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Chris Mortensen
Mike Golic Jr. just explained @espngolic. "Even when we turn off our mics, you still get to be our Dad..." ❤️#ThankYouGolic
31 Jul, 01:55 PM UTC
Richard Deitsch
The fact that Mike Golic is trending and has engendered such positive reception from people as he concludes his long run on ESPN Radio is literally the reason why the decision to remove Golic from a permanent spot on ESPN Radio is so short-sighted.
31 Jul, 01:14 PM UTC
Awful Announcing
"You still get to be our dad." It got very misty in the Golic family basement as Mike Golic's final ESPN Radio show reached its end Friday morning: @awfulannouncing's photo on Mike Golic
31 Jul, 02:01 PM UTC
ESPN Images
After a 22 year run at ESPN, Mike Golic signs off of @GolicAndWingo one last time... #ThankYouGolic @ESPNImages's photo on Mike Golic
31 Jul, 01:50 PM UTC
Jake Surritte
Mike Golic did his last show with ESPN today. They got rid of one of the few reasonable voices they had left. Better hold on to SVP and keep the College Gameday crew together as long as they can or FOX will be the new powerhouse, if it isn’t already.
31 Jul, 12:13 PM UTC
I miss Mike & Mike. Golic and Wingo wasnt the same. That being said, Golic always seemed like a genuine dude and was easy to listen to in the morning. Good luck @espngolic https://t.co/he9roHF6zX
31 Jul, 12:43 PM UTC
Jay Bilas
We woke up to @espngolic for over 20 years at ESPN. Always a pleasure to listen to, appear as a guest with, and to enjoy the company of one of the true icons at ESPN, Mike Golic. Thank you, Mike, for showing us all how to be a pro. https://t.co/78aaCAtjFB
31 Jul, 05:56 PM UTC
St. Abner
Cheers to Mike Golic on his last day on air. (for now) Thanks for the years of not taking sports too seriously. #ThankYouGolic https://t.co/sxEIpOYhX9
31 Jul, 12:12 PM UTC
Barstool Sports
Friday Cryday: Lets Watch Mike Golic Jr. Tearfully Talk About His Dad During Golic’s Last Day On Radio https://t.co/egNHMg85PV @barstoolsports's photo on Mike Golic
31 Jul, 05:05 PM UTC
Mike Golic’s career in a nutshell. #Wingo https://t.co/i5XpTzcN0T
31 Jul, 01:08 PM UTC
The Big Lead
Here's Mike Golic's Emotional Final Segment on ESPN Radio https://t.co/GqxvWlkLlr
31 Jul, 02:45 PM UTC
The best thing about Mike Golic is not that he is insanely talented and very damn good on the radio but that it’s all about family for him. And boy does it show. Best wishes to one of Cleveland’s Own https://t.co/dkAt0L964T
31 Jul, 03:05 PM UTC
Bobby Burack
"If I were to say Golic’s 22-year run is inimitable, would you argue back?" My latest @Outkick column explores Mike Golic's legacy: https://t.co/vIb20sxivi
31 Jul, 03:59 PM UTC
Angelo Di Carlo
The @SIA_Podcast breaking out on @espngolic’s last show on mornings. an incredible run for Mike Golic Sr. This man was the voice most American sports fans heard on their drive to work or school every morning for two decades. a smoothing, fun & inviting voice that will be missed https://t.co/pL29yLpbGM
31 Jul, 01:30 PM UTC
Andrew Marchand
I wrote this about Mike Golic a few weeks ago. https://t.co/IoEQLIfD3E
31 Jul, 02:49 PM UTC
Mike Golic's 22-year run on ESPN Radio has come to an emotional end. https://t.co/BmwP7GChlg
31 Jul, 04:33 PM UTC
Jon Marks
Definitely worth a watch. I was never. big Mike & Mike fan, but I’ve also liked Golic. Video gets good around 5 minutes in https://t.co/nxeRLYzKMo
31 Jul, 05:16 PM UTC
Paul Biancardi
@DavidBoydhoops @NDmom Mike Golic has been a fixture in sports radio! Over two decades he has taken our mind off real world problems for a few moments and allowed us to debate and enjoy sports!! Thank you!! @espngolic @NDmom @mikegolicjr
31 Jul, 12:57 PM UTC
Jim Weber
I enjoyed Levy & Griese on college football. I imagine that Joe Tessitore will fill Levy's place on CFB broadcasts. Maybe his partner will be Mike Golic? 🤔 https://t.co/UsfTmaUwDC
31 Jul, 05:31 PM UTC
Jason Barrett
Mike Golic and Mike Golic Jr. sign off ESPN Radio's morning show in emotional fashion. https://t.co/5rQBENtc7e
31 Jul, 05:10 PM UTC
IBTimes Public Chat
@HYPE4JC I am not crying. You are. ▪️Mike Golic is a legend. He might have dropped the mic, but America will forever love him. #MikeandMike #ThankYouGolic https://t.co/4zqohwEPUp
31 Jul, 05:01 PM UTC
97.3 ESPN FM
After a 22-year run, today was the final show for longtime 97.3 ESPN morning show host Mike Golic Sr. (@espngolic). Here is the final, emotional segment https://t.co/3ud9XLCoTS
31 Jul, 05:55 PM UTC
Austin Landin
Gonna miss Mike Golic Sr. Mike and Mike was something I watched every morning when I was growing up. ESPN won’t be the same. https://t.co/nQd3i0oq3e
31 Jul, 05:49 PM UTC
IBTimes Public Chat
@adamrank Cutting onions today. ▪️Mike Golic is a legend. He might have dropped the mic, but America will forever love him. #MikeandMike #ThankYouGolic https://t.co/4zqohwEPUp
31 Jul, 05:48 PM UTC
I remember waking up and listening to Mike & Mike. It’s how I first started learning about sports from a different viewpoint that wasn’t my family. Hearing that Mike Golic is done with radio is a devastating loss for viewers and ESPN. Thank you for everything Golic!
31 Jul, 05:30 PM UTC
Chekwube Chidubem Charles
https://t.co/zrq6OhYZ6S Mike golic retires from ESPN finally #espn, #TheUmbrellaAcademy ,#Shaka ,#聲の形 ,#Arewatwitter
31 Jul, 06:00 PM UTC
Shoriful Isla
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31 Jul, 05:59 PM UTC
Rob Slater
Given the mass outpouring of Mike Golic content I’ve discovered a large sports media blindspot in myself.
31 Jul, 05:59 PM UTC
✭ Trace ✭
Here’s Mike Golic’s Emotional Final Segment on ESPN Radio https://t.co/OKvDvzQbSM
31 Jul, 05:58 PM UTC
MIke Golic did his last ESPN Radio show today after 20 great years! He'll b doing CFB Games this Fall for ESPN though which is good! THanks for 20 great years Sir! #ThankYouGolic
31 Jul, 05:58 PM UTC

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