Mike Boynton to OSU and even more fortunate when he left. Wouldn’t want anyone else than @thacoachmike The best is worth the wait.
23 Feb, 04:59 AM UTC
Randy Ruark,
@Chris_G_Brown76 @KOCOCarson @thacoachmike Sounds good except Hall of Fame Boynton Coach Jerry Belton and his sons got there first. Still Mike Boynton will probably have something named after him at OSU before he is finished. He is inspirational.
23 Feb, 04:55 AM UTC

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